Heuer and TAG Heuer Silverstone Compared

Posted by: C11   |   19 March 2010   |   12 Comments  

Baselworld was the first chance that I had to put together the new TAG Heuer Silverstone re-edition and a vintage Heuer Silverstone to compare the similarities.

Obviously, the two are very similar, with the only differences being:

  • New Silverstone (above right) slightly larger diameter than vintage (left), as well as having a thicker case
  • The vintage blue Silverstone has a metallic inner bezel, where the new model’s bezel has the same finish as the dial
  • The word “Swiss” has moved from the top of the date window to sitting either side of the date window
  • The sub-dials of the new Silverstone has more hash marks than the vintage version

And that’s it- apart from that, they are identical..and the differences mentioned above are pretty small in the scheme of things.

It was also the first chance that I had to see the brown Silverstone in person- and I wish that I’d bought along a vintage Smoke Silverstone to compare, because the differences are greater here- the new one is more metallic brown than the vintage, which is bronze/ green.

I also asked whether there would be a red Silverstone- the answer was “not yet”, which I took to mean that if the current re-edition was a huge success, TAG Heuer might look at releasing a red version- but it seems as though nothing is planned, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

More photos below.

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