Final Design- Carrera Calibre 1887

  • wilfreb

    i much prefer the old bezel, it was one of the nicest things on the new Carrera, the thin elegant tachy bezel.

    now its more of a dress watch rather than a sports watch as it was meant to be.

  • Jordan

    How is one to use the tachymetre with out the bezel?

  • RT19

    I really like the removal of the tachymeter scale. In the day and age of speedometers, tachys are rarely anything more than clutter. The Monaco doesn't suffer from the lack of a tacky, er, tachy scale, and the Carrera 1887 looks like it benefits significantly from it's removal. Good on TH for listening to it's customers and retail partners.

  • Dean Grant Baker

    Umm what good is a chronograph that does NOT have seconds indices on the small seconds register[register NOT "sub-dial" btw]

    It is utterly useless as a tool.

    Nice rip-off of the Speedy case lugs and bracelet.(edited by dc)

  • DC

    Interesting response to the changes, but here at at the message boards. There seem to be two views: 1) maybe the new bezel looks better (seems to be 80:20 in favour), but 2) concern that the watch is now less of a tool watch with the tachy scale/ seconds on the sub-dial.

    Whether it looks better is subjective. Is this now less of a tool watch? maybe at the margins, but I don't think it ever was a true tool watch- there are plenty of models in the Carrera range that have a tachy scale and are more for those looking to use the chrono.

    I see similarities with this Carrera from the early 1960s:

    <img src="; alt="" />

    Dean, the Speedie/ Carrera comparisons have always been there, but where you see a Speedie, most of us see lugs from the original 1964 Carrera.

    <img src="; alt="" />


  • Miguel Seabra

    I REALLY REALLY hate it when the subdials (in this case, the small seconds subdial) do not have any kind of surface differentiation to stand out from the main dial surface. It really is a no-no and usually shows lack of sophistication. It really is one of my pet hates in watchmaking. At least TAG Heuer should use a small line to differentiate, or a different dial texture, or whatever…

  • Dean Grant Baker

    To DC:

    The Carrera chronograph, designed by Jack Heuer, was introduced in 1963.

    The Omega Speedmaster Professional (Omega reference number: 3570.50.00), also referred to by Omega as the "Moonwatch", is a manual winding chronograph introduced in 1957.

    The Speedy came first.

    It has a tachymetre.

  • Dean Grant Baker

    Seeing as we're on the Speedy, somebody really needs to take them to court for dishonest advertising:

    Astronaut David Scott, commander of the Apollo 15 mission in 1971, wore a Waltham watch on his third lunar EVA when his standard Omega Speedmaster Professional chronograph stopped fucntioning.

    It is NOT "the only watch ever worn on the Moon."

    Heck there are still functioning Accutron timers up there still sending back info.

  • DC

    Yes, the Speedmaster did come before the Carrera. And before the Speedmaster was the Heuer Ref 2447 from the 1940s with the same lugs…and I'm sure that before that there was an Omega that also had the same design….

    Either way, most Heuer fans have a lot of respect for the Speedmaster and after +45 years, I think its OK to say that modern TAG and Omega both draw from their own legitimate past and that the TAG Carrera of today is inspired by the Heuer Carrera of 1964 probably more than ripping off the Speedmaster of 1957.

    And yes, agree that the whole "moon" thing is a bit tired.


  • Dean Grant Baker

    Want to have some fun? Go to Omega's facebook page and mention that they are not the only one's with a watch on the Moon; or better yet even mention another brand; go try it.

    Any other brand.

    Be forewarned tho; You'll get a very nasty message and banned.

    They won't even let you type another brand's name in a historical context.

    Something Omega could learn from this very forum.

  • DC

    Hi Miguel, I guess they have tried to replicate the look of the Calibre 15

    <img src="; alt="" />


  • Shaun

    I like the changes, but I've still not convinced by the sub-dial layout.

    The changes do make it look more like the 300SLR limited edition though, which I guess is a good thing.

    As a chronograph, it's just as useful with or without the tachy bezel IMHO.

    I'll be interested it see what it looks like up close, on a nice leather strap…

  • DC

    And here is the white dial/ leather strap version

    <img src="; alt="" />

  • GDM

    Is the 1887 worth waiting for? As opposed to buying a Calibre 16 now.

  • DC

    Hard to be definitive GDM- if you like the current Calibre 16 Carrera, then grab that one now- am sure that you'll get a good price. There is certainly nothing wrong with the Calibre 16 movement (ETA/ Valjoux 7750), but Calibre 1887 is a much newer design.

