TAG Heuer Monaco 2001 Limited Edition

Posted by: David Chalmers   |   1 August 2009   |   18 Comments  

TAG Heuer have released several limited edition Monaco models, including the re-edition variants detailed in a previous post. You have probably also seen the three Gulf/ Vintage limited editions which TAG have released over the last couple of years. But have you ever seen one of these?

This is a very rare limited edition of 200 watches issued by the famous French watch boutique Ferret in the Cote d’Azur. The watch is essentially a Silver-dial version of the second TAG Heuer Monaco re-edition (Ref. CS2111) and has the reference CS2113, as you can see below.

IMAG1520_zps2a472149It’s hard to see from the photo, but the watch has “2001” in red numerals just under the Heuer logo. TAG did release a silver dial Monaco model ref. CW2112, but that had “TAG Heuer” on the dial- this is the only Silver Monaco that has just “Heuer” on the dial.




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