First Look: TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Pendulum

Posted by: C11   |   18 March 2010   |   37 Comments  

Having bought you the first images of the Pendulum movement, we can now share with you the very first photos of the TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Pendulum and its secret- this watch does not have a hairspring to regulate the movement- instead, it uses magnets.

This explains why TAG Heuer have joined forces with Tesla, because Telsa is not only the name of a car company, but also the name of the units of magnetic force- so a nice tie-in.

The Pendulum concept started about four years ago and is still in concept form- expect it to take a while for the technology to be ready for production, just as was the case with the Monaco V4 movement.

The case is PVD-coated and weighs in at an impressive 47mm- so much for watches getting smaller! The movement of the pendulum looks fantastic and there is a see-through window on the pendulum so that you can see the workings.

One of the key challenges with the design was ensuring the linear response from the regulator- this is relatively simple with a hair spring, but as you’d know when you put two magnets together, the magnetic pull does not increase in a linear fashion, but exponentially.

TAG Heuer have released a brief video to explain more about the movement:


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