Heuer Silverstone Photos

Posted by: C11   |   15 November 2009   |   One Comment  

Following the post last week about the upcoming Heuer Silverstone re-edition, I’ve had several e-mails asking what the new model will look like. The simplest answer is it will look very, very similar to  the Vintage Silverstone models.

And this is no bad thing, because the Heuer Silverstone is one of the most distinctive Heuer models- there’s not much else around from the other watch houses that looks like the Silverstone, a pure slice of 1970s design.

So rather than a detailed review of the Heuer Silverstone, below are a few photos of the Blue and Fume Silverstones to hold you over until the re-editions arrive. Its the Blue Silverstone that seems to be the most prized amongst collectors, but the Fume (or Smoke) Silverstone that has the most distinctive dial- a fabulous metallic star-burst finish that changes appearance depending on the ligh,  a quality difficult to capture in photos.

More photos of the Silverstone pair after the jump.


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  • http://www.timebooth.com Ann

    Thank you for the good post! This vintage watch looks really very stylish. Hope that the new one will reseble it.