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Monaco »

[Posted by: C11 | 24 Nov 2009 | 6 Comments ]
Heuer Monaco 1533G- The Calibre 15 Monaco

A look at the Vintage Heuer Monaco 1533G- the Calibre 15 Monaco with the distinctive silver dial

Calibre 17, Carrera, Limited Edition »

[Posted by: C11 | 18 Nov 2009 | No Comment ]
Ennstal Classic TAG Heuer Carrera Limited Edition

The Ennstal Classic was first held in Austria in 1993 as a rally for classic cars made before 1972. The rally allows drivers to tackle the beautiful and challenging mountains and valleys in the Dachstein-Tauern region of Austria, and has quickly gained a reputation as one of the premier European classic car rallies.
TAG Heuer was an original sponsor of the event and issued a Carrera to the winners and notable participants. While these were generally standard production watches, TAG Heuer did make a special limited edition Carrera for the 2005 …

Silverstone »

[Posted by: C11 | 15 Nov 2009 | One Comment ]
Heuer Silverstone Photos

Following the post last week about the upcoming Heuer Silverstone re-edition, I’ve had several e-mails asking what the new model will look like. The simplest answer is it will look very, very similar to  the Vintage Silverstone models.
And this is no bad thing, because the Heuer Silverstone is one of the most distinctive Heuer models- there’s not much else around from the other watch houses that looks like the Silverstone, a pure slice of 1970s design.
So rather than a detailed review of the Heuer Silverstone, below are a few photos …

Diver Watches, Limited Edition, PVD, Super Professional, The Ultimate Guide »

[Posted by: C11 | 7 Nov 2009 | 71 Comments ]
Ultimate Guide to the TAG Heuer Super Professional

Despite being a late entrant to the diver watch market, Heuer/ TAG Heuer have released some cracking dive watches over the last 30 years. These have tended to fall into two categories- watches that have the style of a dive watch (such as the 1000, 2000 and Aquaracer series) and the more heavy-duty dive watches that are designed for professional use, such as the 1000m diver, the Aquagraph and this watch- the Super Professional.
The Super Professional was one of the last watches designed and made by Heuer before the 1984/5 …

Autavia »

[Posted by: C11 | 1 Nov 2009 | 10 Comments ]
Heuer Autavia Diver 100- Unlocking the Secrets

Like many things to do with Heuer watches from the early 1980s, the story of the Autavia Diver 100 is hard to untangle. The watch is from the last of the Autavia range- the 11063V- with its distinctive over-sized case and heavily scalloped bezel. Today the watch is second only to the Chronomatic Siffert Autavia in terms of value and scarcity. Yet, there are some odd things going on

Why are we all of a sudden seeing a relative flood (albeit a trickle in absolute terms)  of these watches on the …