150th Anniversary Red Silverstone

Posted by: C11   |   18 July 2010   |   5 Comments  

As we posted back in April, The Haslinger collection of vintage Heuer watches will be auctioned by Bonhams in London in December. As part of this auction, TAG Heuer have created a very special version of the Silverstone re-edition- a one-off Red Silverstone that carries Jack Heuer’s signature on the dial.

While the studio photos have been out for a while, thanks to Paul Maudsley of Bonhams, we are able to bring you the first photos of the Silverstone out in the wild (taken in its natural home of Goodwood no less).

What is striking about the watch is the dial- while the original Red Silverstone was a deep, flat burgundy colour, the 150th anniversary version has a brilliant metallic finish, while preserving the depth of colour of the original.

You can see a comparison of the new Silverstone to the original Heuer Silverstone after the break. Like the Blue and Brown Silverstone re-editions, TAG Heuer have done a great job of replicating the original style and dimensions.

This Silverstone will be auctioned on 15 December, with Bonhams estimating that it could fetch £6,000-8,000. A healthy premium over the other re-edition models, but when you consider that this is a Limited Edition of 1 and the only Heuer or TAG Heuer watch to ever carry Jack Heuer’s signature on the dial, it will make a fantastic Christmas present for someone.

Photos: Paul Maudsley

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  • wynonie

    This is a great looking watch but I wonder if they've chosen the right one for this limited edition of one. From what I can see the Silverstone re-edition is not selling and clearly prices are dropping. I think its a great shame as it is a beautiful weatch, but without the history of the Monaco and the slight updates that model has been through, it is very much a period piece. All that said of course, I would love this watch in my collection (along with the Grey Monaco, the 24 and the 300 SLR)!

  • DC

    Interesting point you raise about the Silverstone's popularity- I haven't heard any feedback on sales, either positive or negative. Having said that, its a tough time in the watch business, so I wouldn't be surprised to see soft prices.

    Either way it does look great and completes the Silverstone re-issue- there were three colours originally and now we have three re-issue colours, but with the red being unique


  • DB10

    Can only comment on London, but I'm still seeing these on display in AD's. Having said that, for a one-off I would think Bonham's are underestimating this one's value.

  • www.heuerchronograph

    The looks amazing in metal. We were showing it at the Goodwood festival of speed and had a lot of interest. Also in the past the Silverstone was the successor of the Monaco, hence it seems like a good fit. The original Silverstone was only in the sale brochures for less than three years and we could estimate production less than 2000 pieces.



  • DC

    Thanks Arno, Hope that I get to see this one before its auctioned off- its a great addition to your auction to have something as special as this to sell.