2010 Aquaracer Series

The 2010 TAG Heuer Aquaracer range that was previewed at Basel in March will be formally launched over the next couple of weeks and includes three new models- a 500m Chronograph, the 500m Full Black and a new Aquaracer Automatic Watch.

A new design-template for the Aquaracer was established with the 500m watch launched in 2009, and these new models continue the themes- vertical ridge-lines on the dial, an applied logo and hour-markers and the rubber-ridged bezel.

While the Aquaracer traces its origins back to the Heuer 2000 series first released in 1982, the new catalogue also shows photos of other Heuer and TAG Heuer water-sports watches, stretching back to the 1940s. The new TH website (due to be launched in the next few weeks) will also emphasise the link to past watches as a way of explaining the heritage behind the current model range.

Aquaracer 500m Chronograph

The first of the new models is the Aquaracer 500m Chronograph. While similar to the 500m Aquaracer, the date and cyclops are on the right-hand side of the dial to accommodate the sub-dials on the left.

Inside the Chronograph is the 44mm stainless steel case is a Calibre 16 movement (Valjoux/ ETA 7750, as per the existing Aquaracer Chronograph. The watch comes on either a stainless steel bracelet, or a rubber strap and is a great step-up from the previous model in terms of looks.

Aquaracer Full Black

The second new model is one that has been previewed before on Calibre 11- the Aquaracer Full Black, which is essentially an Aquaracer 500m watch inside a 43mm PVD-titanium case.The Full Black has bright yellow/ green lume in contrast to the other models in the Aquaracer range.

Like the other 500m non-Chrono. range, the movement is a Calibre 5 (Sellita SW200). Sellita is an interesting Swiss company that has been around for a few years now, but has gained prominence as it increases the supply of its movements. Sellita are profiting from the continued uncertainty about Swatch Group’s future plans for supplying movements outside the Swatch Group and currently make three movements- the SW200, SW300 and the SW500.

These movements are generic versions of the ETA 2824-2, ETA 2892  and the ETA/ Valjoux 7750 respectively, all of which have been around long enough that their patent protection has expired, which explains why Sellita is allowed to make these Calibres without a group of angry Swiss lawyers beating down their door.

The issue for watch buyers is whether there is any trade-off in quality in switching from the ETA to the Sellita versions- and the answer appears to be that there is none.

While Sellita haven’t been producing movements long enough to take a definitive view, the reality is that the company has a long association with ETA and has worked on adding movement complications on movements for customers including Breitling and IWC, as well as for ETA itself, not something that the Swatch Group would do unless it was totally satisfied with the quality. Added to this is the fact that these designs have been around for more than 20 years, and so any manufacturing/ design issues have been well and truly addressed.

The Sellita SW200 is used in most Calibre 5 Aquaracers, but some, such as the Day-Date Aquaracer, still use the ETA 2824-2.

  • wilfreb

    i'm a huge fan of the Aquaracer line.

    the new 500m chrono looks nice but its not my thing, i much prefer the 3-hand model cuz it looks clearer and the left cyclops look more nice and original.

    is the new 500m chrono 44mm? 1mm larger than the original 500m?

    does it has transparent caseback?

    is the aquagraph discontinued?

    i think that the 500m is the competency of the PlanetOcean as the PO is 600m, the original Seamasters compete with the 300m Aquaracers, thats how i see it.

  • DC

    Hi Wilfreb,

    Yes, 44mm so 1mm larger than the 500m watch. I'm not sure on the caseback, but my guess would be that it does have a crystal back just like the 500m watch.

    I've heard that the Aquagraph has been discontinued, but haven't seen any official confirmation. A real shame.

    Maybe replacing the Aquagraph is the opportunity to develop a high-end Diver- a real tool watch, maybe with a Cal. 1887 (although I love the layout of the Calibre 60) and a ceramic bezel…


  • mark rush

    I really like the looks of the new Aquaracer automatic grande date, there is a watch for almost anyone in this new line up!!

  • Vladimir

    Any ideas on the price range of the chronograph? i really really like it..

    i was almost sure i was gonna buy the omega planet ocean, but then i bumped into the aquaracer in a watch insert found in my mothers favorite gossip magazine and it really caught my attention!

  • DC

    Hi Vladimir,

    No, I don't know the price, but I guess a small uplift over the existing model is likely. The good news is that the new TAG Heuer website is apparently going to show RRP of each watch, which will make life easier (and be interesting…)

    I owned a Planet Ocean- one of the few non-Heuer/ TAG Heuer watches I've bought. Good quality piece, but ultimately I found it a bit boring and so sold it on.


  • Robertus

    I’d love the new 500m chronograph but have 3 serious issue:

    1. they shouldn’t have dropped weekday feature. Either at the original place, regardless of the cyclops, or at 6 or 9 o’clock.
    2. the Helium valve at 10 is very-very Omega-like which might be nice on an Omega (I do not like that valve on Omegas either) but on any other watch it looks awkward at 10. An automatic Helium scape valve, like that of the Sea-Dweller, the SuperOcean or the Certina DS-3 reissue would be nice and if placed at 9, in the end a function should have been found for the “extra metal” of the watch case at 9.
    3. Some like, some not the rubber inlay of the bezel. Today a ceramic or sapphire bezel inlay is a must at this watch category.
    4. I like a lot the double-pusher folding clasp but a quick micro-adjust like the new Rolex sports models or the Breitling Ocean Racer clasp or a few others should be fine and the diver’s extension has a cheap material workout and its length is far from enough.
    5. I hope the 7750 has finally a Glucydur balance (the previous day-date non-cosc version did not have!).

