The Calibre 1887 Story

  • Speedmaster

    Wonderful pics!

  • DC

    Thanks Chris. It's a reassuringly elaborate process that makes you feel a little better about the price you pay for a new watch…


  • BrandScottK

    Thanks a lot for taking us through the facility and process with the 1887. I do wish they would gain COSC certification, but I appreciate everything else that is being put into the process. Good point about making further strides to distinguish it from Seiko's original as well. All companies should be realizing this similarly with the amount of money spent on a cherished timepiece. Thanks again.

  • bla bla

    Man, I still cannot accept the fact that the marketing team claimed that the movement is 100% in-house. To me, producing and assembling this movement inside tag's factory does not make it in-house because they took the blue print from Seiko. In my view, to qualify as a "Manufacture" movement, tag has to design its own movement like the V4, not modify and improve what already existed. Look at A.Lange & Sohne, now they are true manufacturers.

  • DC

    No doubting A. Lange & Sohne's credibility- but we're talking very different price points to the Calibre 1887.

    Anyway, irrespective of what marketing did or did not say six months ago, the watch will be in the stores soon meaning that everyone can pass judgment at the cash register…


  • Rex

    @bla bla – Do you always believe everything every marketing campaign says? When is the last time any marketing campaign was 100% accurate? It's called marketing for a reason. Half truths, embellishments, etc. It's all to paint the product in the best light so you buy theirs over someone else's. If a company can legally get away with saying something to make their product seem better they will.

  • Rex

    Oh, one more thing to add here. In the engineering world, it is very rare for a company to start off with clean sheet designs, regardless of the product. First, it is too expensive, and second, it takes too long. Case in point – the V4. Look how long it took for that movement to go from design to production. It is far quicker and cheaper for a company to start with an existing design and modify it to work for the intended purpose.

  • DT


    does anyone know where does Tag Heuer or in this case Cortech/Nivarox get their raw materials from? ie. their brass? need some help here..=)

    doing a proj bout them..

    • DC

      Sorry DT- that's a level of detail I can't help you with


  • DT

    thnx DC…

    another qns…what are the difficulties do you think Tag Heuer face in implementing sucha strategy??

  • DC

    DT, you mean a manufacturing strategy?

    Well, its not that simple to become a manufacturer. TAG Heuer's CEO says that the Calibre 1887 project was originally planned for 2009…and then was pushed to 2010. He also says it will take up to 5 year to reach full manufacturing levels of output.

    This shows the complexity of getting such precision instruments manufactured to the right quality levels.

    But, how risky would it have been to have done nothing and be faced with a shortages of movements from your largest competitor (i.e. Omega/ ETA/ Swatch)?


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  • Snowl

    Wow, did not read this article when I was out searching for a Carrera Cal. 1887. Bought my V2 CAR2111 last year and am still very, very happy with it. A power reserve would indeed be nice, but one always needs something to wish for.

    • DC


      Not sure what happened to the Power Reserve..I saw the prototype a couple of years ago- maybe they decided not to go ahead?


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  • http://facedook eddie

    I found this watch in a box off junk i brought in a car boot sale.. i took it 2 th jewellers ad thay had alook at it ad sed there was alittle flaw in it . Its not much like its something got 2 do wi th wind wheel.. now cud u tell me if it,s worth getting fix,d as i doint no wat th watch is wourth.. so im asking cud u help me out on th prize it may be..?.. b4 i get it fix,d, like wud it be wourth getn fix,d…?? Thank u…..

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  • Dan

    I got a Calibre 1887 41mm… is it a good model?

  • Hunter Kirchner

    Does anyone know how long it takes to build a Carrera 1887 from begining to end?

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