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[Posted by: C11 | 26 Jul 2010 | 3 Comments ]
TAG Heuer McLaren MP4-12C

As those of you who love cars will know, McLaren Automotive will launch its MP4-12C sportscar in 2011, its first new model since the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and, you could argue, its first proper car since the seminal McLaren F1 of 1992.
The good news is that just like the McLaren F1 and the SLR, TAG Heuer will produce a watch to commemorate the new model- the bad news is that the watch will only be available to those who buy the car.
The TAG Heuer McLaren MP4-12C will be launched as …

150th Anniversary, Auctions, Limited Edition, Silverstone »

[Posted by: C11 | 18 Jul 2010 | 5 Comments ]
150th Anniversary Red Silverstone

As we posted back in April, The Haslinger collection of vintage Heuer watches will be auctioned by Bonhams in London in December. As part of this auction, TAG Heuer have created a very special version of the Silverstone re-edition- a one-off Red Silverstone that carries Jack Heuer’s signature on the dial.
While the studio photos have been out for a while, thanks to Paul Maudsley of Bonhams, we are able to bring you the first photos of the Silverstone out in the wild (taken in its natural home of Goodwood no …

Calibre 11 Website »

[Posted by: C11 | 18 Jul 2010 | 16 Comments ]
Calibre 11- First Anniversary

This weekend marks the first anniversary of Calibre 11, the first post being a simple photo of my Monaco 1133B.
Since that first post, a further 107 stories have followed, drawing more than 500 of your comments and more than 200,000 hits recorded on the site.
More important than these numbers, writing Calibre 11 has been a real joy and pleasure and been a great way to meet fellow collectors, writers and enthusiasts. A big part of the motivation to “keep going” has been the great feedback and support from all of …

Limited Edition, Monaco, The Ultimate Guide »

[Posted by: C11 | 3 Jul 2010 | 25 Comments ]
Ultimate Guide to the TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf Series

Few modern TAG Heuer watches have left as much of an impression as the first time that I saw the Monaco Vintage (CW2118), which was released in 2005 as a limited edition of 4000 watches to mark what would have been the 75th birthday of Steve McQueen.It was an outrageous design: a crisp white dial (one of the first times a Monaco has been sold with a white dial) matched with bold blue and red stripes on the right hand-side of the dial and with red sub-dials and hands.
The design …