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Calibre 12, Current Model, Hands on Review, Monaco »

[Posted by: C11 | 28 Jul 2012 | 14 Comments ]
Hands on Review- TAG Heuer Monaco LS Calibre 12

For many collectors, the TAG Heuer Monaco is all about heritage. It’s about Steve McQueen and that iconic blue square dial that gives off a 1970s motor racing vibe. And since 2003, you have been able to buy a modern TAG Heuer version of McQueen’s Monaco, a watch that is very faithful to the 1970s original.
But the Monaco series is more than just a retro-design, because since 2004 TAG Heuer has set about adapting the Monaco shape into something modern…as modern today as the Heuer Monaco 1133B was in 1969. …

Formula 1 »

[Posted by: C11 | 26 Jul 2012 | 15 Comments ]
Your Chance to Win a TAG Heuer Formula 1

If there’s one thing you’ll find plenty of at Calibre 11, it’s opinions about TAG Heuer, whether it be about the watches, the company strategy, or the brand itself. In the four years that Calibre 11 has been around, we’ve seen a significant shift in the types of watches being produced by the company, as a quick look at our 2009 archive will show you. Put yourself back in 2009- would you have imagined watches like the MikrotourbillonS?
As a Calibre 11 reader, you’ll also certainly have an opinion about the brand- …

TAG Heuer visit, TAG Heuer Watches »

[Posted by: C11 | 15 Jul 2012 | 3 Comments ]
A Visit to Artecad

One of the most enjoyable part of writing about watches is having the opportunity to look behind the scenes of how watches are made. In the past we’ve been able to take you on a tour of TAG Heuer’s HQ at La Chaux-de-Fonds and through the Cortech factory, where TAG Heuer makes the Calibre 1887.
What you see in these factories is a reassuring level of “hand made-ness”. Yes, they are modern facilities with elements of high-tech machinery, but while the Swiss watchmaking industry has modernised and changed significantly over the …

Chronomatic, Montreal, The Ultimate Guide »

[Posted by: C11 | 7 Jul 2012 | 23 Comments ]
Ultimate Guide to the Heuer Montreal

It’s no surprise that the vintage Heuer models best-known today are the ones that have been re-issued in the last 15 years by TAG Heuer. Yes, names like Carrera, Autavia, Monaco and Silverstone were high-profile models to begin with when they were released in the 1960s/ 70s, but making modern re-editions helps bring these classic designs into the modern consciousness and to the attention of TAG Heuer collectors.
The converse of this is that there are still many Heuer models from the 1970s that run under the radar, one of my …

Mikro Family, Mikrotourbillon »

[Posted by: C11 | 1 Jul 2012 | 15 Comments ]
MikrotourbillonS- Full Details

Three months after the first images of the TAG Heuer MikrotourbillonS leaked out at Baselworld, we can show you detailed photos of the final watch: the first Tourbillon- in fact a double tourbillon- produced by Heuer/ TAG Heuer.
The MikrotourbillonS (as TAG Heuer insist on spelling the name to emphasis that the watch has two tourbillons) movement is yet another development of the high-precision “Mikro” platform that powers the range of ultra-high frequency Chronographs, ranging from the 1/ 100th second Mikrograph through to the 2/ 10,000th Mikrogirder. The Mikro platform is …