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Calibre 11 is the home of TAG Heuer and Heuer collectors.

We explore the story behind every Heuer and TAG Heuer watch- whether it be an Autavia from the 1960s, a Formula 1 from the 1980s or a 2013 Aquaracer, this is the place to come and find out about your watch- the history, the designs, the movements, the highs and…occasionally the lows.

And when it comes to the latest news and reviews of the latest TAG Heuer watches, nowhere else gets you as close to the action, with insight, detailed photography and the inside word that you just won’t get anywhere else.

As well as this website, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook and access a mobile version, including an app for iPhone users.

Love the Carrera? We now have a dedicated Carrera website here- find out everything you need to know: http://carrera.calibre11.com

The Calibre 11 Story

Calibre 11 is the name of the famous movement that Heuer developed with its partners in the late 1960′s- the first automatic chronograph movement which Heuer called “Chronomatic”. From its introduction in 1969, the Calibre 11- and its successor movements the Calibres 12, 14 and 15- powered the most innovative range of Heuer Chronographs in the company’s proud history.

Modern TAG Heuers draw their inspiration directly from this famous line of watches.

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Many of the articles on Calibre 11 are written by - whose Google + bio can be found here

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Calibre 11 Movement

Photo: OnTheDash


  • geoff grindon said:

    great site, and just my kind of interest, i have 2 monaco,s and one siverstone, now looking for Camaro 7220s

  • admin (author) said:

    Thanks Geoff- sounds like you've got a very nice collection yourself. Which Monaco models do you have?


  • James said:

    Thanks a lot for allowing my request, James.

  • mark said:

    have senna le2002 need extra links as put on a few pounds ! best place to get ?

  • DC (author) said:

    Hi Mark- eBay is probably your best bet…or try TAG Heuer. Cheers

  • Dave Pratt said:

    Found this very informative site whilst searching for additional information/history about my TAG/Heuer 510.500/12, specifically why the watch uses a 3-register Lemania 5012 rather than a Lemania 5100! Not sure I'm any closer to the answer but am thoroughly enjoying the articles and photo's (and have noticed you don't have any photo's of the /12 here!).



  • Yeltzman said:

    This is a great site, so well done.

    I became an owner when i won a little black'n'red Formula 1 with rubber strap some years ago. Since then i've acquired a later Formula 1 chronograph (2 white dials, 1 multi) and a '98 McLaren.

    Does that mean i'm hooked?

  • DC (author) said:

    Thanks for the compliments. Hooked? Yes, I'd say so. The great thing about mid 80s-mid 90s TAG Heuers is that they are not too hard to find and great value for money, so you can justify this hobby as an "investment" :)


  • TAG sound said:


    I have a 6000 Series Tag Heuer McLaren Limited Edition and looking to move it one but really don't have an idea of it's value could you please give me a general guide price and all ready reluctantly selling!!!

  • DC (author) said:

    Hi TAG Sound. I recall that a mint one of these sold on eBay a couple of months ago- I forget the exact price, but I think it was around USD1500-1700, which I thought was a great price for the buyer.

    I'd try selling it to an F1/ McLaren fan rather than a watch fan, if you know what I mean…think you'll get a better price.


  • Himawan said:

    Hi, great website. This has anything I ever need! I'm a big fan of TAG Heuer especially Aquaracer series. Have 3 of them. Just bought myself the newest 500M, love it! Keep up the good work!

  • DC (author) said:

    Thanks Himawan- I've also just bought an Aquaracer- The Full Black and love it.


  • GRM said:

    Nice DC. I just got my Full Black today, in part based on the great reviews/photos you published here. Thanks for authoring such a great site.

  • Robert said:

    Hi David,

    extraordinary useful and interesting website. Your efforts are much appreciated.

    I have just bought a CS3111 Carrera Re-Edition, a lovely watch, unfortunately without the correct box and papers. It's my first mechanical watch, and I am afraid now I have been 'bitten by the bug'. I am already busy searching the web for a real vintage Carrera! It seems the recent Bonhams auction has moved the prizes up quite a bit, though…

    Regards, Robert

  • Frankie Chong said:

    Hi David,

    Thank you for maintaining such a comprehensive archive on the Tag Heuer watches throughout the years.

