Ultimate Guide to the TAG Heuer 1000 Professional

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Sometimes watch companies must wonder what the secret is to a developing a successful new model. Watches that are lovingly developed by the world’s most powerful luxury goods company and backed by history and large marketing budgets can sometimes fail to catch fire (such as the Autavia), yet others that are developed as side projects can turn into hugely popular models that enjoy success over more than a decade. The watch that has become known as the TAG Heuer 1000 Professional series is a great example of the latter.

IMG_4424Having gone through the 1970s naming its watches after wonderfully evocative race tracks and cities, Heuer seemed to give up as the 1980s came around, simply using reference numbers in the place of model names. So the Heuer 1000 never really had a name for the first 5 years of its life and was instead known by its reference numbers- 844 and 980. It wasn’t until 1985 that the watch was given a proper name- The 1000.

The 1000 was a watch that Heuer didn’t initially believe in enough to invest in tooling up for production itself, instead outsourcing the production to a French company in 1979. Heuer had produced diver watches before with the Autavia, but this was something different- a low cost diver model with the option of a quartz movement.

By the  time the TAG Heuer 1000 Professional was finally retired in 1992/3, it had not only proved to be one of the most successful TAG Heuer watches, but had created a design template the survives today through the latest TAG Heuer Aquaracer.

The Early Days: Made in France- Ref. 844

Jarl Fr. Rehn-Erichsen’s website Classic Heuers has some great photos of the first generation Heuer 1000- the Heuer 844. This model was designed and manufactured by the French company G. Monnin and featured a Felsa movement, available in both automatic and quartz. These 844 Heuers are some of the few Heuer models that don’t carry the “made in Switzerland” script due to their French origins.

Already evident on the 844  are the design features that would last for more than a decade: The triangle marker at 12 o’clock, the circle hour-markers, the black diving bezel and the elevated guards around the crown.

I’ve struggled to find out much about the “G. Monnin” company that made these early watches. Was it Gaston Monnin, the French watchmaker from Charquemont in the French alps and near the Swiss border? Certainly I’d like to find out more about M. Monnin, who was also Mayor of Charquemont in the late 1960s and early 1970s- it sounds like there is a story there to be told.

Jarl’s website has more photos of his early 844 Heuer/ Monnin Diver here

The Heuer 980.xxx: Made in Switzerland

When the 844 series proved itself to be a success, Heuer began to switch production of the watch back to Switzerland and replaced the Fesla movements with ETA movements. However, the watch still didn’t really have a name- gone was the 844 serial number and in its place were new model numbers- typically 980.xxx depending on the variant.

At the same time the look of the watch was changed slightly- gone are the 24-hour red numerals and there is the first sign of the “Mercedes Hands” that Heuer and TAG Heuer would soon use on all of their diver watches.

The photo on the right shows a photo from the 1981 Heuer Catalog- I believe that the Orange-faced model is a transitional model still with some French parts (note the 844-style hands and the lack of “Swiss made” on the dial”.

Heuer also replaced “Professionel” with the English spelling “Professional”. TAG Heuer would later use the Professional label to generally indicate that a watch was quartz-powered, but initially “Professional” is found on both automatic and quartz watches. Why it was ever spelled “Professionel” rather than the correct French “Professionnel” is a mystery to me- maybe a French reader can clear that up.

My favourtite watch from this era is the 980.032 which had luminescent material covering the entire dial. These are fantastic watches that can be found for around USD500 today without too much trouble. This “glow watch” came with both an orange and yellow dial- its probably the orange that is the rarer variety.


There were a huge range of variation of the Heuer 980 series- it came in three sizes (Mens, Boys and Ladies), various case materials (PVD, Stainless Steel and Gold-plate) and various movements (quartz, Automatic and a quartz analogue-digital combination).

TAG Heuer 1000

By the time that TAG bought Heuer in 1984/ 5, the diver watch finally had a name- the 1000 series. The very last of the watches produced by Heuer have “1000″ on the dial as well as the “Heuer” only logo.

Initially not much changed with the TAG Heuer 1000 Professional- it was essentially the same watch as the Heuer 980 series, but with TAG Heuer on the dial. However, the late 1980s love of two-tone Gold and stainless steel soon infected the 1000 series, with all sorts of colour combination’s offered- some of the “highlights” of this dubious era are shown below:


Quite why you would want a gold divers watch is beyond me, but TAG Heuer wasn’t alone in producing the two-tone models, and Rolex and others including TAG Heuer still do today.

