2011 Singapore Grand Prix Edition

With the 2011 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix only a few weeks away, TAG Heuer have shown their latest Limited Edition watches to mark the event.

Beginning with the first Singapore GP back in 2008, each year has seen a different model used as the basis for the Singapore Grand Prix Edition- and this year it’s a Carrera Heritage.

 Once again the Singapore Edition wears a combination of black and green on both the dial and leather strap, and also like last year there is a 2011 Lady’s Singapore Edition.

Lets take a look back at each of the Singapore Grand Prix TAG Heuer watches.

2008- Grand Carrera Calibre 8 GMT

The first Singapore GP watch was quite subdued, with the green highlights on the dial limited to the central seconds hand and a small bar on the GMT window at the six o’clock position.

The 2008 watch was limited to 150 pieces.

2009- Carrera Day Date Calibre 16

The 2009 version turned up the volume, with several green highlights, matched to a carbon-fibre style dial.

250 of the Singapore GP Carrera were released.

2010- Monaco Calibre 12

The Monaco shape has only been used once for the Singapore LE, and to my eyes it’s this version that works best. The Monaco is the rarest of the Singapore watches, with only 100 being made.

  • Tman

    Quite nice LE watch, I am not quite sold on the "flinque" pattern dail for this particular edition. I think the pattern is more suited to classic orientated watch.

  • Mark Moss

    And I'd only just said how much I liked the black and green David, what a coincidence! Good to see it's a bit more restrained again, the Carrera Day/Date was a bit over the top. And by bit, I mean about 50 miles, of course.

  • George

    I love seeing the classic Tag colors used on the logo. Reminds me of my first 2000 series watch. I hope they start doing that on more models in the future. BTW – Wearing my all black 500M today and loving it.

  • DC

    Indeed you did Mark- I didn't see these photos until yesterday. Agree that the execution is much more subtle that the Day/ Date…by a fair way. There are few places that love watches more than Singapore- there is a fantastic watch collecting community there and a raguylar stream of "Singapore-only" models.

    George, they look great don't they? On a related topic, I wonder when we'll see the first "TAG Heuer Re-edition", i.e. a re-edition of a classic TAG Heuer watch? A TAG Heuer 1000 Re-edition would be great (OK, originally a Heuer model, but I think of it more as a TAG Heuer for some reason).


  • Drew76

    Any word on pricing, David?

  • DC

    Hi Drew,

    S$6,350 for the Carrera and S$3,950 for the F1 Lady.


  • Drew76

    Thanks David. I saw the new Carrera in the shops today and it didn't really grab me. However I must say the Ladies F1 have a very nice design though (from the pictures). I did not notice whether they were available yet though or on display.

  • Ajay

    Why these watches r expensive..its all about Branding….or somthing else.-guide me

  • DC

    Ajay, do you mean why are TAG Heuer in general priced as they are, or why is this Carrera priced above a standard model?


  • Matt Klison

    Great article! I like that 2008 TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 8

  • Ajay

    DC thanks for the response, I mean Why Brand TAG Heuer is priced so high.In india the brand is expensive and known for Luxury.

  • DC


    That's a a tough question to answer in a few lines. Take a look below at two posts that I wrote when I visited TAG Heuer a couple of years ago- this will give you some feel for the work that goes into making a watch. I was surprised how much of the watch is hand-made- from the case to the work required to fit the hands and the QC work…all done by hand.

    https://www.calibre11.com/tag-heuer-visit-one/ https://www.calibre11.com/tag-heuer-visit-two/