    I myself have a 1997 2000 series, 1997 blue Formula One, a 2007 Formula One chronograph and a week ago, I bought the 2010 Formula One Grande Date 44mm F1 Chronograph. I am thrilled with my latest purchase.

    I do have one regret though. I always wanted to buy the 2006 Autavia in a steel strap. The opportunity presented itself a few years ago in Harrods in London but I dragged my feet and now regretted not buying it.

    I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction with this endeavour.



  • DC (author) said:

    Thanks Frankie,

    There are a couple I've seen around the web, and there is even a dealer in Melbourne that has one in the window! A couple of years ago these really dipped in price, but its been surprising to see how strong they are now. Drop me an e-mail (info@calibre11.com) and I can let you know the dealer.


  • J-L Fab said:

    Hello from France and congrats for this site which fully satisfy an Heuer's fan.

    Only one Heuer Chrono home but surely more soon !

    Kindly = JLF+

  • DC (author) said:

    Thanks JLF and welcome- as for collecting, its hard to stop at one….


  • mani zacharia said:

    hii…great to be a part of tag heuer followers..i am planning to get myself a carrerra day date..can u tell me its market price ..also will it be covered under manufacturers warranty if i buy it from amazon.com.


  • DC (author) said:

    Hi Mani,

    No, if you want an official warranty, you have to buy through an Authorized Dealer- not Amazon.

    Thanks for posting


  • Erik Engström said:

    Hello from Sweden.

    I have an Tag Heuer Montreal from 74-75. I have had it serviced at a clockschool ( they did a great job). The thing is, they claim its an caliber 11 chronograhf in it. Is this possible?

    Regards Erik

  • DC (author) said:

    Hi Erik,

    No, it should be a Calibre 12. Calibre 11 was phased out around 1970/ 71 and Montreal came into the market in 1972


  • Lloyd Griffiths said:

    Hi David, your site look great, well done

  • DC (author) said:

    Thanks Lloyd- and thanks to you for helping with some of your catalogues.


  • DC (author) said:

    Hi Pat,

    I'll leave your message up for a couple of days, but will take it down after that. I think from now on, no more For Sale ads- I just think that there are better places to sell a watch from here, and it requires a level of moderation that I just can't manage.


  • Tman said:

    Nice site , hope to read more of yr articles soon.


  • DC (author) said:

    Thanks T-man…a lot more on the way!


  • Emre said:

    Great site! I have several Tag Heuer's but, not a Monaco yet. Hope to have one soon. :)

  • Joni Purbana said:

    great book.. my collection cannot perfect without this book..

  • Craig Schroerlucke said:

    Looking to add this to my library!!

  • Cherif said:

    ah si ca pouvais etre vrai …

  • Danaz said:

    Great looking site!

  • Ashley said:

    Monaco is always one of the time pieces I had hoped to aquire. But my ignorance to the matter simply will not allow me to move forward. Maybe with this book, I might get educated and decide to finally purchase this beautiful Watch.

  • Kumar said:

    Love the Monacos. Will continue to collect !

  • Ferid said:

    I would finally be able to wear a watch that matters.

  • Sarunas said:

    Race in blood! Monaco the best!

  • Sarunas said:

    Race in the blood! Monaco the best!

  • Sarunas said:

    I do not want cheap Monaco, I want real Monaco!

  • Vaida said:

    Best of the best!

  • martin said:


    great web site, I have the famous calibre 11 BUT NOT on a heuer box but with a HERMA box from the seventies' it was given to my grandfather long time ago…


  • DC (author) said:

    Thanks Martin- do you have a photo? It's an old French brand if I remember?



  • mikhail said:

    Awesome site…got my first Heuer and now i'm hooked! Great to meet fellow watch collectors online! Thank you everyone for all the information you share with us ameteuers about Heuer and their watches!

  • Martin said:


    Looking to sell senna tag (Ref. CT2114). This series was a Limited Edition of 1,991. Not Sure how much to ask. Worn once or twice. Shame to have a watch like this locked away!