The 1500 Series

While  the 1000 series disappeared from the TAG Heuer catalogue in 1992/ 3, in reality it survived as the 1500 series (presumably named because it was 50% better than the 1000). Some of the 1500 series models were almost identical to the earlier 1000 series (for example, the blue faced watch below, which has lost the 1000 series circles hour-markers), while others started to develop a distinct look, abandoning the black diving bezel in favour of silver, to bring the watch into line with the other TAG Heuer watches of the day- the 2000, 4000 and 6000 series.

M. Monnin could never have imagined that his low-cost 1979 design sold to Heuer would be so enduring that it would influence the watch worn by an American President when he collected his Nobel Peace Prize 30 years later.

Influence TodayTAGWAN2110

President Obama’s love of his TAG Heuer 1500 is not the only on-going influence of that original Heuer 844.

On the right is the 2009/ 10 TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300 Calibre 5, which has several clear links with the 1000 series- the black bezel is back,  as are the circular hour markers. The watch still has the crown guard and has a very similar overall case design to the original Heuer 844.

Many people have a special love for the TAG Heuer 1000 as it was an affordable way of getting into the world of quality Swiss watches- for many, it was their first “proper” watch and offers great value for money.

And today its still affordable, with prices ranging from $300-700 for a second-hand Heuer/ TAG Heuer 1000 Professional. These are pretty tough watches that generally can take a fair beating and still look good- its really only the bezel condition that gives away what sort of life a watch has led. Sadly, these are also very difficult to replace with correct TAG Heuer parts, although there are several aftermarket options available.

The TAG Heuer 1000 still offers a lot of watch for your money and make a great choice as a Heuer/ TAG Heuer to wear as a daily wearer where you won’t be continually worried about scratches or scrapes. Just steer clear of the two-tone gold!


This article was originally posted in December 2009. In March 2010 I had the chance to ask Jack Heuer some questions about the Heuer/ TAG Heuer diver watches, which you can read here. You’ll note that Jack says that the first watches were not out-sourced and that it was a design- both case and dial- by Heuer.




2) Classic Heuers: http://classicheuers.blogspot.com/2009/01/heuer-844-french-made-diver.html

3, 5 and 6) Heuer catalog: OnTheDash

6) Bernard Watch

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  • James said:

    True to your word, excellent article and you've cheered me up no end, thanks a lot for the write-up and a great source of information.

    Have a great festive period, all the best, James.

  • Paul Gavin said:

    Hi David – Superb article that echoes my feelings perfectly towards this model. Only yesterday I photographed my collection of Heuer 1000 Divers (7 in Total and just posted on the OTD forum) and bought my first TAG Heuer 1000 off ebay for the exact reasons you put forward in your article – an affordable, classic diver thats both rugged and very functional plus loads of fun in what can become the very serious world of Heuer.

    Best regards Paul

  • Admin (author) said:

    Thanks James- took me a while to get there, but I hadn't forgotten. Hope you enjoy the break as well- I'll be putting up one of those cheesy "End of Year" wrap-ups that newspapers are so fond of in the next week…and then be back in the new year.


  • Admin (author) said:

    Thanks Paul- wow, you have a great collection of these- I've taken your photo from the OTD post to show your watches.

    <img src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4112/4985162980_2af3f1d755.jpg&quot; alt="" />

    Its always the watch that I put on whenever there is a risk of it getting knocked around- and it still looks great.

    eBay does seem to be a good place to find these- less risk of fakes of the early models (not worth their time!) and because they're priced so reasonably, you can afford to take a bit more of a risk with sellers.



  • Olek said:

    "… it was their first “proper” watch and offers great value for money. …"

    Exactly the same with me. I bought the 1500 with the blue dial 10 years ago because for the first time in my life I wanted something better than a Seiko.

    Now I am equipped with a Porsche Design Orfina, a Breitling Blackbird and finally a Heuer Daytona. So back with Heuer again.

    Unfortunately the 1500 is gone. Like most of the first loves in live …



  • Jarl Rehn-Erichsen said:

    Great post! I love these fullsize Heuer diver watches. One of my faorite Heuer is my 980.007 the orange fullsize diver.


