In Depth Review: Aquaracer 300m Ceramic Bezel Calibre 5

The refresh of TAG Heuer’s Aquaracer range is complete with the unveiling of the new Aquaracer 300m Ceramic Bezel Calibre 5, the companion watch to the Aquaracer 300m Chronograph we showed you back in April. The 300m Ceramic bezel models replace the popular Aquaracer 500m, which was part of the range since 2010. Given the similarities between the two series it was perhaps inevitable that the range would be rationalised, but we still hope that TAG Heuer continues development of hard-core dive watches in the tradition of the Aquagraph and the Super …

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First Look: TAG Heuer Formula 1 McLaren Limited Edition

One of the first times I saw a TAG Heuer watch was on the wrists of the McLaren-Honda mechanics as they changed the tyres of Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. TAG Heuer made sure that the entire pit-crew wore bright-red Formula 1s, no doubt encouraged by the fact that their boss Ron Dennis was a major shareholder in TAG Heuer.
Yes, the story of the links between TAG Heuer and the McLaren team is a long one- 30 years in fact. While we all like to look back on the Heuer/ Ferrari …

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Heuer and the Olympic Games

While TAG Heuer’s recent Research and Development has focused on reaching new standards of precision (1/ 100th, 1/ 1000th and 5/ 10,000th second) for mechanical Chronographs, you may not know that with these achievements TAG Heuer is in fact breaking its own records. Heuer first broke through the 1/ 100th second barrier back in 1916- not with a mechanical watch, but with a mechanical stopwatch.
The stopwatch was launched in 1916 and was an amazing five-times more precise than other stopwatches of the day. It was thanks to the this innovation that Heuer was …

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Up Close- Heuer Camaro 7220S

Photos of the vintage Heuer Camaro 7220S- a hidden gem in the Heuer catalogue

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First Look: TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300m Chronograph Series

Following on from the release last year of the upgraded Aquaracer 300m watch, TAG Heuer has now released a revised Aquaracer 300m Chronograph series. The new range comprises of two automatic chronographs, including the new Calibre 45, and a single quartz chronograph.
Following on from the revised watch, the most prominent features of the new chronograph are the revised case and squared-off bezel. And while the new chronographs use the same 43mm stainless steel case, the three-model range offers different movements and functionality as TAG Heuer seeks to expand the Aquaracer line.
Aquaracer 300m …

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Hands-on Review: TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300m

Evolution not revolution. While at first glance the new model appears similar to the current one, look more closely and you see the changes are actually quite significant: case, dial, bezel and hands have all changed. Welcome to the paradox of the 2014 TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300m range.
While there have been a number of Aquaracer models over the last few years, the 300m is the model that is the closest in execution to the original Heuer 2000 of 1982, the predecessor of the Aquaracer range. If you’re new to the …

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Blackout: TAG Heuer Aquaracer Full Black

The arrival of  the new Aquaracer 500m Full Black at Topper Jewelers is the opportunity for the second “Topper’s Corner” on Calibre 11. I love the all-black look of the Full Black and it reminds me of the Sinn U1 Black that I loved and owned for a while. TAG Heuer have really revived the black-on-black look over the last couple of years, with black case versions of the Monaco, Grand Carrera, Formula One and now Aquaracer joining the range.
I had a quick look at one of these in the …

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