First Look: New Aquaracer 500m Ceramic

  • wilfreb

    41mm??? not for me, even my 500M at 43mm feels small these days.

  • Danny

    Absolutely love the new Ceramic, and am pleased the size is a little smaller since I never liked those rediculously sized watches…

    Nice piece!

  • Stephen

    Very nice but looks similar to the omega seamaster .The gold and silver one looks like the rolex two tone submariner which leaves the black one looking different to other brands

  • Himawan

    Hi David,

    The use of ceramic is definitely an advancement. But the design has lost its originality. More and more looks like Omega, as they preceded with ceramic bezel sometime ago.

    Still love my 'original version' I bought in 2010 and wont trade it with this one.

  • Charles S Williams

    Very nice, love the blue and gold and i agree its looking very Seamaster, however, i would still like to see it at 43 mm.

  • philip

    Good looking watch and I'm liking the ceramic bezel, but the styling has lost its edge, now looks like every other Dive watch..

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  • Stephen

    So do we agree that the original aqua racer has kept it's originality and this one has lost it's originality looks too much like the others anyway still a great brand with a good value

  • LHL

    The addition of the ceramic seems nice. I have to bo honest though, I like the original 500m more.

  • Danny

    DC – Any info on the thickness of the 500m watch? Also, how is the back of the watch?

  • DC

    I believe that the new 500m is not as thick as the previous model and that the caseback is the Divers Helmet- not a clear caseback. Haven't seen the back yet, but I read this somewhere.


  • Jason

    A nice watch and the ceramic bezel is an improvement but I still prefer the old model. Where has the distinctiveness gone?

  • Gino

    I wonder how soon will the 300m Calibre 5 version follow?

  • DC

    Gino, not sure on what will happen with the 300m range…but yes, given that the new 500m is quite similar to the existing 300m, maybe that will get some changes as well.

    Jason, agree with your point: whether you like the new one more or less, its hard to argue that the new one is more distinctive than the old one.


  • Niall

    I have an Aquaracer Full Black (2 weeks old and unworn) for sale.It's a beautiful watch but I already own a Tag Heuer Professional 200 metre.I can supply pictures,box,papers and till receipt.I would consider an exchange for a Tag Heuer Carrera.Thanks.

  • Dunzolo

    I like this new look! When will be marketing? I want It!!!

  • DC

    Around September/ October


  • KJ

    Love this new look…nice and clean.

    Would prefer the classic triangle at 12 o'clock position on bezel be retained though. A little too empty but maybe time changes perception.

    Great one DC. Thanks!

  • David Chalmers

    Thanks KJ- agree with you on that. I'm hoping to get my hands on one of these soon to see what's its really like.


  • Drew76

    I still prefer my Aquaracer Full Black with the fluorescent yellow hour markers. Very distinctive design and gets compliments.

    The Oracle 500m Chrono looks sweet though. Any word on whether this is mainly for the US market or also available in Asia?

  • DLG

    I own the previous aquaracer 500 model, much more original than this one.

    There is no cyclop, and bezel is looking like all other.

    Not at all an improvement in design for me.

    But one remark:

    The SELLITA SW200-1 is a great movement, mine takes less than 3s a day, and is very reliable.

    Tag still a nice brand with good value !

  • David Chalmers

    Hi Drew, its a global model as far as I know- should be out soon

    DLG, fair to say that opinion is split on this one- although interested to see your feedback on the Sellita. I would like to know how the movements compare over say a 5-year period. No reason that it would be different to ETA, but would be nice to see some confirmation.


  • crumcol

    I'm thinking about the new full black model as its still distinctive & the ceramic bezel is an improvement.

    Though its hard to justify the money to buy another Tag

    • David Chalmers

      I haven't seen one of these "live" yet…but it does look good. Wish it still had the "electric lime" colour of the old model!

  • chasovnici

    I can boast that I have such a watch TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500 m Watch and Chronograph Oracle and am extremely pleased with it. Unfortunately his strap snapped very quickly

  • Neil


    great review and I am considering buying one!

    Can I ask though if it has any AR coating on the crystal?

    (on underside or topside?)

    What sort of accuracy is typically achieved by the cal5 movement and is it reliable?




  • inb

    Hi guys,

    I know that old version of this aquaraces had problems with the crown. does this model bring some improvments?
    I am planning to buy one but don't want to have those issues.

    Thank you

  • Calibre 11

    Hi, I haven't heard of a single issue with the new Aquaracer.

    Anyone else?


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