• http://www.classicheuers.blogspot.com Jarl Rehn-Erichsen

    Great! What I really like about Calibre 11 is that you focus on all kinds of Heuer / Tag Heuer. I try to do the same on my site Classic Heuers. Heuer history is more than Monaco and Carrera.

    Keep up the good work :-)


  • Cowboy Bebop

    Nice article as always, David.

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  • Wisconsin Proud

    David, I agree with your assessment of the bezel – it just seems to wide, making for a smallish dial. Add to that the overly large TAG Heuer logo and it's a strange combination of design elements.

    Nice to see these transitional pieces form the mid-80s. the case looks to be a peliminary look to the Aquaracer 2000 but I'm glad they dropped the round dots on the outer part of the bezel.

    Thanks for presenting another part of the Heuer/TAG history.

  • DC

    Thanks Jarl- I certainly recommend taking a look at Jarl's NOS 3000 Chronograph here: http://classicheuers.blogspot.com/2009/12/heuer-3

    What do you think of the watch? Do you wear it often?

    Cowboy and WP, pleased you liked it


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  • howard

    I guess beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. I personally love the thick bezel and find the basic 3000 watch to be a classic. It is a steal at a few hundred bucks (if in great shape).

  • DC

    Hi Howard,

    Yes, agree that tastes differ…but I can't disagree with you on value..they're available at a great price.


  • christian ramon

    Yes,I really like this 3000 type ,how about second hand …

  • DC

    Yes, there are quite a few on eBay:



  • chris

    After 23 tears of not working, I was able to fix my 3000 and it is a great watch. Great looks, love the gold bezel with the black PVD coating.

    A very sexxy watch. Keeps time perfectly. The TAG company does't fix this model anymore so look for visible problems. I won't get rid of it!

  • DC

    Good news Chris. I imagine that the Chronograph movements are tough to fix, given that both quartz and mechanical versions have a piggy-back Chrono. movement.

    Not such how easy it is to get parts?


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