Hands-on Review: TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrograph

  • Justin Chang

    Informative and pleasing to read as always DC! The in the flesh photos look far better than the teaser photos.

    Despite the justified $50k price tag (no pun intended), I wouldnt be surprised that all 150 timepieces already have a owner name attached to them.

    DC – already in love with the idea of a Monaco Mikrograph! Just have to wait for the technology to trickle down to the stainless cased models over the next few years. Already have a rough sketch of it in my mind of what it could look like…

  • Mark

    Nice review David.

    I like the watch and it definitely deserves the Mikrograph epithet – and quite a brave move, given that that is hardly Heuer’s best-known model. Though there have been references to it in marketing material for years now.

    I’m not quite as convinced about calling it a Carrera – there is that case shape of course, but the Carreras were never really about technological advances, more like distilling the essence of the chronograph. There was the 1/5 bezel of course, and the date wheel on the 45 Dato, both innovations although how technological they are could be argued. Carrera Twin LCD perhaps?

    Even so, I can see why TAG-Heuer would attach it to the Carrera name and there is even precedent from the first generation of Carreras with the Dato 12. I think it will go down well too.

    Do you have a depth measurement, to compare to the 1887? That case does look quite deep in the photos.

    And finally, come clean – how much of the review period did you spend just playing with the 1/100 hand?! I know I would have majored on that in your shoes :)

  • Mike

    Mikrograph is a regular watch integrated with a stop watch. nice idea. what about the earlier calibre 360? I will be surprised if the daily time keeping is based on 360,000vph.

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  • DC

    Yes Mark, I spent most of the time watching that blue hand run around the dial- mesmerizing. I didn't take any measurements, but I reckon its about the same as the Carrera 1887….so quite chunky.

    Mike, the watch runs from the 28,000 bph assortment


  • mykel

    retro great these watches.i want one now!!!!!

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  • William Olson

    Thanks for the update, it started my morning off well! Can't wait to see it in person. TAG did a very nice job on the video as well. Proper for the tech of the watch. Have a great day mate.

  • DC

    Thanks William- yes, I'm hoping to borrow one of these to see what the final production watch is like….actually, I just want to play with the Chronograph..


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