Ultimate Guide to the TAG Heuer 1500

  • Alex

    Interesting piece, with nice detail and history… Especially that that's the watch Obama wears. Where do I sign up to borrow it from him? That's part of "when we spread the wealth around, we all win", right?

    • Rajpdxusa

      “Where do I sign up to borrow it from him? That&#039s part of when we spread the wealth around, we all win”, right?

      No that would be very very basic economics. Try a Community College. They may have a course for you.

  • Philmo

    IMHO the 1500 series offers a great variety of truly practical daily workhorse watches some of which pass muster for evening wear.

    The one piece bezel Obama style had interesting variations in the textured quartz, anthracite and granite dials.

    A more ornate option, the blue and gold WD1223-G-20 with bi-metal five row bracelet, is a particular favourite. There are also attractive diver, black and gold variants.

    They are light, compact, and totally unobtrusive.

    They'll always have a place in my collection!



  • Bob

    Yet another informative, most worthy look at a Tag Heuer line from years past. Thanks so much for these in-depth features – they are so valuable for those of us that collection vintage TH pieces!

  • Jed

    Very nice article. The TAG Heuer 1500 is an attractive watch and the first TAG Heuer that I bought. Actually, my mother and I chipped in for one of these for my father's 50th birthday. After decades of cheap Japanese watches, it was his first nice Swiss watch. It is the stainless model with the black dial and bezel ring. He has owned it for over 10 years and he is relentlessly hard on his watches. He goes in the ocean with it, rides on motorcycle trips in all kinds of weather and builds furniture with the watch on. It still looks great and the sapphire crystal doen't have a scratch.

    So, if you guys want a role model who is an all around cool guy and abhors communism, you can think of the 1500 as my father, George's watch.

  • J

    I read in the article that tag heuer were using thai-made eta quartz that time. Are they still using those in today's models? I hope not! I hope tag heuer could go mechanical in all of their models.

  • DC

    Thanks for the comments Gents.

    @Alex: at $300, you can own your very own Obama watch. Cheaper than him lending it to you and sending insured by courier both ways

    @philmo: Agree that its a more versatile watch than say the 1000. I really like the Blue-dial version

    @Bob: Thanks Bob- still a few more series to go: Kirium and S/el are the main ones missing

    @Jed: I love stories like yours- that's the real test of a watch: 10 years of proper enjoyment and use and not something stuffed into a safe

    @J: Most quartz movements today are from Sellita- I'm not sure if any are made in Asia. I think the whole range- except for the Formula 1- will be mechanical within three years


  • Mark

    I like the case shape. As the group shot shows it was confidently angular when the rest of the range was more organic and curvy. I find sharper angles a better fit for a watch because it says mechanical more strongly than curves, at least where the lugs are concerned. This case reminds me of the second economy series Heuers (7721/73323/73623 et al).

    The textured dials are interesting too – for me, the optimal watch in the series is probably the "granite" dial in all steel (not bi-metallic) case on the bracelet.

  • Yande

    Thanks David,

    as an owner of two of the 1500 models, Black dial and granite dial, I am pleased to finally have a resource for information about these watches. I felt that they had been over looked in the past, and am glad to see that you have now rectified this. Thanks for the info.

    Regards Mark

  • John Weiss

    Well that settles it for me…..If Obama wears a TAG I am getting an Omega Planet Ocean.

  • DC

    Thanks for the comments guys. Mark, agree that its a more square-edged case- and maybe that's why its aged a little better than some of the softer-shaped series.

    Any other 1500 owners out there?


  • Peter

    I bought a 1500 in 1992. Love it. Have not been able to wear it though as I need to buy the one link of the bracelet that attaches the bracelet to the watch. Any ideas where I can buy one such link. Or do I need to buy a whole new bracelet. I am hoping not as it is engraved.

  • DC

    Hi Peter,

    Try eBay…or here:



  • Peter

    Hi David,

    Thank you for the website link. I am in Canada. Not really keen on ordering all the way from the UK. If I were to phone Tag here in north America would you happen to know if they would be able to supply the part I need…? I will phone them either way and let you know how I make out.

    Thanks again!


  • DC

    Hi Peter- certainly worth a call…let us know what the response is.


  • davehods

    Great to see a view of this fab little watch! I bought a black face and bezel 1500 in 1992. Still lovely despite being worn every day on every task for 9 years – before a Kirium arrived! Now also inherited (sadly) a steel bezel 1500. Love that too! Really fancy a blue one now!

  • Paul

    I have a 1500 Professional that actually says 1500 on the dial. Is it a fake?????

  • DC

    Hi Paul. Feel free to send me a photo- info@calibre11.com


  • Mark


    I have a 1500 professional that was a gift from my ex in 1997. It must be one of the later models and has blue face and bezel.

    I must admit, despite its age it's still a modern looking design.

    Mark – Glasgow

    • DC

      Hi Mark- like the blue. Enjoy


  • Brendon Kostas

    I just purchased my first tag, a 1500 night diver. you mentioned in the article that it is rare. I was wondering if you could specify how rare and perhaps provide any links when I can find specific details on that model. I enjoyed the article.