  • DC (author) said:

    Hi Martin,

    Not sure- but sounds like its in top condition. I'd try eBay with a strong reserve and see what happens.


  • kristan aganan said:

    I like the concept of Calibre 11… nice to have it

  • Steve A. said:

    Hi, does anyone know about the watches with "Lyceum" on the dial but with Heuer cases and movements? I have a Lyceum Datemaster from the early to mid-1960's and would like to know the background. Thanks!

  • DC (author) said:

    Steve, can't help you with that one. Try asking at the Vintage Heuer forum at http://www.onthedash.com


  • Stephen said:

    Hi great site look forward to communication with many people

  • DC (author) said:

    Thanks Stephen- welcome

  • Alan said:

    Hi,,Fantastic site!!

    I have a question about my Tag 4000 series WF 1120-0

    I am convinced that the watch is 100 percent authentic yet The hands and markers are not Luminous,,,they are in fact an almost crinkle black finish when viewed under a loupe….,,,I have searched and searched trying to find another Tag 4000 model with hands and markers like this,,,being new to this my wuestion is

    Did Tag offer the 4000 series or other watches with a non reflective or non luminous option on the hands and markers?

    This look appeals to me and so perhaps the original owner had this done?

    Any Help would be greatly appreciated


  • DC (author) said:

    Thanks Alan. Here is the catalogue for the 4000 Series. I can't quite picture the finish that you are describing, but perhaps it was after-market?



  • Larry Parkinson said:

    I started collecting Heuer watches in the early to mid 80's. Still have 10. My favorite is the 18K chronograph with moonphase. A great watch.

    I have been looking for someone interested in the watch.



  • DC (author) said:

    Hi Larry.

    If you're interested there is a Catalog of the 1985 "Golden Hours" watches (which I think you have) on the Catalogs Page.


  • james said:

    HI Cal 11 Love your site i my self own various tag watches but my favorites are my 2 monacos grey dial cal 11 and blue dial Mcqueen KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK Regards James.

  • DC (author) said:

    Thanks James- love the Grey Monaco..a nice pair


  • orlan obi said:

    great site at least im now updated of the new models and series coz i really love tag heuer..

  • DC (author) said:

    Welcome Orlan


  • Charles S Williams said:

    Hello to all and Calibre 11, I would just like to introduce myself, my name is Charles S Williams, i live in Australia, and i have been a TAG Heuer Carrera fan for a very long time with a couple of fine pieces myself. Anyway i just wanted to introduce myself i if you would accept me i would like to contribute to this group.

  • DC (author) said:

    Hi Charles,

    Welcome- everyone's comment is welcome, especially a fellow Australian.



  • Anton said:

    Hi There,

    My names Anton and I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm a big fans of Heuer n Tag Heuer, and enjoying reading the Calibre11 so much. Currently own the Heuer Black Coral, and Formula 1 Chronograph Ver. 2. At the moment I'm considering to acquire a Leonidas Easy Rider from a friend. The problems with the Leonidas are: The case is chromium, just like the Jacky Ickx edition, but the dial is the regular blue one (with red stripes). Moreover the Leonidas – Easy Rider – Chronograph sign is vanished from the dial. The second hands also not the original one. But the watch works perfectly and keep the time very well. The price that my friend asking is quite cheap – for my understanding for an Easy Rider Leonidas, only 90-95 USD. What should I do? Thanks.

  • Charles S Williams said:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for letting me join the group. What i was trying to say was, is there an Australian Facebook Carrera site that you are aware of. If not i would like to start one. I don't want to upset anyone or offend. I would just like to create a forum on Facebook for Aussies where people who like TAG Heuer Carreras could hang out, your thoughts and comments are appreciated pls.


  • DC (author) said:

    Hi Charles,

    No, not aware that there is one…so go for it! There is a TAG Heuer Autavia fan page on Facebook, so why not the Carrera? Let me know if you set one up and I'll come and post some photos.



  • Charles S Williams said:

    Hi David,

    I would like to start the page within the next couple of weeks, wk permitting. I have tried before however Facebook requires friends to add to the group. Do future members need to contact me so I can add them to my friends list so I can create the page? I’m a little unsure how to go about it, however, I would like to set this up so Carrera lovers like me can post comments and see pics.


