Ultimate Guide to the TAG Heuer 6000

  • Philmo

    A great read about a little known watch.

    A most comfortable bracelet, second only to the original Link bracelet.

    I have a grey and a blue dial quartz, the blue being one of my favourite and most frequently worn watches.

    Many thanks


  • http://www.calibre11.com David Chalmers

    Thanks Phil,

    I've heard that the bracelets are comfortable- is yours secured with screws or springbars?

    Some nice 6000s on eBay at the moment..


  • Larry

    Thanks for the great article – I bought a blue dial WH1115-K1 in 2000 – greatest buy ever!:)

    The dial is uncluttered with luminous markers and a cyclops eye that shows the date well!

    I havent had any problems with the bracelet and find that the metal bracelet is one of the best Tag ever made, very comfortable and very stylish – I dont think they will make another bracelet of this type again because of the sheer number of parts!

    And someone came up to me and complimented me on the watch a year ago – he said he regretted selling it after the strap broke!

    I will treat the watch to a long-overdue servicing next year when I put a few quid together!:)

  • Peter

    My first TAGHeuer and still a favourite although mine is the 38mm and I've grown somewhat accustomed to modern larger watches.

    Mine is also the quartz model so it is the perfect excuse for me to find myself a 42mm Chronometer.

    Seeing factory fresh photos of the old watch makes me want to have it refinished because the bracelet especially, looks extra cool when you can see the full effect of the brushed against polished.

    And yes, the bracelet is the most comfortable I've had too.

    It may have many parts and many many more potential hair-traps but that just isn't the case. I'm also still on the original (spring bar) bracelet so no problems there either.

  • Crate410

    Great info. I dare say I kind of want one! I am a fan of only the carrera and GC models, but this watch to me seems to have a more timeless design than say the current Tag dive watches. What would be a fair price for a nice 42mm chronometer version today?

  • http://www.calibre11.com David Chalmers

    Thanks Peter and Crate140.

    Peter, agree that the finish on these is really nice- great contrast between the brushed and polished finishes. I think that the first series bracelet (with the screws) gives more problems that the one that you have, but its certainly not a problem that will impact every watch.

    I see this example on eBay at the moment: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mens-Tag-Heuer-6000-SS-

    Under $1000 sounds about right..maybe $750-$1000 depending on the condition.


  • Enrico De Paoli

    Another great article, DC. Made me remember myself back then, sleeping with the Tag Heuer catalogs and imagining owning all of the models. I looked at the 6000 series with great respect. Specially the solid gold ones, which were truly luxurious without losing the chilled personality of a Tag Heuer.

    • http://www.calibre11.com David Chalmers

      Hi Enrico. I also remember hanging on to the TAG Heuer Classics catalog for years…couldn't bring myself to throw it out..and that was before the watch collecting bug hit!

      Good to hear from you

  • Enrico De Paoli

    And I didn't know the deal with Senna and the 6000 series was signed just before his accident! I have an S/EL automatic with gold bezel and black strap, and I always remember him when I wear it :)

  • Enrico

    I still have my first catalog ! And a couple of others… DC, do you think the 6000 midsize wears too small ? I know it's a matter of personal taste, but just so you know, I love the original 36mm Carrera. I also have a 38mm 2000 classic auto (you know about it) and a men's S/EL automatic on leather. I found a 6000 series midsize on leather online that I am about to pull the trigger, but I am afraid it will be too small… does it fell smaller than a Rolex Airking or the original Carrera? Thanks !

  • Andy

    Nice write up, but I think the 6000 series began before 1995. I bought my 18k/stainless cosc in September 1993. Could 1993 have been the first year? I still have and very much enjoy the watch, although I'm searching for a replacement 18k/stainless band as mine broke a few links from where it attaches to the watch.

  • Marcus

    I purchased a Tag Heurer 6000 for 500 dollars 2 weeks ago. Had it checked out by my jeweler and it is authentic. It is in excellent condition, well cared for, not a scratch or blemish and simply beautiful. It is the white faced professional series, full size. The manual makes mention of an event in 2001 so I assume this was made in 2001 or 02. Considering the condition its probably the later date. Im glad I read this article because I knew nothing about it.I haev wanted a Tag for a number of years and will wear this one proudly.

  • http://www.calibre11.com Calibre 11

    Hi Marcus- sounds like a nice pick-up..yes, 2002 sounds about right.



  • Prem

    Appreciate if someone can help me as how to modify Tag Heuer 6000 Chronometer series watch to fit the strap with spring bars. Mine is a leather strap version which is now spoilt and new one cost phenomenal.

  • http://www.calibre11.com Calibre 11

    Prem, try your local watchmaker…not sure what modification is needed…its not a case of just popping off the springbars and adding a new strap?


    • PamB

      If his watch is like mine, there are no springbars

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