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So, you’ve decided to look for your new TAG Heuer online…and why not? It’s the easiest way to do your homework before you go any further. The challenge is that, putting your house and car to one side, a new watch is probably the most expensive purchase that most men will make, so it’s important to get it right- and that means buying the right watch for you and not getting fleeced by buying a fake. Movement assemblingIt’s an obvious thing to say that these risks are multiplied when you are looking for information and buying online. But done correctly, you will find a wealth of information online- information that will help you with research, or lead you to make a better, safer purchase. How do you do this? Read on…

Do your research

Watchmaker, Customer ServiceThe first place that most people will go to is the official TAG Heuer website, which can be found here. The website has photos of most of the current range (sometimes it doesn’t carry the limited editions) as well as helpful information on the movement that each watch uses and care instructions. Now that you know which model you’d like, you may want to get some “unofficial” views on the watch. That’s the reason Calibre 11 exists- to share our views on various TAG Heuer watches with you. We’ll tell you a bit about the history, take a look at the design of the watch and then tell you about what powers the watch- the movement. Wherever possible we try and use original photos taken by a very amateur photographer- no studio tricks. Click on the image below to be taken to the list of reviews and articles that we have on every TAG Heuer model ever made. Did you know that we have more than 50 stories/ reviews just on the Carrera?

TAG Heuer ModelsThere are other TAG Heuer “review” sites, but be aware that many of these are essentially fronts for Grey Market dealers (we’ll come to them shortly) that pay a media agency to write generic scripts about watches in the hope of generating search engine rankings. It’s a little trick of the trade, and you can tell within the first couple of paragraphs whether the person has ever seen even a photo of the watch they are supposedly writing about.

Finally, there are Watch Forums. These are inhabited by real watch lovers (watch geeks? Yes….unashamedly!) who have strong opinions about everything and know the details of every new watch down to the last screw. The forums are great sources of information, but take what you read with a grain of salt- buy a watch that you like, not one that a group of people you’ve never met believe is the “best”.

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  • Gift for hubby's retirement said:

    [...] TAG Heuer Buying Guide | Calibre 11 – Page 2 Reply With Quote [...]

  • Imraan said:

    Hi, i currently live in South Africa, what is the process of importing tags from the factory to SA?



  • robert hare said:

    rabbit1002@comcast.net email address robert hare I bought a tag several years ago and been very happy, my son and daughter in law also own tags. I bought my wife one june 3rd this year for her birthday. when I bought mine I received baseball cap black with just the green and red tag insigna on the front, in the mail.loved that hat wondering where I can get a couple more hats, I've looked everywhere with no luck. I will be checking my email thanks robert hare

  • Calibre 11 (author) said:

    Hi Robert. No, I haven't seen these for a while…but I know the one that you are talking about. Perhaps they're no longer made?

    Keep an eye out on eBay…


  • Brook Winiger said:

    I think I have a Tag Heuer cg1122-0 from catalog year 92/93. It has all the right markings and T swiss made T on face. I have the original box and paperwork, but it is in Japanese as that is where I got it from a old boyfriend. Was wondering where the best place to get replacement paperwork/ directions in English, and replace the battery. I would also like to know what it is worth since I've just had it sitting around for the last 14 years. Any info would be helpful, thank you in advance.

  • jingo camomot said:

    im still wearing my 1988 tag it still works fine. love my tag

  • Lori said:

    I have a nice, working man's Tag watch that I am trying to date…it says WK112-0 DK8274 on back. It looks like the Aquachart Calibre11 2000 watches. It has a white face, black Tag band and the face has blue and red colored Tag logo on face…any help would be welcomed! This watch is my son's and he wants me to sell it for him on ebay so that he can put the proceeds towards an auto for school. Thanks!

