A look at the TAG Heuer Calibre 17

  • robert

    If tag stop using the calibre17 do you think that in future all the models with this movement will become collectors items, and if so do you think they will go up in value ?
    I'm only asking this as I own the Jack heuer 80th birthday edition watch !

  • Tissot prx

    Hi Robert ,

    I personally don't think JH 80th will go up in value, nor will it ever become a lot more desirable than comparable Carreras out there.

  • http://www.calibre11.com Calibre 11

    I'm more optimistic on the Carrera Jack Heuer 80 and do think that it will be a future classic…but that's not really linked to the movement.


  • robert

    I'm not really bothered if it doesn't go up in value as the reason I bought it was because I liked it ! I would rather it just kept its value .

  • Scotti b

    Once again great article DC. I like the tip on how to tell the difference between a modular and intergrated chronograph! Looking forward to reading up on the 1969.

  • http://www.calibre11.com Calibre 11

    Thanks Scotti

  • Philmo

    A great article, DC, and I'm sure many fellow Monaco enthusiasts will agree!
    It was also most useful to have a practical, down to earth view on the old integrated vs modular chestnut! The engineer in me is now clearly in favour of modular, though I've often wondered if, overall, the modular route adds significant complexity and possibly energy inefficiency? Even if it does, must clearly be of a manageable proportion.

  • http://www.calibre11.com Calibre 11

    Yes, it's a long running debate. I get the purity of an integrated movement, but I would have thought that a good modular movement would be an average integrated movement every day of the week…in other words, there is a lot more to it than a simple A = Good but B= Bad!

  • Putra


    I can't help but notice that you mentioned in your article :

    "While the ETA 2894 may “only” be 17 years old, its origins stretch back a lot further. The base of the 2894 is the ETA 2892, which TAG Heuer call the Calibre 7."

    I am still quite new to TAG Heuer, however my current understanding from reading the forums is that Calibre 6 is ETA 2892 (usually with the small seconds) and Calibre 7 is ETA 2893 (with the GMT hand as used in the Twin-Time).

    Am I incorrect regarding Calibre 6 and Calibre 7? or is it that you include ETA 2893 into the ETA 2892 family (since ETA 2892 is the base movement)?


    • http://www.calibre11.com Calibre 11

      Hi. It’s confusing because TAG Heuer call both the 2892 and the 2893 a “Calibre 7″. The Calibre 6 is an ETA 2895- again from the same family.


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