  • Admin (author) said:

    Olek, I still have my first proper watch- a quartz TAG Heuer 4000. I don't wear it that much, but I couldn't sell it. Good to see you back with the Heuers and the Daytona.

    Thanks Jarl- the Orange does seem to be a lot harder to find that the yellow- I don't think there was ever an orange TAG version, so maybe that's why. Nice watch


  • Paul Gavin said:

    Hi David – came across this old post on the OTD forum with claims that the original French made diver with 12 to 24 was a military issue. Also further on is a picture of one with strange dial marking T Swiss Made T. I have never seen that before. May be of interest. regards Paul http://www.chronocentric.com/forums/heuer/index.c

  • Admin (author) said:

    Hi Paul- I'm not sure on that one. Yes, I've heard that there is a military connection with the original one, but this watch here:

    <img src="http://farm1.static.flickr.com/128/379010913_e7deaca002.jpg&quot; alt="" />

    doesn't look right to me. I've never seen any TAG Heuer with the white outlines surrounding the circular lume markers- and the red 24 hour numerals are in a very different position to the original 844 Monnin Heuer.

    Interested in your view, but I tend to think its a re-dial.


  • Mark Sewall said:

    I have a Professional 1000 & it hasn't lost a second of time since I bought it sometime in the mid-late 80's (980 013N). However the battery is depleted & I can't find anyone that will fix it. Any suggestions? TAG service in NJ sent it back without service.

  • DC (author) said:

    Hi Mark,

    Your best bet will be a local watch maker. These ETA movements are fairly generic and so you have two options- Either you may be lucky and t-it can be repaired or worst case you can buy a new ETA movement and swap it in.

    People will often tell you that you can't repair quartz movements, but I've had success…where there is a will there is a way!


  • DC (author) said:

    Hi Montana,

    Nice article that you have written- I like the 1000 on the "Bond" NATO strap. The TAG Heuer 1000 really is one of the great TAG models of the last 35 years.


  • Greg said:

    David – Great article! By chance would know of a TAG qualified Jeweler that specializes in restoration of older TAG's? I have a 980.029B that I am quite attached, I would love to have it professionally refurbished. The watch is in very good condition but the bracelet shows signs of wear. We are located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, but I would not mind shipping it out if the Jeweler has the qualifications. Thanks again for the enjoyable reading.

  • DC (author) said:

    Thanks Greg. Not sure about TAG-qualified, but try Jack at IWW- http://www.industrialwatchworks.com/

    I've not had Jack re-finish any watches for me, but plenty have and seem very happy with the work.

    Let us know how it goes and good luck.


  • Steve Smith said:

    Hi David, do know which felsa movement was used by G. Monnin in the french made watches, if so do you know of any equivalent movements I can get parts from? Thanks much, Steve.

  • Steve Smith said:

    Thanks so much, got on I need to fix!

  • Destiny said:

    Hi I have finally found the watch that was stolen on here because I didnt have a clear photo of it anywhere. the TAG hue all gold with a black face, how much do you think that is today?

  • DC (author) said:

    Hi- think that eBay will be your best bet to find one of the Gold divers. Price? Depending on condition, I'd say $400-700


  • Joseph Wexler said:

    Found your article while researching my next watch. I Have a 20+ year old Tag 1000 Professional 980 020B. Last year I had to have a new movement put in – sent it to a shop in California I found on the Internet – perfect. Now if I can find a replacement band I might just pass on the 'upgrade' from this my first Swiss watch. Any sources for bands of alternating Gold / Steel links?

  • DC (author) said:

    Joseph, again I would try eBay for the bracelet- I know the one that you're looking for, and I have seen a couple over the last few months being sold.

    Your other option is to ask TAG Heuer direct, although probability isn't that high.


  • Greg said:

    David – Jack @ IWW was responsive, helpful, very honest, but relayed that bracelet restoration of my 980.029B is not possible. I have his contact info in my address books, worth keeping him on file! I will keep looking, I have several inquiries out for replacement. On another note, by chance would you know of a source that may have extra bracelet links for a Ladies SS 1000? The case number is 980.018N, I have been surfing Ebay 9for both items) but nothing yet. Truly enjoy your pages! Thanks again.

