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[Posted by: C11 | 29 Jan 2011 | 20 Comments ]
Hands on Review- TAG Heuer Carrera MP4-12C

While the big news to come from TAG Heuer’s pre-Basel collection last week was the Carrera Mikrograph, the release of the Carrera MP4-12C was just as eagerly anticipated, especially for the many fans who also closely follow the McLaren team on and off the track.
Last week we showed you the official press photos of the watch, but today we can bring you a detailed review from the launch that gives a better perspective of the intricate design of this Limited Edition watch, as well as an interview with TAG Heuer’s …

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[Posted by: C11 | 23 Jan 2011 | 190 Comments ]
TAG Heuer Carrera 1887: The Inside Story

The story of the TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 41mm has been one of the more interesting tales in TAG Heuer’s recent history. First, there was the controversy over the origins of the movement, then there was the prototype Carrera 1887 (V1) shown at Basel 2010. This model never made it into production, but a modified version did have limited release (V2). Then photos of a third version (V3) began to circulate- was this a fake? A separate model?
There has been some confusion on the changes: why they happened and which markets would be getting …

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[Posted by: C11 | 19 Jan 2011 | 9 Comments ]
Hands-on Review: TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrograph

There aren’t many watch companies today that don’t speak of their heritage- sepia photos of the famous watches from the past, the technological achievements and of course the stars who owned them. All of this is nice, but in the end meaningless unless the company of today is building watches worthy of that legacy and not just milking an old name.
And that’s what I like about TAG Heuer today- yes, there are the heritage models from the great legacy, but there are also genuine breakthroughs and innovations, such as the …

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[Posted by: C11 | 17 Jan 2011 | 9 Comments ]
First Look: TAG Heuer Carrera MP4-12C

January 17 marks the opening of the TAG Heuer “Mastering Speed” exhibition in Geneva and to mark the occasion, three new models have been released. The first of these is the Carrera Mikrograph, the second is a Chronograph version of the Lady F1 series and the third is the Carrera MP4-12C- a new Carrera design inspired by TAG’s relationship with McLaren and the McLaren MP4-12C road car.
You may recall a series of articles posted here at Calibre 11 about the relationship between TAG Heuer and McLaren and the resulting watches- …

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[Posted by: C11 | 15 Jan 2011 | 23 Comments ]
TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrograph Unveiled

Having teased you with two partial photos over the last few weeks, today we can finally share with you the full pictures of the new Rose Gold Carrera Mikrograph, a Limited Edition of 150 watches and TAG’s first new watch for 2011.
The magic of the Heuer Carrera Mikrograph is the Mikrograph movement- a new TAG Heuer designed, developed and manufactured integrated COSC Chronograph movement that is capable of 1/ 100th second accuracy.
I mentioned in the earlier post that the Carrera Mikrograph drew on the heritage of the famous Mikrograph stopwatch …

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[Posted by: C11 | 12 Jan 2011 | 10 Comments ]
Interview with TAG Heuer Designer Christoph Behling

While the name Christoph Behling may not be immediately familiar to all, his work certainly is. For the last few years he has led the TAG Heuer design team and is responsible for most of the current collection and all the concept watches.
Christoph works from his London design studio, where in addition to TH he also runs SolarLab Research & Design, a company focused on solar-powered transport and architecture.

I was keen to interview Christoph to get a better understanding of how new designs were developed and how they changed over …

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[Posted by: C11 | 7 Jan 2011 | 3 Comments ]
Carrera Mikrograph: Teaser II

With only ten days to go before TAG Heuer unveil the new 2011 Carrera Mikrograph, Calibre 11 can today bring you a second teaser image- this time of the Mikrograph movement. As you may recall from the last post on this watch, the Mikrograph is a new in-house movement that will initially power a Limited Edition Rose Gold Carrera (see image below).
The party-trick of the Mikrograph is its ability to time to 1/100th second accuracy- a feat that matches the Calibre 360 movement, which TAG Heuer developed, albeit never on …