First Look: Mikrotimer Flying 1000

Posted by: David Chalmers   |   24 March 2011   |   18 Comments  


Launch Video




Photo: Live Shot: Abel Court

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  • Rich said:

    Wow…and wow!

    This is madness and very cool all rolled into one!

    I'm impressed and the TH team shoukd rightly be proud.

    Be good to see the 150 secs chrono power reserve time increase mind!!


  • Victor Lopez said:

    Very, Very nice concept watch. I´m a fan of HEUER watches early the 70´s when I purchase my first chronograph, the EASY RIDER LEONIDAS, then the HEUER TEMPORADA and in 1978 my lovely HEUER AUTAVIA GMT. My TAG HEUER collecction consist in a FORMULA ONE CHRONO ca1211.ba0493 with ss and all color avaiable straps to combine, FORMULA ONE RED DIAL KIMMY RAIKONEN ss bracelet, HEUER CARRERA first RE-EDITION black dial and plexi crystal,and a TAG HEUER AQUARACER 300mt automatic black dial with ss bracelet. Also I have another brands in my collection like ROLEX, BREITLING, OMEGA, CERTINA, BULOVA, LONGINES and SEIKO. But my HEUERS and TAG HEUERS are my favorites. Congratulations for these brand, because work hard to make special watches!!

  • StewartM said:

    A mind blowingly spectacular achievement by TAG Heuer. I'm so happy, the last year has been a bit of a watershed moment for TH, moving in the direction of watchmaking excellence and away from pure branding. Good on 'em, and J-CB deserves a great deal of praise for the work he & his team have done. They have blown everyone else at Basel out of the water, ten fold.

  • George said:

    Amazing! Proud to be a fan of TAG Heuer.

    I do have to say I would love to see the Mikrograph done up in those same clothes.

  • Mark said:

    Wow! Great reporting David, and an even greater achievement by TAG-Heuer. Imagine a car engine revving to 60,000 rpm, without the benefit of an hydraulic valvetrain and it puts this in some sort of perspective.

    I'm even sold on the looks of it, the technical achievement of the movement is well matched by a watch that looks technical too.

    Don't know that I'd have it on a rubber strap though!

  • Justin Chang said:

    Wow… Not surprised the baby stole the limelight at Basel.

    Just imagining seeing the chrono run in my mind has made me dizzy; still, eagerly awaiting an update with a video link.

    TAG Heuer are finally getting their long overdue recognition.

  • wynonie said:

    Ok, so a dramatic and outstanding achievment – cool looking too. But of little relevance to most watch buyers and Tag fans (aside from the pride of seeing the company achieve technical brilliance).

    Last year we drooled over 1887, 300 Slr and the Monaco 24 – none of which are available in my part of the world still, so what are the real chances of seeing anything like this for years? and frankly, i'd prefer the company focused on delivering the watches it releases to its ADs around the world within a year of launching them.

    Sorry, a rare burst of discontent from this Tag fan. (but FANTASTIC reporting and scooping from David though!!!)

  • DC (author) said:

    - Rich, yes, 150 seconds isn't much, but I'm not surprised that the reserve isn't that high given the energy…something to improve for the production watch.

    - Stewart, the reception that this got in the press conference surprised me- journalists were genuinely taken aback by what had been achieved.

    - Mark, I quite like the rubber strap- for a watch like this. Nice contrast to the Mikrograph

    - Justin, it looked very cool in real life as well- amazingly fast

    - Wynonie, its a fair point you raise- the balance has to be right between delivering watches today as against building dream watches for tomorrow. Surprised that none of the watches you mention are available- they have been in other parts of the world for at least 6 months.


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  • Tennis Observer said:

    Human reaction time is about 0.2-0.3sec so this 0.001 scale on a push button chrono makes no sense.

  • Daniel Revello said:

    No matter When, No Matter How Much…

    I´ll be waiting.

  • alooper21 said:

    anything about the accuracy of time measurement? loss/gain? over a week, or a month, or a year? my guess is that the more beats per hour, the more accurate should be, does it apply here?

  • Tag Heuer's 3.6M bph said:

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  • DC (author) said:

    Hi- not sure, although expect it to be within COSC standards. As per above, the watch has two assortments- one beating at 28k, and the other at 3.6m bph. So the time keeping function doesn't beat any faster than a Calibre 16 for example- its the Chronograph that beats like a humming-bird