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[Posted by: C11 | 14 Dec 2013 | 10 Comments ]
Inside TAG Heuer’s Haute Horlogerie Workshop

Only a few years ago, the concept of a haute horlogerie (a French term that in essence means “high-end watchmaking”) TAG Heuer watch was a foreign one. It was only under the leadership of Jean-Christophe Babin in the mid-2000s that the company began to reactivate watchmaking skills that had long been dormant. Starting with the Monaco V4, TAG Heuer has set about not only showing off highly innovative concept watches, but backing these ideas up by turning those concepts into production models.
So where are these high-end watches made? As it turns …

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[Posted by: C11 | 8 Dec 2013 | 6 Comments ]
TAG Heuer Edge Chronograph Prototype

One of my favourite stories on Calibre 11 was the article from 2011 that finally revealed the truth behind a TAG Heuer that never was: The TAG Heuer Edge. The Edge was developed in the late 1990s as a new, entry-level model. Despite several thousand cases having been made, the acquisition of TAG Heuer by LVMH spelt the end for the Edge, with the new management team instead deciding to take the TAG Heuer brand up-market. The watches were scrapped and not one was ever sold.
We were fortunate enough to …

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[Posted by: C11 | 29 Nov 2013 | 24 Comments ]
Hands on Review- TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 Jack Heuer Boutique

TAG Heuer has dropped a surprise to close out the year with two new boutique-only Carreras based on the highly successful Carrera Jack Heuer 80th Birthday edition. Given that the new models pay tribute to the design of Jack’s 80th birthday present from last year, it seems appropriate to call the new pair the Jack Heuer Carrera 81…even if that isn’t an official name.
There are two new models to add to the family- one with Blue highlights (centre) and the second that inverts the colours of the original, offering an …

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[Posted by: Mark Moss | 24 Nov 2013 | One Comment ]
History of Heuer V: 1969 in Focus

By now you may have read that TAG Heuer has called its newest in-house chronograph movement the Calibre 1969. We’ve told you that 1969 was a pivotal year in the history of TAG Heuer, but who better than Mark Moss to bring you in detail a look back at the year that everything changed- 1969.
Yes. We have covered the 1960s already in our occasional history series. But 1969 is a particularly significant year, so we thought it worthwhile to highlight it individually with its own article. There were significant world events …

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[Posted by: C11 | 8 Nov 2013 | 6 Comments ]
Inside the TAG Heuer Calibre CH80 movement

The opening of TAG Heuer’s new manufacturing facility at Chevenez is another important milestone in the company’s history. To show you the pace of progress over the last few years, when the very first Calibre 11 article appeared in July 2009, the only movement made by TAG Heuer was the show-piece Monaco V4. It had been more than 20 years since a production movement had been made by the company, and even then Heuer’s key role was not as the technical lead of the Chronomatic consortium.
Today is a very different …

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[Posted by: C11 | 5 Nov 2013 | 16 Comments ]
TAG Heuer Calibre 1969 (CH 80)- First Look

Eighteen months after we first brought you the news that TAG Heuer was developing a new in-house chronograph movement, we can share with you the first photos of the new Calibre- introducing the TAG Heuer Calibre 1969, also known as the Calibre CH80.
In the coming days we’ll be sharing more with you about the movement and the history behind the name, with a special article from Mark Moss which explains why 1969 was such a pivotal year for Heuer/ TAG Heuer. The short version of this story is that 1969 …

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[Posted by: C11 | 26 Oct 2013 | 4 Comments ]
First Look: TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrograph Avant Garde

With the benefit of hindsight, we can now see that the 2011 Heuer Mikrograph was the first shot in the TAG Heuer’s movement revolution. We showed you the very first photos of the new haute horlogerie chronograph live from its launch on a cold January morning in Geneva 2 ½ years ago. This was more than just a new watch- it was the showcase for TAG Heuer’s new high-end, in-house movement. The movement was designed around an innovative dual-chain platform that allowed for ultra high- precision chronograph without impacting the power …

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[Posted by: C11 | 19 Oct 2013 | 12 Comments ]
Ultimate Guide to the Heuer Monza

Tracing the lineage of the Monza can be a confusing prospect for new Heuer and TAG Heuer collectors. Most recently, there was the 2011 Heuer Monza Calibre 36, a watch which revived the Heuer/ TAG Heuer Monza that was discontinued in 2006. That model was a “re-edition” of a Heuer design from the 1930s..but that watch was never called Monza.
But there was a Monza in Heuer’s back catalogue- a sporting version of the Carrera from the mid-1970s that looks nothing like any of the watches mentioned above. And in case your …

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[Posted by: C11 | 6 Oct 2013 | 10 Comments ]
Hands on Review- TAG Heuer Link Calibre 18 Chronograph

Let’s get one observation out of the way early: the sub-dials on the new TAG Heuer Link Calibre 18 can appear a little too close together. Not by much, but when you’re working with a watch that has a diameter of only 40mm, these small details do make a difference.
We mention this up front, because putting this design question to one side- don’t worry, we’ll come back to it in detail- the new slimline chronograph is our new favourite in the TAG Heuer Link range, and on the wrist feels …

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[Posted by: C11 | 29 Sep 2013 | 11 Comments ]
A look at the TAG Heuer Calibre 17

A few weeks ago we brought you the first in a new series of in-depth articles about the key mechanical movements found in TAG Heuer watches. Today, we look at a mechanical chronograph movement used broadly across the modern range- the Calibre 17. The Calibre 17 is an ETA 2894-2, and is closely related to other TAG Heuer movements, including the Calibre 7, Calibre 11, Calibre 12 and the Calibre 360.

The Calibre 17 is an example of what is known as a “modular” (or “Piggyback”) movement, where a complication “module” …

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[Posted by: C11 | 20 Sep 2013 | 14 Comments ]
TAG Heuer Aquaracer 72 Digital Smartwatch

TAG Heuer has teamed up with Oracle to develop a special edition of the Aquaracer 72 for the crew of Oracle Team USA in the 2013 America’s Cup. The Smartwatch is based on the design of the Aquaracer Calibre 72 that we’ve shown you recently, but is engineered solely for use by the team.
There is some clever technology in the watch that wirelessly provides live data to the crew during the race, and while the application of this innovation outside high-end sport is limited, the watch does bring together TAG …

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[Posted by: C11 | 15 Sep 2013 | 20 Comments ]
Hands on Review- TAG Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 16 Chronograph

The reaction to our story back in June on the new Calibre 16 Formula 1 was very strong, with the article being the most popular read on Calibre 11 for the last couple of months.
The new chronograph is the first men’s Formula 1 in 27 years not to be powered by a quartz movement, and represents a change in the positioning of the Formula 1 series: where the F1 used to be the entry-level TAG Heuer, the new Calibre 16 models are perhaps a sign that the Formula 1 range …