The Watches of Ayrton Senna

  • Philmo

    One of my heroes – my children gave me the Senna DVD for christmas last!

    Never realised though that one of my prize watches is identical to the S/el worn by Senna! Wish I could find a set of instructions for the 4 button operation though! Does anyone have the booklet and is willing to photocopy the English section for me?

    I like the 6000 too [just call me old school!] my favourite being the blue dial, full size with bracelet. The 6000 bracelet with every contact edge just slightly rounded off is undoubtedly the most comfortable I have worn.

    Best regards to all petrolhead/Senna/F1/TAG Heuer fans,


  • Wynonie

    Fascinating article, thanks DC. I have to say neither watch has really stood the test of time as far as I am concerned, although Senna does seem to make anything look cool.

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  • DC

    I quite like the 6000- although have to admit that I'm not a big fan of two-tone, or the leather strap design on this one. The S/el? Not my style, but the fact that it belonged to Senna is enough for me!



  • Enrico

    I am not a fan of the S/EL metal bracelet either. I own a leather version (the real leather version, plain, without those weird metal links before the leather), and I truly love it. Mine has the 2892 movement, white dial, colored TAGHeuer logo and an original black leather band with the cool deployant buckle. But unlike you, I do like some hints of gold sometimes, and without excess it can add some elegance and prestige to a sporty and casual look. I like contrasts! By the way, I loved the way you wrapped up your article, David!

  • DC

    Hi Enrico,

    Yes, the strap without the connecting Link is much nicer…I think its that Link that makes the strap combo on Senna's watch look a little odd.



  • KayJay

    I own a gold S/el, gold plated bracelet has flaked a little, thinking now of replacing with the leather/link band so it can be like Senna's.

  • DC

    Its not my favourite combo (the leather and steel/ Gold) but the fact that it has that association with Senna makes it a lot cooler


  • Emma


    I ´m searching for watches from the limited edition, specially the 6000 (WH1114) How can I be sure it´s an authentic watch?!If i ever find one… Where do you recomend me to search and what is an "OK" price for the Senna related watches? I´m guessing it´s almost impossible to find the sel (S25.706C) and the 6000 (WH5151)???!!!

    I spotted a sel but it had the nr S25 206 whats the difference between the two?

    My knowledge about all this is quite little, so I need all the help I could possibly get ;) !! It´s a new interest for me and I don´t feel like getting completely cheated…

  • DC

    Hi Emma,

    Did you see this article?

    This seller on eBay has all three sizes of the 6000 Senna for sale (no relationship to the seller):

    Hope this helps


  • Emma Östberg

    Hi David and thanks for your answer!

    Yes, I saw the watches on ebay. Are they authentic?!


    • DC

      Looks OK Emma, but impossible to verify just from a couple of photos…always a good idea to check out the seller in detail and ask them for some proof of originality


  • Linda Danton-Vizor

    Great article. I bought my gold sel via Mclaren just ater Ayrton was killed. Its still going strong although very annoyingly the gold plating has worn on the strap very badly and on the winder and bezel. Its there annywhere trust worthy that I can send my watch to for re-furbishment? I may resort to getting a leather strap fitted instead by TAG as it would be lighter on my wrist.

    This is a great site and I am pleased I found it.

    ps I bought my husband a second hand silver and gold two toned sel in Amsterdam in 1995 which he has worn every day since and is still in pristine condition.

  • David Chalmers

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the kind words. The best option would be to send to TAG Heuer where they would most likely replace the worn parts with new ones. The bracelets do come up on eBay from time to time, so keep an eye out there as well.

    When you say that you bought "via McLaren", where they selling the watches?



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  • Aaron

    As a watchmaker by trade, I had picked up one of these from a pawn-shop, after careful examination it turned out to be authentic. but priced as a clone. I brought my loupe, and caseback opener with me which I do when purchasing watches. I examine the inside/movement. purchased this one, and a clone beside it. love these things. I had to sell my moms alter ego ( mop dial and diamond bezel. so I purchased this one to replace it. I love tag heuer. theyre upper tier time pieces htat are not obscene.

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