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TAG Heuer Buying Guide

So, you’ve decided to look for your new TAG Heuer online…and why not? It’s the easiest way to do your homework before you go any further. The challenge is that, putting your house and car to one side, a new watch is probably the most expensive purchase that most men will make, so it’s important to get it right- and that means buying the right watch for you and not getting fleeced by buying a fake. Movement assemblingIt’s an obvious thing to say that these risks are multiplied when you are looking for information and buying online. But done correctly, you will find a wealth of information online- information that will help you with research, or lead you to make a better, safer purchase. How do you do this? Read on…

Do your research

Watchmaker, Customer ServiceThe first place that most people will go to is the official TAG Heuer website, which can be found here. The website has photos of most of the current range (sometimes it doesn’t carry the limited editions) as well as helpful information on the movement that each watch uses and care instructions. Now that you know which model you’d like, you may want to get some “unofficial” views on the watch. That’s the reason Calibre 11 exists- to share our views on various TAG Heuer watches with you. We’ll tell you a bit about the history, take a look at the design of the watch and then tell you about what powers the watch- the movement. Wherever possible we try and use original photos taken by a very amateur photographer- no studio tricks. Click on the image below to be taken to the list of reviews and articles that we have on every TAG Heuer model ever made. Did you know that we have more than 50 stories/ reviews just on the Carrera?

TAG Heuer ModelsThere are other TAG Heuer “review” sites, but be aware that many of these are essentially fronts for Grey Market dealers (we’ll come to them shortly) that pay a media agency to write generic scripts about watches in the hope of generating search engine rankings. It’s a little trick of the trade, and you can tell within the first couple of paragraphs whether the person has ever seen even a photo of the watch they are supposedly writing about.

Finally, there are Watch Forums. These are inhabited by real watch lovers (watch geeks? Yes….unashamedly!) who have strong opinions about everything and know the details of every new watch down to the last screw. Try it for yourself at the Calibre 11 TAG Heuer Forums.

The forums are great sources of information, but take what you read with a grain of salt- buy a watch that you like, not one that a group of people you’ve never met believe is the “best”.

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  • rob

    is there any way to check what the manufacture year is of the watch I am buying as it does not have the paper work

  • GW190468

    Hi, I have a Tag Heuer Gold S/EL purchase date 13/04/2000. The watch is barely worn and has all boxes, guarantees and paperwork. Is anyone able to give me an approximate value on it? The receipt shows a purchase price of $2,450 (Australian Dollars). Thanks to anyone who can assist.

    • calibre11

      Hi- hard to give specific value…take a look at the back of the watch and you should be able to see the reference number.

      In general, the S/el hasn’t held it’s value that well unfortunately- likely to be worth less than $1000, but that’s just a ball-park figure.


      • GW190468

        Hi – thank you for coning back to me. I appreciate it. No. on the back is WG 1333 and then another number under it UR 0035. Has the words Sapphire Crystal Water Resistant 200m.GW

  • Raymond Zammit
  • klm

    I am looking at buying a used tag. It is two years old. They paid $1200, asking $600. Great Condition and only worn on special occasions. In the box. Model number on warranty card is CAH1111BAC850 *EPH1211
    Purchase date 5/27/13 Is this a good price and if not what is?

  • swordfish

    i have a used tag i want to get rid of it bought it in 2005 paid $2,300 for it got all the papers for it bought it in a tag store can anyone tell me whats its worth Model# CT1151BD0552

  • David Hronowski

    I am looking at purchasing a older S/EL model Tag Heuer but I know there are Large and Medium sizes. How can I tell the difference if the sellers only list “mens” For example is the Model # WG-1130 or S94-706 large or medium ?

    • calibre11

      Hi. TAG Heuer changed its reference numbers in 1993- so S94-006 is the same as WG-1130 as you can see here. (S94-706 = WG2110)

      06 denotes the largest size

  • MMM

    Hi Im thinking to buy the model CAR2A80 i want to know the year of manufacture if its 2013 or 2014. Because my dealer says it is 2015 model. please could you help me on this

    • calibre11

      It’s a model that has been in the Catalogue for a couple of years, but there is no way of knowing which year your particular watch was manufactured

  • Pedro

    Just got a red face / red bezel Tag Heuer 1000 divers it was a gift from my grandfather. Would like to know more about the watch but havent find anything only that it is from 93 and it was only for a year. Could somebody tell me more about the watch?

  • Wesley Jones

    I recently got a 980.023N. It has an aftermarket strap on it. I am looking for a 1980s original bracelet. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!