Inside the Heuer Autavia Divers- 11630P & 11063P Diver 100

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The Autavia is my favourite vintage Heuer series, in part because of the amazing diversity of the range. The Chronomatic Autavias formed the heart of the Heuer line-up from the time of their introduction in 1969, through to the last days of Heuer in 1984. During this time there were three distinct Autavia generations- 1163, 11630 and 11063.

This article covers two styles of Autavia spread across two generations- 11630 and 11063 Autavia Divers and Autavia GMTs.

Heuer Autavia Divers

The two watches above show two different styles of Diver Autavias- on the left, the Autavia 11630P from 1974 and on the right, the Autavia 11063P Diver 100 from 1982. While both watches are designed with the diving market in mind, they are quite different in execution.


The decompression bezel Autavia originated with the 1163P (P for “Plongeur“, the French word for Diver) model in the early 1970s, which evolved into the larger-case 11630P you see here. The diving Autavia is set apart from other models with its bright orange hands and highlights, and of course the decompression bezel. The watch itself has the same water-resistance as other Autavias- 100 meters.

The 11630P came on the “Grains of Rice” Gay Freres bracelet found on most 1970s Autavia’s.

This particular example is one that I owned a few years ago and can now be found at the official TAG Heuer boutique in Shanghai, where it is part of the collection of vintage Heuer Chronographs on display.

It’s the combination of colours that make the 11630P Autavia one of the nicest Autavia models- bright, vibrant highlights that complement perfectly the black dial and bezel.

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