TAG Heuer Connected- Everything You Need to Know

TAG Heuer’s long-awaited Smartwatch has arrived, with the Carrera Connected launched today in New York. It marks a new digital adventure for the brand and one that sees TAG Heuer taking a different approach to the smartwatch space to its traditional rivals: Here is a Smartwatch that looks like, well, a watch. The challenge for the Swiss luxury brands has been how do you deal with the clash of values between the timeless and forever nature of  the mechanical watch and the inevitable obsolescence of a smartwatch- TAG Heuer’s approach …

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TAG Heuer Advertising: A Look Back

For this week’s story, let’s take a break from the watches themselves and instead look at how watches are sold. With the proliferation of media today, most watch brands have a series of advertising campaigns, be it for online readers, YouTube or traditional print. But let’s go back to a simpler time when watch ads were found typically either in magazines or newspapers. A look back at the iconic TAG Heuer advertising campaigns.
Heuer produced a number of clever adverts in the 1960s and 70s, such as the one below announcing the new Chronomatic Carrera, …

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Hands on Review: TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 Silver Dial

Here are the first live photos of  the TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 Heritage Chronograph- the latest in the line of Heuer- branded Monaco chronographs featuring the modern Calibre 11 movement and the distinctive left-sided crown.

TAG Heuer continue to explore both sides of the Monaco- the futuristic models, through watches like the Monaco V4, Monaco Mikrograph and Monaco Twenty-Four, and the heritage models, through Heuer branded watches that evoke the original spirit of the 1970s.

The Monaco story stretches back to 1969, when the original 1133B Monaco (above, left) was released, …

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Hands on Review- TAG Heuer Carrera 40th Anniversary Jack Heuer Edition

The re-editions of the Carrera are generally considered the best executed of the various classic watches bought back to life. The Carrera re-edition of 1996 was the first attempt by TAG to tap into its history and was successful in bringing the Monaco, Autavia, and Silverstone, to a new generation of  collectors.
Of these various re-edition models, perhaps the most sought-after is the 1964 limited edition (Ref. CV2117), known as the Jack Heuer 40th anniversary Carrera. The watch was announced at Baselworld in 2005 to mark the 40th anniversary of the …

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Inside the Heuer Autavia Divers- 11630P & 11063P Diver 100

The Autavia is my favourite vintage Heuer series, in part because of the amazing diversity of the range. The Chronomatic Autavias formed the heart of the Heuer line-up from the time of their introduction in 1969, through to the last days of Heuer in 1984. During this time there were three distinct Autavia generations- 1163, 11630 and 11063.
This article covers two styles of Autavia spread across two generations- 11630 and 11063 Autavia Divers and Autavia GMTs.
Heuer Autavia Divers
The two watches above show two different styles of Diver Autavias- on the …

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Heuer Autavia GMT Restored

Back in February I posted a few photos of a tired Autavia that I had bought with the aim of having it restored. The 11063 GMT Autavia is one of the last of the Heuer Autavia series, and my favourite of the Autavia GMTs, with its all-black dial and over-sized case. They are however difficult to find, which is why I was prepared to buy one in need of some work.
The work was done by Abel Court, a well-known Heuer collector who has the magic touch when it comes …

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Heuer Autavia Diver 100- Unlocking the Secrets

Like many things to do with Heuer watches from the early 1980s, the story of the Autavia Diver 100 is hard to untangle. The watch is from the last of the Autavia range- the 11063V- with its distinctive over-sized case and heavily scalloped bezel. Today the watch is second only to the Chronomatic Siffert Autavia in terms of value and scarcity. Yet, there are some odd things going on

Why are we all of a sudden seeing a relative flood (albeit a trickle in absolute terms)  of these watches on the …

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