Ultimate Guide to the Heuer Digital Watches

  • Mark

    Great article David.

    I should perhaps point out, though, that the "Twin-Time" name wasn't revived in its entirety for the Carrera and Verona – these watches are in fact just "Twin"s, indicating the two types of simultaneous display. One of the functions is indeed a second time zone display, which gave the earlier (and later) watches the "Twin-Time" name but that's not what is being referred to here.

    <img src="http://www.calibre11.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Twin-Times.jpg&quot; alt="" />

    Also interesting to note is that the movement is different between the Carrera and Verona – the Carrera does not have the alarm function of the Verona.

    And even rarer than the rare 16061 is the equally Casio-styled 980.010, with perpetual date and second time zone (again). It's a shame neither watch crops up very often – I presume they were sold in relatively tiny numbers, but both are of interest.

  • DC

    Thanks Mark,

    Interesting that the movements are different- I guess its an ESA 900.2XX.

    I'm with you on that "Casio Heuer"- I would love to have shown it, but I've never seen a real photo of one- as you say, numbers would have been small.

    The hunt continues….


  • dhanendra goyal

    nice watches… i am interested to buy

  • Eric Ciquera

    I Love Tag Heuer.

  • Nick T

    Back in 1976, I was given a Heuer LCD watch in England – one of the first to arrive in the country. It was sent back four times to be fixed in the first year. I was at sea in those days and so it took a while to come ashore to send it back to Heuer.

    Anyway, after it was sent back a fifth time for repair, Heuer called me and suggested that they upgrade it to their latest model. Sounds good – until they asked for another 150 UK Pounds.

    So I now have a mint condition Heuer Kentucky LCD Calibre 105 watch in my possession that has run for about three weeks in total.

    Do you think that it's a collecters item, and that I could now get my money back? (Something that Heuer refused to do)

    Incidentally, I replaced it with a "cheap" Timex that took a lickin' and kept tickin' with good accuracy for over 10 years.

  • DC

    Hi Nick,

    Sorry to hear that it was such an unreliable watch…as you would have read, you're not on your own in terms of having problems with these! Yes, there is a niche of collectors who really like the LCD Heuers, especially one that has been well looked after (box? papers?).


  • Michael

    I have a Carrera Twin-Time that I am looking to sell. No box, no papers but in very nice condition. What would be a fair price to expect?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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