  • http://www.calibre11.com David Chalmers

    Hi Brendon,

    No idea how rare unfortunately..and I also don't know of any articles on that specific model. Sorry- not much help!


  • Steve

    Thanks for the article. I bought a 1500 with blue face and bezel back in December of 1997 and I'm wearing it right now. In fact, I've worn it almost every day since I bought it. That's 15 years of constant use and it keeps time as well today as the day I bought it. It's a little beat up now on the bezel but what can you expect after 15 years of uninterrupted service? It's very prominent in the photo taken of me holding my daughter for the first time and I promised it to her as a keepsake when I finally trade up (or it stops, whichever comes first!)

    If they are going for as cheap as you say, if I can find another blue face/bezel I might just pick up a spare!

  • http://www.calibre11.com David Chalmers

    Great to hear Steve. Yes, if its in the photo with your daughter you have to keep it…no matter what!

    I had a quick look on eBay- here is a nice looking lume model for $500:



  • Bill

    I'm in the market for one of these 2-tone Tag 1500s. Can you shed any light on the difference in case size between the WD1221-K-20 and the 955.706G-20? Websites all seem to say both models have a 40mm case, but I can't find a reputable guide or catalog to verify this info. Farfo says the 955.706G is larger than the WD1221. Is the former 40mm and the latter 38mm? What about 955.706G-20 vs. 955.706G-2 — what does the trailing zero mean? Wish the Swiss had come up with a simpler numbering system.

    I'm also confused by the available dial colors. There seem to be 3 or 4 choices: (bright) white, granite (speckled light beige?), metallic silver, and perhaps a darker granite, sort of a medium brown that is also speckled. Many thanks.

  • http://www.calibre11.com David Chalmers

    Hi Bill,

    Here is the answer- take a look at the 1992/ 3 Catalogue and there is a helpful guide that bridges between the new and old model codes:


    The 955.706 is equivalent to a WD1121- so yes, I believe that one is full size and the other is mid size (40mm vs. 38mm)

    The “-0″ is usually used to denote an updated model, for example one that carries a different movement to the model without the “-0″.

    For the full set of colours, see here:



  • mike q

    IHi, just saw ur site, I got a 1500 tag and I was wondering where can I have it refurbished or just have it serviiced, nothing wrong w/ it , just maybe to replace d hour n minute hand, I live here in new jersey. Thanks.

  • http://www.calibre11.com David Chalmers

    HI Mike,

    Most good watch shops should be able to do a gentle case polish…emphasis on gentle…don't let them overdo it. Take a look on eBay, as you can find a lot of 1500 parts there that you can use to give yours a facelift.



  • Seb

    Hi David.

    Thanks for a very informative article.

    I was given the blue and gold WD1223G20 by my parents for my confirmation 16 years ago and the watch has hardly left my wrist since then except for the occational maintenace, and it is still in perfect working condition which i think is a testemony to the quality of the 1500 series and Tag Heuer timepieces in general.

    I never knew the story behind the watch until a came across this article so again, thanks for the article. Also good to see that there are others out there with a soft spot for these watches.

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  • http://www.calibre11.com David Chalmers

    Hi Seb- love hearing stories about watches still going strong after 16 years!~

    Hope its many more


  • shaun

    Hi, i own a 1500 gmt on matt finish stainless steel, with a white face- do you know how rare are these models?

  • Daniel L.

    I have about 22 years with my TAG 1500, being with me almost half of my life and still running perfect, it has some signs of usage but love it, even I have other fine brands watches, this is one of my favorites.

  • http://www.calibre11.com Calibre 11

    I've had my TAG Heuer 4000 for about 17 years! I don't wear it everyday, or even that often, but I'm still very happy to have it and like you, its one of my favourites


  • Jay Valeza

    Im still wearing my dads tag heuer 1500. Though it has scratches on its bezel and the luminous on the dial and hands faded, it still look great. 20 years in service. Can somebody help where can i have it redialed so it could look new again. Thanks!

    • http://www.calibre11.com Calibre 11

      Hi Jay. I think that all you're looking for is a re-lume, which any local watchmaker should be able to do for you. Be warned, that many people like the aged lume and collectors value this ahead of "new" lume.

      But, its your watch, so you should do what makes you happiest!

      Your other option would be to have the case (gently) polished..take out those 20 years of little scratched


      • Jay Valeza

        The local watch makers here keep on insisting that it should be re-dialed. They committed it would look the same. But I refused cuz I want to keep the old dial, and you're right just have it re-lume.

        So should I just keep it this way?

        Where can I email you to send the pic of my watch for better appreciation.

        Thanks for the reply.

        • http://www.calibre11.com David Chalmers

          Personally, I would consider having a dial cleaned…but not “re-dialed”..assuming that he means touching up your dial with paint. That rarely ends well

    • Bill

      USA Watch Service in Dover, NH is excellent. Prompt service, top notch communicators. I just had my 1500 renewed there.

  • John Whelan

    I received my tag 1500 17 years ago as a gift and can say it has never let me down. Fantastic watch!

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  • ebola9999

    My 1500 granite dial TH turned 24 this year. Bought it in the Bahamas in ’90. Still running like a champ.

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