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1991- General Catalogue


A new look for the 1991 catalogue to mark the arrival of two new lines- the TAG Heuer 1500 and 4000 Series.

Watches Covered

  • Specialist
  • 2000 Series
  • 4000 Series
  • S/el Series
  • 1500 Series
  • 1000 Series
  • Formula 1




  • Jim Brewer

    yes i found it very helpful i have a 1991 1500 series professional 200m that i was trying to get some information on.

    i would still like to know what the MSRP was on it and what it is worth today.

  • http://www.calibre11.com David Chalmers

    Hi Jim, take a look here- pricing in Italian Lira.

    Today? I don't follow the prices closely, but your best bet is to check on eBay.


  • chris pliakos

    I have a Link watch, model S95.206/424/M (on page 70 of the 1991 catalog). A couple of links on the bracelet have come apart and I went to get them repaired at a TAG authorized dealer. I was told that it cannnot be repaired due to its design and I need to get a new bracelet. Do you know whether the bracelet can be repaired, and if not, how/where I can get a new bracelet, and what the going price is for it? Thanks.

    • http://www.calibre11.com David Chalmers

      Hi Chris. I see no reason why new links can't be added…obviously they can be taken out to re-size the bracelet. So, maybe there is some damage that means repair isn't possible (unlikely), or maybe he means that its hard to find single links and so you should buy a new bracelet?

      Anyhow, this link should help:


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  • Lepani

    Can you tell me how much is a 994 706/512m tag is.

    • http://www.calibre11.com David Chalmers

      Best to check eBay for sales