  • Robert said:

    I am trying to identify my TAG, WE7864, CK1121BB329. can any one help. Gold on s steel,

  • icetinta said:

    Hi there, I would like to buy an aquaracer watch in Istanbul Turkey. There are several retailers, no problem. But they all says that the distributor is a company as saat&saat which warranty and services of Tag Heurer is being provided by them. Problem is, there are tens of pages customer complains from hundreds of customers about this company for their significant bad service quaility and very negative customer approach. So I'm reluctant to buy a watch which warranty provided by this company. I appreciate for any idea.

  • Calibre 11 (author) said:

    Hi. I don't know of the particular companies that you mention, but if a company is handling the servicing and not TAG Heuer, that generally means that they are not an Authorised Dealer…and so there are risks. Whether this makes sense depends on your risk profile- but I would stick with an authorised TAG Heuer dealer.



  • Calibre 11 (author) said:

    Hi Lori- not aware of any genuine TAG Heuer with a blue and red logo


  • Bob said:

    A TV watch host in the U.S. stated that Tag Heuer now "controls" the longtime watch brand Jacques Lemans. Any truth to that statement?

  • Calibre 11 (author) said:

    Haven't heard anything about that Bob. It's a privately-held Austrian company that make watches in both Hong Kong and Switzerland…I'd be surprised

  • Bob said:

    Me too, actually. Thanks for the response, but I looked at it with a jaundiced eye as well.

  • Andrew G said:

    Hello, I own serial Tags.. Is there a web site to go to, To identify tag watches by there serial numbers like Rolex..? and if so can anyone point my in the right direction,
    Number is WK1113-0 DH7466…?


  • Geoff said:

    Hi Guys,

    I think I have spotted a ringer, but wanted to double check myself.
    Back of case says: CAL1 13. From pix I cannot tell if there is a missing number or nothing there.
    Serial is indicated as: KR5687 or KR5887.
    I've spent hours going through the catalogs and I can't match it.
    Has a dial layout with top, left, lower sub dials. Date at 3:00 but it has an open 3 pane cutout rectangle for date where you can see the numbers above and below. Looks like a Carerra date window I've seen on one model.
    Anyone know if this is worth pursuing or knock-off?

  • Calibre 11 (author) said:

    Geoff, hard to be too definitive without a photo…but it doesn't sound right


  • Geoff said:


    Scared him off with all my questions. It was a fake.
    When I could not match it to anything, I was pretty sure.
    I mean, all my other Tags are there, and they sure match the catalog! No question!
    So, moral of the story, if it smells off, or is too good to be true –
    Just remember the old adage, "a fool and his money are soon parted."

  • Michael said:

    purchased a Formula 1 2/17/13, Model WAV111A. watch stop the other morning in cold weather. it's less than a year old. seemed to start back up again after I pulled the time adjustment, but doesn't seem to keep accurate time anymore. Is it as simple as a batter? Why would it only last 1 year? thanks!

  • Calibre 11 (author) said:

    Hi Michael- that model number doesn't correspond to any TAG Heuer model I know of..WAC111A? Assuming the watch is genuine, the there is no reason why you'd have a problem. Could be the battery, but in one year that's unlikely.

    And of course, depends how "cold" you mean by cold…in extreme temperatures, quartz can lose time


  • glenn said:

    Hi I bought a CA1210-1 with a red dial and black bezel and Im trying to date it but cant find it in any of the catalogues..the blue one is always the standard…do you know if the red was a limited edition?

  • glenn said:

    Hi I bought a CA1210-1 with a red dial and black bezel and Im trying to date it but cant find it in any of the catalogues..the blue one is always the standard…do you know if the red was a limited edition?

  • Angel said:

    the case of the tagheuer Formula1 is broken and Tagheuer don't have the case i need a solution.
    The case is red.

  • Ali Bora said:

    Hi icetinta, S&S opens their tag boutique and also their service I purchased aquaracer last week and it was not accurate I sent the caliber 16 service they corrected now already five days accuracy -+0.
    I am happy now . If you send me email I am gong to help you.
    Regards- Bora

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