Live Photos: Carrera 1887 Blue Dial 41mm

Posted by: Mark Moss   |   25 January 2013   |   12 Comments  

For decades (TAG) Heuer, and pretty much every other watch house out there, offered a rather monochromatic range of dials. In the early years, enamel white reigned supreme, but was followed by the hegemony of black, silver/grey and white. And for good reason, these are colours (or, more specifically, tones) that aren’t subject to whims and the vagaries of fashion

Every now and again, when we were lucky, a copper, champagne or cream dial came along to break the mould a little, but the tones still ruled the roost. And then came the (swinging or otherwise) sixties and even more so the seventies and we start to see colours coming along too.

We had browns:

Heuer Carrera[1]

Heuer Daytona[2]

And even a red or two:Heuer Silverstone[3]

Heuer Temporada[4]

But the widest impact and the one colour that really stuck was blue. The first Skipper kicked off with a liberal range of colours:


The Monaco is of course well-known for being blue:

Monaco 1133B[6]

But there were also blue Carreras, Montreals, Silverstones, Daytonas… the list goes on. Not really less serious than the blacks and silvers but able to give more variety, blue caught on and became something of a mainstay of the range.

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