Hands on Review- TAG Heuer Carrera CH1887 Rose Gold

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While the Carrera 1887 has been one of TAG Heuer’s most popular watches since its introduction in 2010, the number of choices in the range has been somewhat constrained (“would Sir prefer a black or white dial?”), largely due to the limited availability of the CH1887. Now that movement production has expanded, we are starting to see more Carreras with the 1887 movement including this one- the TAG Heuer Carrera CH1887 Rose Gold (Ref. CAR2141).

The new Carrera 1887 is available in a choice of two dials- Silver and Anthracite, the latter being the colour that you see here. Anthracite is an interesting colour- a Gunmetal Grey that has both blue and green undertones. Compare the photos above and below and you can appreciate the variety in colours that you get from this dial depending on the light. As we’ll come to later, TAG Heuer seem to have decided that Anthracite is the colour for 2012, with Anthracite dials offered on several 2012 watches.

The Carrera 1887 is one of my favourite watches in the current TAG Heuer range and given that I also have a soft-spot for Rose Gold, I was excited to get my hands on one of the pre- production watches to see how the new version stacked up against its Steel brother.


To start with the obvious, the case of the Carrera is “18k 5N” Rose Gold. Given that 24k Gold is “pure” Gold, “18K 5N” tells you that Rose Gold is an alloy that consists of 75% Gold (18 divided by 24). The “5N” refers to the amount of Copper used in the other 25%- 5N typically means 22.25% Copper and 2.75% Silver. The more Copper, the deeper the Red, so a Red Gold case is typically 18K 6N and consists of 25% Copper and no Silver.

Whatever the Metallurgy, it’s a stunning colour that works beautifully on the elegant Carrera case.

In fact, the Carrera in Steel has become so ubiquitous that it’s easy to overlook what a perfect design the case is, especially those beautifully shaped horns.

The 41mm case, crown, bezel and pushers are all 18K 5N Gold, and each has the same polished finish.


As mentioned at the start of the article, the colour of the dial is hard to define, but it’s what you might call Slate Grey or Gunmetal Grey. The dial has a starburst finish, which you can clearly see in the photo above.

Consistent with the case, the applied hour indexes and hands are also Rose Gold, with the same colour used for the TAG Heuer logo and Carrera lettering.

The Sub-dials are slightly recessed and finished in a flat Grey colour that provides a little contrast to the finish of the rest of the dial.

Whether you like the colour of the dial is purely a matter of personal taste. I like Anthracite, but whether it works well in combination with Rose Gold is another question.

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