• http://amateureconblog.blogspot.com/ Speedmaster

    Nice review and pics, love that blued column-wheel!

  • Tin

    As owner of (now) old one, I like it! Nice and clean dial, the case seems the same, pushers are new. I liked the date at 3 o'clock better but wouldn't mind…

  • RT19

    Looks great, and excellent review! Looking forward to seeing exactly what it costs.

  • DC

    Thanks for the comments Gents- yes, the blue column wheel is very cool..gives the watch its own signature.

    Not sure on price yet, but probably a small increase- certainly its hard to see that prices will go down…


  • jcjoble

    Release date?

  • DC

    Release date- should be in the stores soon…not sure on exact date

  • Maciej

    I went to my retailer and they called the TAG rep. Said that due to changes following baselworld, piece will be delayed until January with retail price of $3400. This is information distributed May 21.

  • DC

    Thanks for the update. Not sure if you've seen the other post about the post-Basel changes?


    Is that a USD RRP? Sounds cheaper than we were expecting (think the catalog says USD3900)


  • vintage watches

    Fantastic tag heuer

    This are really extra ordinary web, thanks for sharing it

  • Tony T

    Hi DC and everyone else,

    I bought the Cal 1887 (Ref. CAR2110-0)and it is a fantastic looking watch but I have some reservations about its accuracy. It gains about 1 minute a week and if I don’t ware it for a day it stops after less than 36 hours. I am not sure if this should be so considering its price.

  • DC

    Hi Tony,

    COSC Chronometre standard is +4-6 seconds per day- so 42 seconds per week. The 1887 hasn't been certified, but I don't think you are a long way out…you are just outside COSC.

    Your power reserve though should be closer to 50 hours- so worth getting it checked out….although that assumes it's fully charged when you start calculating how long the charge lasts for.


  • Tony T

    Thanks David for your quick response.

    Next time I will make sure it is fully charged before leaving it idle to see how long it will last.

    Kindest regards


  • http://www.calibre11.com Troy E

    Are the Calibre "CAR2111" available in the Canadian market yet? I have called local Tag dealers and get very little info.



    • DC

      Troy, same as the US- due in March/ April I think


  • John

    Does the 1887 have a screw in crown?

  • DC

    I don't think so John- but I'm not 100% sure

  • Albert

    DC, is it just the way the photo was taken, or do the dashmarks on the dial (representing the numbers) actually come in black or is it chrome with an angled reflection? I think those black markings are great on a white face – but I'm assuming this is a reflection thing.

  • DC

    Yes Albert, just a trick of the light. They're silver.


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