2011 Formula 1 & Geneva Wrap

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While the headline of TAG Heuer’s pre-Basel releases was the Carrera Mikrograph and the Carrera MP4-12C, there was also plenty of news regarding other watches planned for 2011. In fact, the clear message that I was left with was that there will be more new models launched this year that perhaps ever before. What we’ve seen so far is only the tip of the iceberg for 2011.

Yes, there will be a new concept watch shown at Basel in March- no hints on what that might be yet- but there is also plenty of action across the rest of the range.

So, here is the wrap-up from Geneva, including some photos of new 2011 Formula 1 models, some early information on the new Link series from Jean-Christophe Babin and a few photos of some of  the Formula 1 cars on display.

2011 Formula 1

The first of the 2011 Formula 1 watches shown at Geneva was the Formula 1 Lady Steel and Ceramic Chronograph, essentially a Chronograph version of the already popular Ceramic Lady Formula 1 series. There will be three versions available in both black and white. The first version is the plain Steel and Ceramic (see the black watch second below), the second is the Diamond-dial version (the white watch below) and finally at the top of the line is the Diamond dial with a Diamond bezel.

Normally I’m not a fan of Chronograph watches in the smaller Ladies-sized cases, but I think that the Formula 1 Chronograph actually looks quite good- especially in white. I understand that TAG Heuer are very happy with the Steel and Ceramic versions, and I still wonder when we’ll see  the combination used on a men’s watch.

There were three new Formula 1 men’s models on display- the Grand Date in orange (44mm- see below), The Orange Formula 1 watch (41mm case, second photo below) and finally a new Calibre S model (44mm case), that offers 1/100th second accuracy. The Calibre S model is styled along the same theme as the Monaco Twenty-Four, with the “24” number at the 12 o’clock position and the Gulf- inspired stripes.

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