First Look: TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300m Chronograph Series

Following on from the release last year of the upgraded Aquaracer 300m watch, TAG Heuer has now released a revised Aquaracer 300m Chronograph series. The new range comprises of two automatic chronographs, including the new Calibre 45, and a single quartz chronograph.
Following on from the revised watch, the most prominent features of the new chronograph are the revised case and squared-off bezel. And while the new chronographs use the same 43mm stainless steel case, the three-model range offers different movements and functionality as TAG Heuer seeks to expand the Aquaracer line.
Aquaracer 300m …

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Watch the Jack Heuer Film- The Times of My Life

As regular readers will know, the legendary Jack Heuer released his autobiography earlier this year, entitled “The Times of My Life“. The book traces Jack’s journey from a young engineer sent to the US to learn the family business in the 1950s, to the painful loss of Heuer to the Swiss banks in 1982 and finally to his return to TAG Heuer in the early 2000s as Honorary Chairman.
Having had the pleasure to meet Jack on several occasions, what sets him apart for me is his unfailing focus on innovation. …

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Ultimate Guide to the Heuer Solunar

When you think about vintage Heuer watches from the 1970s, they generally fall into one of two categories: One of the “Big Three” (Monaco, Autavia and Carrera), or another Chronograph series powered by Heuer’s Chronomatic Movement (Silverstone, Calculator, Verona, Monza, Skipper to name a few). But this week we have something for you that fits into neither category- the Heuer Solunar.
Launched in 1976, the second-generation Solunar (the name being a portmanteau of “Solar” and “Lunar”) is a tool-watch designed to show the time of low and high tides over a 2 …

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TAG Heuer Six Features

The design philosophy that shaped TAG Heuer watches in the 1990s was the absolute dedication to what the company called the “Six Features”.
While each model in the 1990s TAG Heuer range had its own design and movements (from quartz to COSC Automatic), all the watches had the Six Features.
The Six Features were initially a big success and were a key part of establishing TAG Heuer as new brand, distinct to the old Heuer. However, the mistake was to see these six worthy features as more than just “things a sports …

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Hands-on Review: TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500m Calibre 7 GMT

This year has been the year of the GMT for TAG Heuer, with Link, Carrera and Formula 1 GMT models launched. While each of these are regular production models, there is a fourth GMT watch new to the collection- the TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500m Calibre 7 GMT (Ref. WAK211A).
Based on the same 41mm stainless steel case as the Calibre 5 Aquaracer 500m, the new Calibre 7 is effectively a GMT version of Ref. WAK2110 with a Blue GMT hand and a revised ceramic bezel.

It’s been a couple of years since we last reviewed the …

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Hands-on Review: TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300m

Evolution not revolution. While at first glance the new model appears similar to the current one, look more closely and you see the changes are actually quite significant: case, dial, bezel and hands have all changed. Welcome to the paradox of the 2014 TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300m range.
While there have been a number of Aquaracer models over the last few years, the 300m is the model that is the closest in execution to the original Heuer 2000 of 1982, the predecessor of the Aquaracer range. If you’re new to the …

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Hands-on Review: Aquaracer 500m Ceramic Bezel

One of TAG Heuer’s most popular watches has been updated for 2012/ 2013- the Aquaracer 500m watch. The new model brings several improvements from the current series, most notably the use of a slimmer case and a new ceramic bezel.
The automatic Aquaracer range used to be straightforward, with two distinct choices: a case design evolved from the original Heuer/ TAG Heuer 2000 (rated to water resistance of 300m), or a larger, more angular case (rated to 500m) that boasted an innovative rubber bezel and helium escape valve. Now with the …

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