Ultimate Guide to the TAG Heuer Carrera 360

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The range of ultra-high frequency “Mikro” TAG Heuer watches released over the last 12 months can each trace their lineage back to the brand’s first foray into high-precision Chronographs- the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 360. The watch is an evolution of the Carrera 360 Concept from 2005 and was TAG Heuer’s first efforts at in-house mechanical watchmaking for more than 35 years- even if this work on the Calibre was limited to the development of the Chronograph module.

The Carrera Calibre 360 is a range of four (or is it three?…more on this later) +USD10,000 Limited Editions Carreras that not only signaled TAG Heuer’s intentions to reclaim its position in the high-precision market, but also established a design template that can still be seen in TAG Heuer watches six years later.

Despite the efforts in developing the Calibre 360, the movement wasn’t used in any TAG Heuer watches after this Carrera, although we did get close to another production watch, which you’ll read about shortly.


The Calibre 360 movement is a piggy-back Chronograph that combines a Calibre 7 (ETA 2892) watch base, with a TAG Heuer in-house Chronograph module capable of 1/ 100th second precision- the first mechanical watch to reach this benchmark.

The area of ultra-precision is only a new focus for watch brands, as when the Calibre 360 was shown there were no mechanical watches displaying 1/ 10th second, let alone anything more precise.

The Calibre 360 features an innovative crown system that winds the manual Chronograph module when turned Clockwise and winds the automatic watch in the anti-clockwise direction, as the video below shows:

 TAG Heuer Vanquish

We’ve shown you the TAG Heuer Vanquish before- a Limited Edition of 12 watches that is effectively the production version of the Carrera 360 Concept watch. This was the first watch to use the Calibre 360 movement, albeit in very small numbers.

The success and interest in the watch gave TAG Heuer the confidence to follow-up the Vanquish with a series of Limited Edition watches that showcased the new movement- the Carrera Calibre 360.

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