    My day-date AR chrono is just under selling but if all these features written above should come to reality I’d be in TH again.

    Best, Robert

  • Robertus

    PS: Sorry, the 3 issues grew to 5 🙂 Robert

  • DC

    Hi Robert,

    You raise some good points. I especially agree with the Bezel. I know that a lot of people love the rubber bezel, and I think that it works well on the more sporty versions of the watch, but I agree with you that high-end diver Chronographs need to have another bezel option. Now that TAG Heuer are making ceramics for ladies watches, lets see that technology used in the Men's line.

    I also agree on the micro-adjust function. I saw one of these a few weeks ago and thought it was great.

    The weekday function I am less convinced about- there is already a lot happening on that dial, but hey, each to their own!

    Thanks for the detailed comments.


  • Jie

    Is there any news on when will the Aquaracer 500m chronograph be out ?

    I was thinking of getting the AR 500m, but changed my mind when i saw this :s

  • DC

    Very soon Jie- if they're not already in the stores.

    I have one sitting on my desk right now and will hopefully be posting a review over the weekend.


  • Jie

    Ty DC for the information 😀

    My bro has been asking me to get Omega PO instead -_-",

    but wanted to see how this AR 500m chrono looks and fits (in real-life)….

    hopefully they will be out early Oct,

    wanna one (PO, AR 500m, AR 500m chrono) as my 21st birthday present 😛


  • DC

    The Omega is a nice watch also- hope that you'll get a chance to compare the two in person, because TAG Heuer have done a great job with the 500m Chronograph.


  • Jie

    ty david xD

    looking forward for your review on the 500m chrono

  • DC

    Thanks Jie- it might be a few days, as I'm working on a relaunch of the website…but until then, here is a preview….

    <img src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4102/4915257368_86de3e3d41_z.jpg&quot; alt="" />

  • Jie

    looks attractive xD

    wondering how it will fits on my wrist, heard from local AD that it will be out in oct…

    hopefully there isn't any delay : s

  • Danny


    I love the new style Aquaracer automatics with the horizontal lines.

    Specifically the WAP2010 (black).

    Unfortunately it is 41mm diameter which is a little big for my slim wrist. I read it has replaced the WAF2110 which was 38.4mm (and would have fit perfectly).

    Do you know if Tag will release a 38.4mm version of the new style aquaracer for us guys with smaller wrists??



  • DC

    I'm not sure Danny. The trend has been to increase size…but that seems to have come to an end.

    Whether that means that they will get smaller or simply stop getting bigger isn't clear yet.

    Check with your AD- they may have more news.


  • Neeko

    Hi David

    As I mentioned in the Caliber 11 forum I recently (last month) purchased a nice new WAF2011.BA0818. I would really be interested to know what year this was manufactured. Is there a way to determine this? Is the serial number any clue? Also, I am looking purchasing a pre-owned CAF2010.BA0815 black face chronograph with day & date feature. Same question, how can a person determine manufacture date or year?

    Thank you!



  • DC

    Hi Neeko,

    No, unfortunately you can't work out the date that a model was made by the serial number-they are sequential though, but that doesn't help much!

    Sorry- not much help


  • Dian

    Can you posting about aquaracer calibre 5 WAJ 2110 BA 0870….what year launched ang what ETA type use engine…thank you very much…

  • DC

    Dian, the Aquaracer 500m was released in March 2009. It doesn't use an ETA engine- Sellita.



    Hi to every one, i have a quetion if anybody can give a simple information. I recently own a tag heuer aquaracer grande date by the type
    TAGHeuer AQUARACER GrandeDate White
    I found it in several sites on web but i cant find it in the official site of tag heuer. Why is that? Is it an old type? I really dont mind because i like it alot, but i have a doubt if its original or not. although this model is in the site of the original Greek tag heuer agent

    thanks very much for the respond

  • DC

    Hi Nikolas. Yes, sometimes the official site can be slow to add new models. Your watch was first shown in 2008, and I'm not sure whether there is a new model or not.

    Your watch also had a Chronograph version, and there is a new version of that watch, so perhaps one is on its way.

    So, without seeing photos I don't know if its original or not, but that model certainly does exist.



    ok David thank you very much for the response.i have found too many photos on the web but i dont know how to post them. the copy-paste doesnt work here!! anyway thank you very much for your time!


    yes! thats right! thats exactly it!!!

  • Jarek Kowalski

    Hi Calibre 11!
    I’m looking for any information about TH Aquaracer Chronograph 300m Cal.16, Model: CAF2010.BA0815. I can;t find them on Your web site, could You help me, please! THX a lot! 🙂