    If it was me, I'd wait because I prefer the newer design and you get the bonus of the new movement, but it comes down to personal preference.


  • PH

    I wish they kept the tachimetre, it was already thinner than before. Or they could have included it inside the dial at the edge.

  • Chris launder

    Regarding Omega's advertising about being the only watch worn on the moon , several astronauts took personal watches , but as these weren't part of the official items issued , they are not considered part of NASA's official history .

    The world is still waiting to find out the brand of the 1st golfball ever used on the moon , but we never will , it wasn't NASA issue .

  • Tony

    The bezel without the tachy makes the watch more sophisticated, which I like. There are indeed enough watches in the Carrera range that are sporty.

    When will the calibre 1887 hit the shops? Does anyone know the expected retail price?

  • DC


    The first watches have started to arrive- here is one from Singapore:

    US deliveries not until the new year.


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  • Keyser

    I really wish that the tachymetre will be an option. Do some of you know if it will come with a 43 mm case?

    And btw i was so close buying the new carrera but the shop told me this one was on its way, so might as well wait for it and see if its cooler !

    • DC

      No, I think that they've made the call to take the tachy off- probably to set it apart from other watches in the Carrera range, such as the Day/ Date. Agree that its worth the wait to see one in person and work out which one you really want.

      Haven't heard anything about 43mm- suspect not.


  • Luke

    Have just picked up my 1887 from Tag in London, went for the black strap, white dial. In all honesty, i'm slightly disappointed in waiting 6 months from ordering to find they have changed it! Thought the design was perfect!

  • Mani

    Just wondering should I wait for version3 Iam debating between caliber 16 n 1887 chron. I like 1887 classy looking not in hurry can wait for version3. Any idea when that might be coming in australia? Thanks. Mani.

  • Eric

    I've just brought one and had a question about the crown. I know turning it clockwise winds it up but does turning it anti clockwise cause any damage? I did that when I first got it and was a little concerned.

    many thanks in advance.


  • DC

    No Eric, shouldn't do any damage, especially if you've only done it a few times

  • Carlos,

    Good day

    A dealer in Australia was trying to sell me a Carrera Caliber 1887 with a blue dial/bezel, Iwas a little apprehensive as I never deal with this guy and I'm more familiar with Oris and Hamilton watches. If my research is correct Tag Heuer never made a blue bezel one??? can anyone advice!!!

    Carlos from Western Australia.

    • DC

      Hi Carlos,

      The Carrera 1887 is only available in two colours: white/ silver and black. There is no blue.

      Having said that, I have never heard of a Dealer selling a fake watch. Is it an Authorised TAG Heuer Dealer?

      TAG Heuer does make some special versions of its watches for particular countries from time to time…if you have a photo that would solve things pretty quickly.


  • Carlos,

    David, thanks for the quick reply…

    no it was not a Tag Certified dealer… more like a second hand shop…. claiming to know about watches. I'll try to get a pic in the next few days….


  • DC

    No problems Carlos,

    If its not from an Authorised Dealer, then you can be confident that a blue Carrera 1887 is not a genuine watch.


  • Philmo

    Version 2 is without doubt the cleanest looking of Carrera designs imho.

    It knocks the 2011 Special Edn off top spot!

  • DC

    Agree Philmo- think that's why I like the new 43mm version…has more of a V1/ V2 look to it.


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  • Sid

    Hi David,

    I hope you're still active here. Do you know where I could find this version of the watch (the one pictured in your article)? I can only seem to find the version with the tachy for sale. Did TH change their mind about the design change or something?


  • David Chalmers

    Hi Sid,

    Yes..I'm still here! You can read the full story here:


  • Sid

    Thanks, David. That has cleared up all the confusion.

    I love version 2 but it's not easy to get hold of now. Most retailers, particularly in the UK, have version 3 in stock. Interestingly, a lot of Japanese retailers seem to have it.

    Great blog, btw. I'm not really a Tag fan but this watch caught my eye and your blog is doing a good job of keeping me interested in the brand.

  • DB10

    Sid, I still see v.2 in London sometimes – often next to v.3 in the same store. Not necessarily the strap/dial combos I would buy, so I guess it's harder to find the black/steel strap and black/silver dials.

  • David Chalmers

    Thanks Sid- appreciated.

    I haven't seen a V2 1887 in shop window for a while now…but I'm sure that they are around…just a matter of time and patience!


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