The Lemania Silverstone Debate

Posted by: C11   |   3 October 2009   |   2 Comments  

There has been some intense debate over the last few days about the Heuer Silverstone Lemania, and in particular the authenticity of one example. As was the case with many Heuer models in the early 1980s, there are some inconsistencies between different examples of the watch, which has led to questions over what characteristics a 100% genuine Silverstone Lemania should have.

Heuer Silverstone Lemania 5100

Heuer Silverstone Lemania The Lemania Silverstone is one of my favourite Heuer watches and you may recall this earlier post on Calibre 11 about the Lemania-powered Silverstone. 

Note the reference number engraved on the caseback, rather than between the lugs as on other vintage Heuers- in fact, there should be no engraving between the lugs.

Heuer Silverstone Lemania

Heuer Silverstone Lemania

Heuer Silverstone Lemania
Heuer Silverstone Lemania

Heuer Silverstone Lemania


Also note that the crown does not have the Heuer Shield- these are plain.Heuer Silverstone Lemania

Heuer Silverstone LemaniaThese are great watches, so if you find one for sale, do take your time to do some research.


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  • Guy David

    I'm looking at this watch:

    But looks diffetent…is it real?


  • DC

    Hi Guy,

    As you'd have seen in the links above, there is a fair bit of debate on these watches. My opinion is that this example is not 100% correct.