Ultimate Guide to the TAG Heuer Super Professional

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Despite being a late entrant to the diver watch market, Heuer/ TAG Heuer have released some cracking dive watches over the last 30 years. These have tended to fall into two categories- watches that have the style of a dive watch (such as the 1000, 2000 and Aquaracer series) and the more heavy-duty dive watches that are designed for professional use, such as the 1000m diver, the Aquagraph and this watch- the Super Professional.

The Super Professional was one of the last watches designed and made by Heuer before the 1984/5 sale to TAG, which explains why you will see some watches with the Heuer logo, but most with the TAG Heuer logo. The early Heuer- branded watches will often have some TAG Heuer branded parts, most commonly the clasp on the bracelet.

When people talk about collectible TAG Heuer watches from the 1980s and 90s, this is one of the first that comes to mind- in fact, each of the three great diver series- 1000m; Super Professional and Aquagraph- are wonderful watches, especially for the money- with luck, you could get great versions of all three for less than a total of $5000.

The Heuer Super Professional

The Super Professional first appeared in the 1984 Heuer Catalog as a replacement for the 1000m diver, even though that watch continued in the Catalog for a few more years. The Super Professional was available in two models- the stainless steel bead-blasted case and a questionable gold-bezel version- quite why you’d want a gold bezel on a professional-grade diver watch is something of a mystery. Both versions featured the same automatic ETA 2892 movement and are rated to depths of 1000 meters.

The watch was also available with a dive kit, which included two spare straps, a strap-changing tool and a decompression table. These dive kits came either in the blue pouch you see above, or in the more common black pouch. Having this Dive kit significantly improves the value of the watch, especially if not used. Not all watches were sold with the Dive kit, such as the magnificent example below belonging to Neil Zammit.

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