  • Kanary said:

    Hi, Thanks for the add. Great informative Website. I'm the owner of Kanary Luxury watches And have just bought a new Link Caliber S. I just love it!

  • Bogs said:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for forwarding my e-mail to the one of the AD of Tag Heuer. They gave more reasonable price for the watch that I want.

    I'm just now asking for the quotation & might buy it.

    Thanks for your help & more power on your website.



  • Charles S Williams said:

    Hi David,

    I've been looking around Sydney and the web for good reliable watch winder to no avail. I know this site is TAG Heuer centric but i've run out of options can you help or recommend, thanks in advance.


  • Ratan said:

    Hello David,

    How would you suggest for an automatic self-winding watch to be cared of if only worn for about 2 to 3 times in an year.

    Should it always be kept in a watch winder to keep it's movement & avoid wear & tear. If yes, please suggest me a good watch winder for the carrera CV2014.FT6014.

    Also, do let me know if I could wind the watch manually using the crown as my wear is very minimal.

    Looking forward to your reply.



  • DC (author) said:

    Hi Ratan,

    If you only wear it 2-3 times a year, I don't think a winder is suitable…they're best for a watch worn say once a week. When you only need to re-set the time twice a year, it doesn't make sense to have it on a winder for 4 months just to avoid the minor inconvenience of updating the time.

    Anyone agree/ disagree?


  • Charles S Williams said:

    Hi David,

    I neither argee nor disagree, what i can say is, my watches are my hobby and i have been advised that a winder should used to keep the movement working from time to time, your thoughts are appreciated pls.


  • bigrick said:

    Can you guys create a first " A mobile site app for the TAG"



  • DC (author) said:

    Hi Rick- We've got one (kind of).

    Go to Calibre11.com on your iPhone/ iPad and then save the Webapp to your homescreen.

    OK, its not the real thing…but let us know what you think.


  • Munir Metassan said:

    Greetings from Brunei!

    Just wanted to say that im a big fan of the site. Many hours have been spent going through the archives especially the series overviews! Just amazing information and invaluable to any enthusiast.

    I've never considered myself a TAG enthusiast but TAG Heuer has always been a fascination to me. Its the watch i dream about growing up in the 90s. I would stare through the shop window and think about owning an S/el and formula one. Being an Aryton Senna fan may have something to do with it!

    That dream never waned and when i graduated the first 'proper' watch i bought was a Link calibre 7 chronometer. Then i discovered ebay and two Formula one quartz from the 90s followed: WA1210&WA1211.

    The collection has grown and now includes a 2000 series (WK1110), 2 Monacos (CW2113&CW2111), a vintage Heuer 1000 "Night diver" 980.031L and my dream Formula one chrono from the 90s, CA1211-RO.

    Looking forward to more series overviews David. Especially the vintage Heuers!


  • Francis of Chicago said:

    greetings caliber 11! I own 2 vintage heuer, autavia and monaco mc queen, unfortunately i was wearing my monaco got home and i notice one of the pusher crown or pusher was gone, can somebody help me where to find one or get repair? thanks and more power! Francis

  • Andrieux Frederic said:

    Good afternoon,

    Just one question : why do I found nothing concerning the Monaco caw211a.eb0026 (Monaco 40th anniversary)?

    Did I search wrong or such model do not need to be presented ?

    I thank you in advance for your help.

    Best regards.


  • Andrieux frederic said:

    Dear David

    Thank's for your reply, but I Was talking about the one limited édition With Jack heuer signature on the back And limited to 1000 pieces. What I can do is post pictures of it on the site, is it easy to do ?



  • David Chalmers (author) said:

    Hi, yes, the blue dial watch with the Heuer logo. The link above is the Grey model, but I do have a photo on the second page that shows your watch.

    If I've got it wrong, please send me a photo: info@calibre11.com

    Cheers…lovely watch


  • BC said:

    Good Afternoon,

    Firstly would like to say congrats on the site. It has really in depth information.

