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[Posted by: C11 | 29 Sep 2011 | 16 Comments ]
Carrera Ring Master- Japan Edition

It always seems as though our friends in Japan get all the cool stuff- the latest sneakers, talking robots, crazy gadgets and Limited edition watches.
TAG Heuer typically release a number of watches each year that are only sold in Japan- such as a series of Carreras to commemorate the great driving roads of the world, and an Aquaracer series to mark the world’s best diving spots.
Typically these Japan-only LE series are small variations on standard models, such as a unique dial or color combination.
This year, TAG Heuer Japan has released …

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[Posted by: C11 | 21 Sep 2011 | 18 Comments ]
Only Watch Up Close: Monaco Mikrograph

A few months ago Calibre 11 bought you the first photos of the TAG Heuer Monaco Mikrograph watch,  a one-off special edition Monaco made for the Only Watch Auction.  As we’re now only days away from the Auction itself, this could be one of the last chances to see this unique Monaco before it lands in the collection of a lucky bidder.

As the name suggests, the watch uses TAG Heuer’s in-house Mikrograph 1/100th movement in a special Monaco case and bespoke dial. So having shown you the official photos before, …

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[Posted by: Mark Moss | 17 Sep 2011 | 12 Comments ]
The Geneva Coast

Becoming a watch collector and aficionado can feel like learning a foreign language.
Sometimes figuratively, as when learning what the names of the various components of a movement are called. After that, trying to understand what each piece actually does is another job again and one that I would have to confess I haven’t finished. Or gotten very far with at all, if I’m honest with you. But still, the desire to learn counts for something, right?
And sometimes it literally is learning a foreign language, unless you’re a native francophone. Looking …

Calibre 16, Carrera, Discontinued Model »

[Posted by: C11 | 8 Sep 2011 | 59 Comments ]
2011 Carrera Special Edition

One question that often gets asked on the watch forums is why a particular watch that someone has seen at a dealer isn’t featured on the main TAG Heuer website or in the printed catalogue.
Part of the reason is that the way that watches are sold has changed. It used to be that all of a brands’ new models were shown to buyers at the Basel exhibition in March of each year and then delivered across the year- so it was easy to catalogue that years’ watches.

Now, most brands want …