  • Rod said:

    What a great article. The 1000 (980.013B), identical to the first picture, was my first Tag and was a daily wearer (and diver) during 13 years of solid performance, but then sold it because I wanted a bigger dial. In hindsight, big mistake. After a few years of having parted with it, I purchased one again (980.013B). I have to say it is one of my favorites; even my Aquaracer Calibre 5, same as picture at the end of the write-up, which I enjoy thoroughly doesn't evoke the same sentiment. Perhaps there is a TAD of nostalgia involved…

  • DC (author) said:

    Thanks Rod- yes, there is a lot of nostalgia with the TAG Heuer 1000, but even without that its a great looking watch at- for the moment- reasonable prices.


  • Jeffrey D Smith said:

    Loved the site and the info on my beloved 1000 professional…I have had it since 1985 NEVER had it repaired, refurbished, regasketted, anything it runs perfectly, better than a new Tag I bought 5 years ago, 3x repaired!

    Last year the BLUE bezel came off my blue faced Tag 1000 ….I sent it to TAG in NJ and alas, no surprise, no more parts available …WHERE do I go to find a bezel for my old Tag ! I want to get it restored and repaired!!! HELP!

    Thank you!


  • Rod said:

    Along the same lines of Jeffrey's post, what are the details of the original movement and where could I get one (or a direct replacement)? In case I ever need to replace the original…I have the 980.013B.

  • DC (author) said:

    There were a couple of versions of the 980.013- There was a 980.013, a 980.013N and a 980.013B. I think that the different letter indicates a different movement- the movement in the “N” was an ETA 955.112, whereas earlier versions of 1000 Diver had ESA movements.

    The “B” is from around 1990, but I’m not 100% sure what movement that had, but it may be the 955.114, which is the same movement as the .112 but assembled in Asia (from Swiss parts) with lower accuracy requirements. Best to take off your caseback and take a look- please let me know which one it is, as it would be helpful for others I’m sure.

    Both movements are available here: http://www.smithsupplyhouse.com/eta.html

    Bezel inserts are harder Jeffrey. You could send the watch back to TH in Switzerland, where I’m sure they carry more parts than in the US. Note that they won’t just send you a bezel- you have to send them t he watch. Perhaps trying to ask TH US to try and order the part from Switzerland.

    If you have no luck there, its really eBay or buying a replica insert (also on eBay)



  • Rod said:


    I took the caseback off: 955.114 from 1.91. It is in mint condition: no sign of corrosion or even dullness. If it did not have the date stamped I would have no means to argue the movement is 7 months shy of 2 decades…Overall, the watch is ultra clean. At the moment I'm sourcing the bracelet pins to replace all those which are removable (I took 1 out to adjust the buckle position and just broke at the u-bend once I extracted it.

    I will send it in for a full service shortly, and will get a new bracelet. Any ideas where I can buy an original one?

  • DC (author) said:

    Thanks for the update Rod and helpful to know.

    These Jubilee bracelets can be hard to find in good condition…they tend to stretch quite a lot over the years. I have seen a few on eBay, so I think that is your best bet.



  • Rod said:


    Any other bracelets you could recommend?

  • Rufdog said:

    Re: Who was G. Monnin… I've been digging around, and this company look like it may have been the 'Monnin' in question: http://www.monnin.ch/

    I have emailed them for confirmation.

  • Rufdog said:

    Well, I've not heard back from them (monnin.ch), and the company is based in Switzerland, not France. Maybe I was barking up the wrong tree?

  • DC (author) said:

    Not sure, although I like the image of a dog barking up the wrong tree! many of these French watchmakers were based right on the Swiss border, so its certainly possible that this is the right company.

    Keep us up to date with what you find!

  • Stuart said:

    What a great article. Have been looking for info. on this model for ages. Obviously I haven't been looking hard enough.

    Just thought I'd share with you My Heuer 1000 series which I purchased about 22 years ago (not sure on the price) and was priced up incorrectly so I got it for a song. I Had been gazing through the window of the Jewellers for weeks before I saw it and thought it was perfect in shape, size and design (although a little underpriced:).

    Anyway it is all stainless with stainless bezel and yellow face and hadn't seen another like it until I saw the picture above from Paul Gavin (great collection) mine is identical to the one far left.

