Watch the Jack Heuer Film- The Times of My Life

As regular readers will know, the legendary Jack Heuer released his autobiography earlier this year, entitled “The Times of My Life“. The book traces Jack’s journey from a young engineer sent to the US to learn the family business in the 1950s, to the painful loss of Heuer to the Swiss banks in 1982 and finally to his return to TAG Heuer in the early 2000s as Honorary Chairman.
Having had the pleasure to meet Jack on several occasions, what sets him apart for me is his unfailing focus on innovation. …

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Hands on Review- TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 Jack Heuer Edition

The star of TAG Heuer’s 2013 Carrera range is the Carrera 1887 Jack Heuer Edition (Ref. CAR2C11), effectively a mainstream production version of 2012’s Mikrogirder concept that marks the 50th anniversary of the Carrera. While we have previously noted the
growing conservatism of TAG Heuer’s recent watches, the new chronograph is a bold design, and
one that reflects the timing and stopwatch heritage of the brand.
The distinguishing feature of the watch is that the crown and chronograph pushers move from their usual location on the right-hand side of the case (or left-hand …

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Hands on Review- TAG Heuer Carrera Jack Heuer 80 Edition

The Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Edition Carrera is one of the most anticipated TAG Heuer watches in some time. The watch was first shown at Baselworld in March, and while it is not yet in the stores, we have been able to get our hands on an advanced prototype watch for a few days of use in the real world so that we can bring you the first review.
As the name suggests, this Carrera is made to mark the 80th Birthday of Jack Heuer, the grandson of the TAG Heuer …

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Hands on Review- TAG Heuer Carrera 40th Anniversary Jack Heuer Edition

The re-editions of the Carrera are generally considered the best executed of the various classic watches bought back to life. The Carrera re-edition of 1996 was the first attempt by TAG to tap into its history and was successful in bringing the Monaco, Autavia, and Silverstone, to a new generation of  collectors.
Of these various re-edition models, perhaps the most sought-after is the 1964 limited edition (Ref. CV2117), known as the Jack Heuer 40th anniversary Carrera. The watch was announced at Baselworld in 2005 to mark the 40th anniversary of the …

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Download Jack Heuer’s Autobiography- The Times of My Life

What better way to spend a Sunday that reading a copy of Jack Heuer’s autobiography? The print copies have been hard to get (but we’ll tell you how to get one- shortly!), but the PDF is available.
It’s a fascinating read, and Jack doesn’t skip over any of the tough times. Anyone who wants to understand the constant pressure that Heuer was under during the 1970s and early 1980s will get a real sense from the book. And yet, it was during these hard times that Heuer flourished from a creative …

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What Jack Did Next

On the surface, the story of Jack Heuer’s career is quite straight forward. From the time that he took over the running of his family business in 1962, Jack Heuer led a wave of innovation at Heuer- firstly through mechanical movements and later as a pioneer in electronics. Then the Swiss watch crisis crashed over Heuer, Jack Heuer sold the company and left the industry, before returning to what was now TAG Heuer in 2001 as the Honorary Chairman.
While this outline is accurate enough, it neglects the deeper story of …

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Interview with Jack Heuer

Jack Heuer is one of the legends of the Swiss watchmaking industry, having led Heuer through it’s most dynamic- and turbulent- era.
The watches today that we think of when people talk about their love of vintage Heuer watches were all created under Jack Heuer’s leadership- Monaco, Autavia, Carrera, Monza, Montreal, Daytona, Silverstone- and many more.
Having cut his ties with the company following its forced sale in the early 1980s, Jack Heuer went on to a successful “second career” in the electronics industry, before returning to TAG Heuer in 2001.
But Jack …

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