    I have a question, I'm looking to buy my First TAG and looking at the Carrera range in particular, and whilst I dont have any particular preference in terms model or movement, I would like a chronograph one.

    Any particular recommendation that you would have? The watch will be a keeper,budget is around 2-3k?

  • David Chalmers (author) said:

    Thanks BC.

    Depends what style you like- something more formal or sporty? If its the latter, I've always like Carrera CV2014..not sure what these go for now second hand?



  • daniel gonzales (tag said:

    whata nice web page, i was just looking exactly for some info in the reltaionship between ayrton senna and tag , and i just found your webpage , excellent i work in a tag heuer boutique on a cruise ship, actually is the first tag boutique at sea, and i love to learn more and more about the brand, thanks alot and keep up the good work, if there is anything i can contribute from here dont hesitate to ask.

  • David Chalmers (author) said:

    Hi Daniel- welcome

    Didn't know that TAG Heuer had a boutique on a cruise ship- guess that you sell a lot of Aquaracers?


  • mario celis said:

    HI, I contact you because I have a chronograph HEUER MONACO to

    that lacks buttons.

    my question is if you have it and what is its price.


  • Mark Amorim said:

    Excellent source and reference.

    Love the creative line of this brand.

  • amcorn said:

    Dear Calibre 11,

    If it is okay, can I ask you about something here.

    A few months ago I bought a pre-owned Aquaracer WAF2111. before I bought it I check all the markings carefully by cross-checking with information and pictures I get from the websites.

    However, after some time, i realize that there are at least 2 version of this WAF2111 around in the internet. One is with “SWISS MADE” marking located between the “6″ dial and other version is with “SWISS MADE” marking located below the “6″ dial.

    I checked at the catalog that you uploaded, and i found here:


    the “SWISS MADE” is between the dial (unfortunately, mine is placed below).

    However, I also found in this link:




    the “SWISS MADE” are exactly like mine, and it is said that the watches sold there were already passed the confirmation of authenticity of their respective experts.

    It confuses me how can both version be equally correct (or the version is listed in the catalog year 2007/08, because in both website it is said that it was from the year 2007, and one of them even have paper for the watch).

    thank you very much if you can help me with this.

    best regards,

  • David Chalmers (author) said:

    Hi Amcorn,

    Yes, it is possible that both are correct…and in fact, likely.

    The photos used for the catalogs often show slight differences from the final production model, given the lead times on the printing.

    Secondly, there are sometimes small changes made year-on-year that creep in. Without seeing your watch, I wouldn't be overly concerned.


  • Jay said:

    Hi, this website is very interesting and informative…

    I bought a pre-owned Tag Heuer watch during my trip to Japan las week. It really caught my attention that I didnt have to rethink before purchasing it.

    Anyway, I wonder if there is really a CN1119 model Tag. It is a FIS ALPINE WORLD SKI CHAMPIONSHIPS limited edition watch. An answer would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks a lot!


  • Nello Chiappetta said:

    I am writing to you at the top the ladder, Mr Linder to explain how disappointed & frustrated I am. I own 3 Tags – 1 stainless crono links, 1 stainless & gold crono links & 1 stainless & gold female watch. The stainless crono links has been a problem since I purchased it. Now Tag Melbourne has had it for the past 14months after quoting an exorbitant price to fix it and they are saying that it is my fault the watch had water in it even though it is a dive watch and has never gone deeper than 3 metres. After several complaints I have had no further communication from them. I have always used Tag Melbourne to service and buy my watches and I am upset at this total lack of service.

  • Calibre 11 (author) said:

    Thanks Jay. I haven't seen one of these- do you have a photo? If so, please drop me a line- info@calibre11.com


  • Jimboe said:

    Hi folks ! from a newbie from stoke,, Can i ask you guys about the identity of an old Tag Heuer ive come across, think its described as a Formular 1,, the only markings found on quartz mov`t are,,,3.91,, and 955412,, on the case is 374573, ?? and poss small gents or ladies size,, measures, about 38 m/m inc button across face,, black dial,, white lume digits,, white lume hands with thin red ring around edges,, and a black outer ring that clicks round ok,, its keeping perfect time, altho looking a bit tatty,,??
    Would love any info. Cheers for now.