    Unfortunately the movement was changed after I left the crown unscrewed and went swimming, the face is slightly mottled apart from that, in good condition.

    Here are the numbers. On the back 989.113L in the caseback Brevet 503305

    MRP SA Switzerland. Heuer-Leonidas SA 1272.018 7100 W20.

    On the movement is Heuer 4.85.

    Wonder if you can make head or tail of this, not sure what the original movement was. Great to get it back after a service



  • stebal4 said:

    My Heuer 1000 Professional (980.013 L), works fine until I put it on my wrist and it then stops ticking or even starts ticking backwards. Had it serviced and looked at several times, each time the same problem. Have recently been told it will cost about £6-700 to repair, but I guess it is worth it.

  • DC (author) said:

    Thanks Stuart- that's what I love about these watches: they're really tough and give great service. I wear my 1000m Diver the most out of any of my watches and always on holiday, etc-never lets me down.

    Take a look at this link here:


    Same as your watch, but a later TAG Heuer model. Yours, being a Heuer, should be an ESA movement- can you see the ESA logo anywhere?


  • Stuart said:

    Hi DC

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I can't see an ESA logo anywhere just the Heuer 4.85 (worryingly i could just make out 1 jewel unadjusted. assy. Hong Kong on the battery tag) but the movement was changed after I got water in it:( by a TAG Agent.

    The watch in the link is as you said the same albeit with TAG Heuer on the face, the jubilee strap is the same as mine with the TAG Heuer logo


  • laurent said:

    great article.very nice to know more about that great watch that is the 1000 . i bought one from a friend who didnt like the red face in 1990.number 980-913n.it is in almost perfect condition,just need a good clean.every time i wear it i get compliment.


  • DC (author) said:

    Stuart, some of these movements were assembled in Asia, so that could make sense.

    Thanks Laurent- the red one is the rarest of the TAG 1000s…enjoy!


  • Brian McQuillian said:

    What a great article . . .

    I currently have 3 Tag Heuer watches; a limited edition Grand Cayman Aquaracer, a F1 Chronograph, and my 20 year old 1500 with the granite face (identical to the one shown in your article in the lower left corner picture under "1500 Quartz."

    The 1500 is in beautiful shape for a watch of its age and I just had the crystal replaced. I am curious as to what options I have in replacing the bezel. I am concerned that the cost might be drastic, as well as the concern of sending it back to Tag Heuer and not seeing it for months.

    Are there any after market options that are available? I appreciate your time. Thanks.

  • Brian McQuillian said:

    Sorry, the model number of my 1500 is 959.706G . . .

    Thanks again . . .

  • DC (author) said:

    Thanks Brian.

    These bezels sometimes show up on eBay- all original as I haven't seen any replica bezels for these. Personally, I'd send he watch to TAG to get the proper bezel it deserves..especially as you've got a few great watches to wear while you wait.



  • Brian McQuillian said:

    Well, I spoke too soon as my "dot" at 12 fell out of my Tag 1500. Anyone have any of those laying around? Ha !!!

  • Hubert Taczanowski said:


    Heuer 1000 981.015 PVD Military Olive Any one knows any thing about it??


  • Guy Barron said:

    Hi, I have a 200 professional bought in about 1987. I foolishly left the battery in it after it went flat and it leaked slightly but corroded the movement. Can you tell where can I price a new quartz movement? Thanks, Guy

  • DC (author) said:


    Do you have the number of the movement? Maybe an 955.112?

    If so, try here:



  • Guy Barron said:

    Thanks David, that is a lot less than the £175+ I was quoted. Presumably the quality is as good but the part not a real TAG part which would devalue the watch?

  • DC (author) said:


    Yes the quality will be the same. Will it devalue the watch? Depends whether the original movement in your watch has any TAG Heuer markings (which a standard replacement won't have). But even if it wasn't an exact match, I wouldn't expect a significant decrease in value.

    Remember than the GBP175 will probably include the cost of fitting the new movement, so you'll have to add that to the cost of the module.



  • Guy Barron said:

    Thank you David,

    My movement has the tag markings but the watch is of sentimental value to me rather than an investment; so a new unmarked movement would be fine.

    Just have to price putting it in!

    Again, thanks for your advice.

