TAG Heuer: Don’t Crack Under Pressure

This week TAG Heuer steps back in the future with the launch of its new advertising campaign, spearheaded by the familiar tag line “Don’t Crack Under Pressure“, which the company previously used from 1991-1994. Yes, it was that long ago and only ran for 4 years, but that is what good advertising does…tricks the mind to make you believe that you saw it only yesterday.

Don’t Crack Under Pressure
Last year I wrote an article that stepped back through the history of TAG Heuer’s advertising campaigns, which you can read here. Two …

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[Posted by: David Chalmers | 27 Aug 2014 | 2 Comments ]
Ultimate Guide to the TAG Heuer Carrera

Since its re-introduction in 1996, the TAG Heuer Carrera has gone from a limited edition novelty to being the centre-piece of today’s TAG Heuer range. So, given the importance of the Carrera we have put together the ultimate guide to the TAG Heuer Carrera, stepping you through the key models from the five distinct generations of the re-booted Carrera all the way through to the current range.
As a TAG Heuer model, the Carrera has moved away from simply being a mainstream Chronograph- we’ve had line extensions (the Grand Carrera) and …

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TAG Heuer Mikrogirder: The Inside Story

Concept watches- like concept cars- can take one of two forms: either an outlandish styling exercise to win a few headlines, or a genuine preview of where a brand is headed. The TAG Heuer Mikrogirder, announced last week in Geneva, is definitely the latter. In fact, perhaps the least interesting part of the Mikrogirder story is the headline number of 5/ 10,000ths of a second. It’s easy to be blase about such a stunning achievement, but if TAG Heuer had simply reached this milestone by developing a  faster evolution of …

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[Posted by: David Chalmers | 27 Jan 2012 | 12 Comments ]
Hands on Review- TAG Heuer Monaco Vintage Calibre 11

While TAG Heuer released a re-edition of the famous 1133B Blue Monaco only five years after bringing the Monaco back, it has taken another 13 years for a re-edition of the grey 1133G Heuer Monaco to appear- the TAG Heuer Monaco Vintage Chronograph.
This new watch- Ref CAW211B (The watch shown for this review is pre-production and still has the old Reference number as shown at Basel- CAW2115)- is basically a grey version of the 40th Anniversary Monaco released last year, with two important differences. Firstly, the case of the Monaco …

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[Posted by: David Chalmers | 2 Oct 2010 | 38 Comments ]
Hands on Review- TAG Heuer Link Calibre 18 Chronograph

Let’s get one observation out of the way early: the sub-dials on the new TAG Heuer Link Calibre 18 can appear a little too close together. Not by much, but when you’re working with a watch that has a diameter of only 40mm, these small details do make a difference.
We mention this up front, because putting this design question to one side- don’t worry, we’ll come back to it in detail- the new slimline chronograph is our new favourite in the TAG Heuer Link range, and on the wrist feels …

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Hands on Review- TAG Heuer Link Series

One of the best pieces of advice that I can give to anyone wanting to buy a watch is this: go and try it on. That may seem obvious to most, but given that you can now research a watch and have it delivered to your front door without leaving the couch, there is an increasing temptation to buy a watch based on photos alone- most of which are taken in a studio with fancy lighting and heavy editing.
Likewise, you can’t review or learn about a watch from official photos …

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[Posted by: David Chalmers | 14 Aug 2011 | 23 Comments ]
Hands on Review- 2010 TAG Heuer Link

The TAG Heuer Link range traces its origins back to the S/el (“Sports and Elegance”) watch that was introduced in 1987. Designed by Eddie Schopfer- the same man responsible for the 2000 series- the S/el came to symbolise 1980s/ early 1990s TAG Heuer….for better or worse.
The S/el was re-designed and re-named “Link” in 1999, and was followed by in 2003 by a second-generation Link, the design of which continues today.
All of the Men’s Link series use the same basic design- a 42mm brushed stainless steel case with matching bracelet. There …

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[Posted by: David Chalmers | 19 Jun 2010 | 15 Comments ]