TAG Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph Giveaway

  • Amit

    Still waiting for the first one :(

  • chin oi lin



    I've always enjoyed owning a Tag Heuer

  • Wilson

    Neat watch

  • Michael damsgaard

    Would love to wear that watch as a substitute to my old Link

  • jeffrox

    so who won this giveaway?

    • http://www.calibre11.com Calibre 11

      Hi- it was won by a reader from Texas. The watch is on its way to him..hopefully he may want to share a photo when it arrives


  • joann

    How do I find out the year my watch was made based on the model number?

  • Joshua

    I actually own the exact same model and colour purchased May last year. Beautiful piece

  • robertpaulwilson

    my personal Dream Observe.. i hope i can consider using a cool watch.

  • Enrique Claure

    Cool watch, If I can get it free even cooler

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