    Cheers Guy

  • edward said:

    loved your article, i have a heuer 980.006 since high school, can you suggest any means in geeting a replacement original dial heuer dial, the watch is timeless great watch, even though it does not get enough wrist time, And do not trust it to dive with anymore due to the seals,

  • DC (author) said:

    Thanks Edward. Have to say that I've never seen a replacement dial for sale- your best bet might be to buy an eBay special with a beaten up case?

    You're spot-on regarding the seals. Don't think that I would dive with a new watch, let alone one that was getting towards 30 years old…crazy.


  • Julie said:

    I have a old 1500 proffesional blue dial 200 water resistant ladies my dad give me four year ago he had bought of some one works perfectly has some scratching on back has quartz on back I want to know if its a genuine Tag Heuer number on back says 88666 any one got any info please e mail me

  • Ben said:

    I also have a 1500 professional that says 88666 on the back, was wondering if anyone knows the authenticity of these models?

  • DC (author) said:

    Hi Ben,

    Email me a photo (info@calibre11.com) and I'll take a look.


  • Rachel Doyle said:

    I have a question my husband father passed away a few years back. When he did my husbands step mother gave him his fathers watch witch looks like the one in the very first pic can anyone tell us about it. thanks you

  • 22 said:

    How much will a new 1500 professional all steel cost?

  • DC (author) said:

    HI 22- no such thing as a new 1500-series…Model was discontinued long ago. I guess an Aquaracer is the closest model to the old 1500.


  • Vintage Zodiac Diver like Heuer 1000 Diver ? said:

    [...] Quartz dive watch with full lume dial. It looked very similar, to this vintage Heuer Quartz Diver: TAG Heuer 1000 Professional | Calibre 11 Even the bracelet looked like the Heuer bracelet. The owner told me, he bought it about 20 years [...]

  • Ivan said:


    need help,

    Does anyone know where I may be able to source a original,unsigned, screw down crown for heuer 844/3 6182W20?

    Thank you


  • Ron Foster said:

    Good evening,

    I have a Heur with an orange face, blue hands which from the article above are described as "mercedes". The spelling is professionel on it. The dial is missing and I have had it for about 19 years. I got it from a friend. I have been searching all over the internet to see if I could possibly restore it or if it was even worth doing so cost wise. Can anyone help?

    I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance,


  • chris said:

    I've got a grey heuer 980 midsize in the pewter grey. It's in new showroom condition. Never worn. has brochure that came with it. Looking to sell. Any takers?

  • bob cavendish said:

    Hi,I have a Tag Pro 1000 200m,which is a 980 006L.It keeps stopping,also quick date set does not work and has wrong crown and tube fitted.Is it worth repairing or should I look for a new movement(which model)and is correct crown available .Thanks Bob.

  • DC (author) said:

    Hi Ron- not sure which model you have (the blue hands don't sound familiar)- please send me a photo if you have one (info@calibre11.com)

    Bob, think your watch has a ETA 964.114 movement (see here: http://www.onthedash.com/docs/DiveWatchRefTable.h….

    Your local watchmaker should be able to source and fit a replacement movement- maybe ~USD200 in total?


  • David said:

    I purchased my 1500 in Switzerland on a school trip with my daughter (I was a teacher)and cherish it. It still works beautifully and looks great. At the time the most expensive gift that I had ever purchased for myself. Memories and a great watch!!!

  • DC (author) said:

    Hi David,

    Nice story- Buying a watch for a special occasion or on holiday is always a great way of taking the memories with you.


  • Claus said:

    Hi i have a TAG Heuer,2000-Now,Model:WD 1223-G-20,with 18K-Gold Plated,200 m,blue color very rare…I bought my father ….. when he reached the age of 56 years … but because of problems with the money we have to sell it ….. if anyone is interested can write me below.

  • DC (author) said:

    Thanks Claus- that is a 1500 Series from the 1990s.



  • scott white said:

    looking at black face T-H pro 1000. will an original crown have a TH logo on the top? the one i am looking at does not. thanks for great article.

  • DC (author) said:

    Hi Scott,

    No, not all of the 1000 had the TAG Heuer logo- especially the early versions.


  • Martyn Baker said:

    Hi All,

    Really like these classic looking 1000's and want one myself but was thinking it would look good on a Nato strap maybe bond style for a everyday wearer.