  • Jimboe said:

    Thanks for the info,, and yes you are right about the numbers, it is 513,, and you are also right with the movement id.. cant understand why the case back is so faded, can hardly read the details,?? So, away i go and search for some spares, like strap/bracelet etc,, its got aftermkt on at present. so thanks again..

  • Cecil (Bill) Marty said:

    I have an Autavia GMT (11630) that I have worn intermittently for my 30 year military career. This great watch is a part of me and it still keeps great time, and the chronograph still times my aerobic walks every day! It came with a leather band which did not last long, and I found a Spidell band which looks a lot like one of the GF bands, but I would like to have a correct stainless steel bracelet. It needs a new crystal and a new bezel insert, but otherwise is in great shape and I plan to wear it as long as I live and then leave it to my airline pilot son. Anyone have suggestions about how to find the parts and get it serviced without taking out a mortgage?_

  • Calibre 11 (author) said:

    Hi Bill- that's great to hear!

    Parts are not too hard to find…except for the bezel, which you can find, but will be expensive. Are you in the US or Europe? Elsewhere?


  • Bruce said:

    Does anyone know where I can find someone to replace the entire movement in a Heuer Gold Titanium watch from the 80's? I sent it to TAG Heuer, they said that the parts are no longer available and did not want to work on it.

  • Calibre 11 (author) said:

    HI Bruce,

    Depends which model you have- the full-sized chrono model can use the mechanical LWO283, or the quartz Calibre 185.

    Try eBay..they sometimes come up, but they are hard to find


  • Bruce said:

    Thanks dc, great information. It appears I have a Quartz. Would you happen to know if a TAG Heuer 2000 has the same movement (there happens to be one on ebay.) Thanks again,


  • Calibre 11 (author) said:

    No problem Bruce. Yes, some models of the 2000 did come with the Calibre 185 (e.g. http://calibre11.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-conte…. Be careful that there several different sizes of Titanium and 2000…its the full-size models that use the Calibre 185.

    Best bet is to take off the caseback of your watch and confirm 100%


  • dr meher.... said:

    can any body tel me what is the procedure to place order of watch here……..???

  • Calibre 11 (author) said:

    Hi- we don’t sell watches..but if you let me know what you\’re after, I can refer you to one of our partners (info@calibre11.com)


  • Bruce said:

    Hi DC, Thanks so much for the info. I took the back off the watch. It is indeed a Calibre 185 with a 555 232 (I assume that's the tractor) number. I'll keep looking on ebay for new movement. If you can recommend a repairman to fit the movement once I find one that would be great. Thanks again


  • Mark said:

    Hi David – tried emailing info@… but got rejected as spam :( what's the best way to contact – trying to find out about a watch pictured in you carrera history article

  • Rick said:

    Love the watches, always have, just never had the cash..:(

  • frankvinzi said:

    This is a beautyful watch, now it's incredible easy to win for a posting in this box!!!

  • Jerome V. Nuyque said:

    Hi David,

    You've done a great job by creating this site! TAG HEUER is always the best!.. speed up!..

    Jerome Nuyque

  • Jerome V. Nuyque said:

    I wish that I can also have the calibre11.. I so love TAG HEUER!..

  • Teng Seng Kee said:

    i love it and hope to have one, is a very accurate watch cos most of my friends are using it

  • Danny Chase said:

    That is a beautiful watch … Would look great on me :)

  • @Engela_Timcke said:

    LOVE Tag. Was given one a couple of years back and got stolen at the Golf Club. Heartbreaking!

  • Oscar Miranda Villa said:

    De Mexzico, siempre quise tener un reloj Tag Heuer y se me hizo hace dos años. compre un Carrera, color vino todo hasta el reloj, pero al mes me asaltaron y me lo robaron, ahora esto juntando para comprarme otro y cuidarlo mas, existe algun seguro en conra de descomposturas o robo conustedes?, saludos

    Oscar Miranda Villa

  • Jerome said:

    I would love to have a TAG HEUER watch!.

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