Up Close: Carrera 1887 Carbon Matrix Composite

Posted by: Mark Moss   |   10 February 2013   |   6 Comments  

I’ve always found the use of different case materials to be interesting. It’s one reason why I enjoy the second generation of Carrera so much, as it used such a range of materials.[1]

The majority were steel, of course, but it also came in gold-plate, 18K yellow gold, black PVD (Monza and Modena) and chrome-plate (also Monza). It’s by no means alone in the Heuer range in using a less common case material than steel either. The Titanium series of the 1980s was up front about the material it was made of, putting it right there on the dial:

Heuer Titanium Quartz Chronograph[2]

It’s something TAG Heuer have continued too, particularly under the auspices of LVMH, with the haute horologerie range often featuring precious metals such as platinum and white gold to help soften the cost of what are still effectively more or less prototype movements.

Even us mere mortals have had non-steel case materials available to us, with gold Carreras, rose gold Grand Carreras and a titanium Carrera Day Date, to name a few.


It wouldn’t have been a surprise, then, to see an unusual case material at this January’s show in Geneva, but I don’t know how many people were genuinely expecting carbon.

The Carrera 1887 CMC Concept

Indeed, the carbon watch wasn’t even at the show when it started! To be fair, it might have overshadowed the Jack Heuer 1887 Carrera which many people were there to see.


But it did cause a stir when it arrived. I say “it”, but there were in fact two watches. One went to the wrist of CEO Jean-Christophe Babin, whilst the other went to the team showing attendees all the new arrivals.

TAG Heuer 1887 CMC Chronograph[5]

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