    Does anybody have any Pic's of this watch on a Nato and would I be right in saying a 20mm would be correct size??


    Hi~ I have a Tag Heuer Ladies dive watch 1000 Professional series w/ a Black and gold watch band. Since I did alot of diving can the band be replated w/ black? Or should I just get another watch band and where????? Joan

  • DC (author) said:

    Joan, very tough to re-do these two-tone bracelets, because to reapply the PVD properly, you'd have to take the whole bracelet apart. I think you'll find it a frustrating and expensive exercise.

    Keep an eye on eBay- these sometimes come up- here are some links for sale:


    Another option is to track down a solid black bracelet.

    Sorry- no easy answer


  • Rod said:

    Hi, David,

    I went to the local AD and left my 1000 for service (980.013B/ETA 955.114). Got a call today and they tell me TAG confirmed not having parts for it any longer (seals and crown); not sure if this is true or not, however, it is unfortunate. Any ideas where I can source these?

    Thanks in advance,


  • DC (author) said:


    No easy answer- but most watchmakers should be able to help you with seals and- at worst- a generic crown.


  • john h said:

    I have worn my TAG 1000 Professional every day since I got it in 1989. Its got its dings and scratches, but every time I shine it up it (toothpaste and brush) reminds me that there's nothing like real quality when it comes to a watch. It will be that special thing I'll leave to my son when I'm gone.

  • DC (author) said:

    Thanks for posting John…and enjoy!

  • Tag heuer question regarding 1989 to 1993 said:

    [...] in the 80's and 90's; the Professional Diver 1000 and 1500 lines. Here's a blog post about them: TAG Heuer 1000 Professional | Calibre 11 I have no idea whether there were fakes of them, but I wouldn't be surprised. All that [...]

  • Reza Sadeghi Moghada said:

    Hi . I have a tag heuer 981.106 . Unfortunately There is no detailed info about it specifications and price. Can anyone help me please?


  • DC (author) said:

    Hi Reza- sound like you have the "Military" PVD Pewter 1000 from the mid 1980s.

    Price of these is almost solely down to the condition of the PVD finish on the case and bracelet- feel free to send a couple of photos.



  • richard yelland said:

    Hi, I'm wondering if you could help me find a watch dial/face for my Heuer 980.006 L.

    I am also wondering about if you have any names/contact info of those who might have the 980 series for sale. If I am having too much trouble restoring mine, I may just want to get another one.

    Thanks very much. Richard

  • DC (author) said:

    Hi Richard,

    Two things that I can recommend.

    1) Try placing a Wanted to Buy message on Chronotrader:


    2) Watch eBay- these watches do come up quite freequently, although as you'd expect, not as often with a Heuer dial.



  • LS said:

    Great article and comments. I have a TH 1000 (980.029b). Do you know what type of bands originally came with this model? Could they be purchased with a Swiss Tropic
    style band and a Heuer buckle? Most I've seen have either the two tone PVD bracelet or some type of Nato band.

    Thanks, Luke.

  • DC (author) said:

    Hi LS.

    The NATO is certainly after-market…reckon this one only came on the two-tone bracelet. I'll look in old catalogues, but think that the tropics only came on a few earlier 1000s, not these ones.


  • JFM said:

    Was given a Heuer "1000" watch but it runs fast. Model #980.013L. Black face and bezel. Any idea of how much to get it fixed? Would it be worth it? Thanks!

  • HVG said:


    I dusted off my 980.029B Black Coral I purchased in 1990. Mostly since I have a friend that wanted to see it. This sparked my interest and led me to your page. I’m wondering is I have an anomaly since my watch look exactly like the one pictured above but it lacks the “1000” above Professional. Any thoughts?



  • DC (author) said:

    Hi- all sounds normal. There were quite a few different dials for these models. Take a look in the 1980s catalogs that we have on this site- am sure that you'll find it there.


  • Bill Barry said:

    Is there any indicator in the serial number or anywhere else to indicate size on a Tag Heuer?

  • DC (author) said:

    There is Bill- depends which model you have as the structure of the reference numbers has changed over time.What is your refence number? (e.g. 980.032)


  • Bill Barry said:

    The serial number is: 980 029B

  • DC (author) said:

    That's a mid-sized model (38mm). The usual format for reference numbers XXX.XXX is that the last two digits give you an idea of size…but for these models the formula isn't applied very consistently.


