Ultimate Guide to the TAG Heuer Super Professional

  • Paul

    Great informative information,just about to pull the plug on an 840-006-2 and needed to ask some questions about the watch,I'm guessing Warren is the same guy I have been chatting to on TZ and if so he knows his stuff abut the Tag/Heuer watches for sure and has pointed me in the right direction re what to look for etc etc.

    This will be my 2nd watch from the Tag/Heuer stable and love em or rather the 2 I will have.


  • Barry

    Hello Paul my name is Barry and I have a very nice Super pro 840.006 PVD for sale should you or anyone else be interested. Watch comes with the black leather pouch and extra straps with tool . watch has been secured in my briefcase for close to twenty years. would be starting at 2150 USD. Watch shows like new no scratches dings or pitting. hope to hear from any serious buyers real soon. thanks for taking the time to look.

  • Warren Snook

    Hi Barry,

    I am interested in your 840.006PVD. Can you email me some more details and pictures to: warren.snook@googlemail.com

    Kind regards,


  • Warren Snook

    Hi Paul,

    You guessed right, it is me. I am pleased to have been some help to you on your quest.



  • Ken oLIVER

    Hi Barry, would be interested too.

    Could you send some pics ?



  • Michael Adcock

    Hi Barry, I would like to buy your PVD'ed Super Pro. Give me a shout and let me know if you still have it for sale please :-)

    Thanks, Michael

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  • Jodie Boehm

    I am curious I have a women's tag 1600 divers watch in excellent shape, all paperwork professional series too. How much do these go for. I have college expenses to pay for my daughter might need to sell ?

  • Richard

    Having one of these, I would like to see a diagram. Without a back, how do you take it apart?

  • http://www.calibre11.com Calibre 11

    Hi Richard- back doesn't come off- the bezel and crystal come off the front of the watch- that's how you get to the movement.


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