• Johan

    Excellent reports as always, David! I follow your adventures in Switzerland with much interest. Cheers!

  • http://www.beyond.ca rage2

    It'll be interesting to see how TAG manages to protect the movement from magnetic interference, it looks like the accuracy is based on very tight tolerances of the magnets. Maybe the case itself is a Faraday cage?

    Really interesting design!

  • DC

    Thanks Johan- its been a great trip so far…still a couple of watches that I want to grab some photos of..

    Not sure how the magnets are insulated within the case…a faraday cage? Sounds like you know a lot more about this than I do!!


  • Dave

    They give no quantative indication of its performance advantage.

    Since it only replaces the balance-wheel the only advantage can be precision.

    OK, so they are still developing it, but unless they target an improved accuracy (say better than 1s per day as a nice round number) it is just so much mechanical jewelery and not a contribution to mechanical-watch performance. A sort of magnetic tourbillon.

  • DC

    Good question Dave. I'm not sure whether this is about making a better movement, or whether its an exercise in research and showcasing TAG Heuer's skills as an innovator/ watch maker.

    I am meeting Jean Christophe Babin tomorrow, so I will ask him.


  • locke

    i am very curious to learn what is the price of this masterpiece…

    does anyone can help me..?

  • DC

    Hi Locke,

    I don't think that TAG Heuer have even decided whether this will make it to production yet, let alone thought of a price. My guess is that any production version is at least 3-4 years away, as the technology needs to be proved up- just like what happened with the Monaco V4.

    Hopefully if it does make it to production its a little cheaper than the V4!


  • Crazy Larry

    Thanks for the education & enlightenment – GREAT article!

    BTW, perhaps I'm just confused, but don't 36,000 BPH watches (Zenith, etc.) have a 10-sec Hz; i.e., 36,000 beats/hour x (1 hour/3600 sec.) = 10 beats/sec = 10 Hz?

    … just like 28,800 watches (ETA 2824, etc.) have an 8-Hz motion (that increments the seconds hand 8 times per second!)

    Therefore, wouldn't the 43,200 beats/hour on the TAG "Pendulum" result in a 12-Hz rate rather than the 6-Hz mentioned in your article? IMHO, 12 'steps' per second should be imperceptible to the average 'user', but 6 is worse than a 2824 and would certainly be noticeable.

    Intuitively, I feel that TAG's 43,200 should "beat" anything with a lower rate – er, pun intended!

    • DC

      Larry, sorry for the tardy response- I missed this one.

      The 6-Hz figure came from TAG Heuer itself- but you ask a good question…and one that I can't answer!


  • Marco

    How much?

    • DC

      From what I understand, TAG Heuer are a long way from working out whether they can make this work as a production model, so a price is a long way off…


  • george

    where can buy

  • DC

    See the answers in the comments above yours George- no firm date for production (if ever) and no view on price.

    I wouldn't expect to see this on sale for at least a couple of years


  • flávio

    where can I find?

    what is the price?

    • DC

      Nowhere yet Flavio- it's still being developed/ commercialised. I would have thought it's a minimum of 12-24 months away, if it ever makes it to production.


  • Brad

    Is the pendulum a manual wind or is it automatic; and, what is the accuracy stated?

  • SAMI

    What is the cost of this masterpiece?

  • DC

    Sami- see the response from 14 December


  • AK

    DC – wont it need a tourbillon? will it have the accuracy of a tourbillon?

  • DC


    No, a Tourbillon is a different type of movement- one that primarily negates the effect on gravity on the accuracy of the movement. It still has a Mainspring.

    I imagine the number one issue of the Pendulum at the moment is accuracy in a variety of temperatures…so until that gets fixed, no, it won't have the same accuracy.


  • fazl

    hey i gotta tag heuer as gift, grand carrera pendulum, calibre with rubber with steel strap…can anyone help me to know its price n other details…please…

  • DC

    There seem to be quite a few fake Pendulums finding their way onto the market at the moment.

    The Grand Carrera Pendulum has not been released and is still in the testing and R&D phase. If you have a Pendulum on your wrist today I'm afraid that it is a fake- there are no real GC Pendulums on the market.


  • Cuba

    My sister bought me one from dubai… and when i opened the box i was shocked that it was fake !! containing a pendulum and everything but with some slight differences :S !! i can't throw it away cuz it's a gift afterall lol !! keep us updated when it's released i'm holding on my next paycheck to afford it :)

    hasan cuba

  • ankur

    wht is the cost of pendulum watch i want to buy this.

  • DC

    Hi Ankur- see the comments above. Its not in production yet- maybe we'll get an update at Basel next March


  • sam sylvester.A

    Hi i need to know whether the Grand Carrera Calibre 17 series of watch with a pendulum of my friends is original or not…. i'll send u the pictures….but how…

  • DC

    Hi Sam,

    Unless your friend is the CEO of TAG Heuer, then the watch is a fake..no watch with the Pendulum movement has ever been made for sale.


  • Dom

    43,200 beats or vibrations per hour = 6Hz

    Hertz is a measure of frequency, like a sine wave on an oscilloscope. So, it measures oscillations … a complete cycle. In a watch vibrations are measured at the impact point where the balance wheel is not going forward or backward, basically just at the point where it's reversing direction.

    Translation, one cycle of the balance wheel produces two vibrations.

    Sorry if this is a repeat post, but now I have a couple of questions. If the energy for the pendulum comes from magnets and there's no hairspring, does this mean Tag has created a near perpetual operating movement? I understand the comment that temperature has a significant effect on the magnets, but what about other sources magnetism or electrical fields? How do you get it restarted if it should stop for some reason?

  • DC

    Hi Dom,

    Yes, correct on the frequency of the Pendulum. See an update that we wrote late last year where Jean Christophe Babin tells us about developments on the Pendulum:


    I understand that the Pendulum is inside a type of Faraday Cage to block out external electrical fields.


  • shahid khan

    Please let me know the price for this watch,aprox

  • vanessa

    necesito urgente saber el precio de este reloj porfavor

  • vanessa

    quiero saber el precio de este reloj gran carrera pendulum calibre 11

  • nipun

    i got a pendulum watch plzz some help me to konw is this real or not???

    • http://www.calibre11.com David Chalmers

      Hi- definitely a fake. Sorry.

  • chandrashekara

    what is the cost of this watch? in india & will we get it in bangalore of karnataka in india?

  • http://www.calibre11.com Calibre 11

    The watch is only a prototype- a production model has never been made and never will!

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