  • Bill Barry said:

    Thanks, one last question. Ebay item #261059185688 has a much different serial number, is this the number to reference for size and type or is there another number? Is this watch legit?

  • mike said:

    I have a Hueur 1000 Professional (980.113L) bought from new in late 1983 ish. It's been looked after, but worn practically every day in and out, of water. Unfortunately the scew in lock crown will no longer "catch" and lock any more. I've been in touch with some watch repairers who seem to think that because it is vintage they can charge an out of proportion fee. I should add that when new the crown was a push in only, but after the first service at Hueur themselves they fitted the screwin crown. Can you recommend a repairer (I'm in Aberdeenshire) who will charge a fair price for the repair. Many thanks.

  • David Chalmers (author) said:

    Hi Mike,

    Sounds like it should be straight forward??? I don't know anyone in your area- hopefully a reader see's you message and can help


  • Andreas Tassinari said:


    I have read your article with great joy, but I have a TAG Heuer that doesn't quite fit in to the profile. It's a TAG Heuer professional Automatic, but there is no '1000' on my watch. How can this be?

    [IMG # 12 October 2012 at 07:14

  • David Chalmers (author) said:

    Hi Andreas- yes, yours is a 1000 series…only a few of these actually have "1000" on the dial.


  • Lynne Barton said:

    I am trying to find a bezel replacement for the Tag 1000 980.018N 200 Meter; tried e-bay; local watch dealers called Tag directly…no luck. Would you have any suggestions?

    Thank you,


  • james wisner said:

    I have a heuer stainless, circa 1983, pre tag, day (french/english) date, crown at 4:00, swiss 980004/1. Not running, Heuer usa said no parts available. original bracelet, clasp has been replaced. Any repair help or is anyone interested?

  • Peeps favourite tags said:

    [...] number 3 this one TAG Heuer 1000 Professional- Series Overview | Calibre 11 and 4 TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 SpaceX Watch | Uncrate? the golf watch did catch my eye and i love [...]

  • Yaya said:

    Hi, I have a Tag Heuer watch that my best friend found. It is missing its original bands. I would like to know the model and how much it is worth, if possible someone might be able to help me with this information. I can send you the pictures once I am contacted. Thank you!

  • Gambba said:

    Great article.
    Was very glad to see some good info on an often overlooked model, and I was always a fan of Tag's in the late 80's, early 90's when I was a kid. Later Tag's not so much. The info here helped me pick up a Heuer 980.029L (Black PVD/Gold) which will soon be serviced and be put on a Nato. It was a bit of a gamble based on quite bad pics of it on ebay, but picked it up for a good price, although not operational. The great thing is that everything except the bracelet is still Heuer (Crown, dial, back), and the dial is in amazing condition, will post some pics in the not so distant future

  • Calibre 11 (author) said:

    Thanks Gambba- these look great on a NATO, so good choice. Yes, please do come back and share some photos.



  • Andres Solares said:

    M wife has a tag 1000 ad I need to find a replacement bracelet for it. Could you tell me where I could find it, please?

  • Dave Edelman said:

    I have a 1984 Tag Heuer Black Coral II dive the small one and I need a band for it can anybody help me?

  • Poseidon-Jim said:

    Hi Rufdog,
    you might try looking up: "House of Monnin", and you should be able to find much more info.


  • Poseidon-Jim said:

    Hi Dave,

    I'm sure other will weigh in here to help you when they visit the site, so hang in there and you'll have some advice & help added to your question.

    I would suggest checking on eBay's auction sites, as well as checking some of the Heuer/Tag Heuer watch forum sales corners, as well as adding a WTB post on some of them such as Chronocentric.com, ect.

    Best regards,

  • Poseidon-Jim said:

    Hi Dave,

    Well I found this partial group of bracelet links, and while I have no idea if you have the series 1000 black coral Tag of which these links are for I think, they just might help you, or at least give you other places to look around in to see if they may have parts for you.
    Hope this may be helpful to you:


  • Richaed said:

    That is NOT a serial number, a serial number is unique to each timepiece.
    980 029B is a REFERENCE number and the same on all of the same model.

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