First Look: 2011 Formula 1 Gulf

A couple of weeks ago Calibre 11 showed you a preview from Geneva of several 2011 Formula 1 series models. In addition to those watches, at least one model was kept back- a Gulf-striped Grand Date Formula 1.

This is the first time that the Gulf stripes have been used by TH on a watch other than the Monaco, which makes sense given that the Gulf Monaco has been well and truly covered.

Like the rest of the Grand Date range, the Formula 1 Gulf uses the oversized 44mm case and the quartz Ronda 6004B movement. What sets the watch apart is the dial- the Gulf stripe plus a diamond-shape grid pattern to give the watch a distinctive, almost-but-not-quite Carbon Fibre look.

Formula 1 Gulf- Stripes are back

Like the Monaco Gulf series, the new Formula 1 Gulf has a vertical blue and orange stripe on the dial- but while the coloured stripes on the Monaco are the same width, the Formula 1 Gulf has a much thinner orange stripe.

I like the thinner orange stripe- its a more subtle look than that on the Monaco.

Like other watches in the Formula 1 line, the Gulf version is available with both a rubber strap and a bracelet

Price and Availability

The watch is due in late Q3 2011 with a price around the CHF1,000 mark

2011 Formula 1- Orange

As well as the Gulf Edition, there are also some official shots of the orange Formula 1 models that were first spotted at Geneva in January.

The model below is the 41mm Formula 1 watch with the ETA F06.111 movement.

Available with both a rubber strap and the stainless steel bracelet, the watch will go on sale in June.

2011 Formula 1- Grand Date Orange

Finally, there is the orange Grand Date, with the same movement and case as the Gulf edition

These simple three-hand models are my favourite of the current F1 line- they’re everything the Formula 1 should be- simple, colourful and rugged. The Chronograph versions of the current series are too complex and over-styled for my taste.  Given that the current F1 has been in place since 2005, a revised series can’t be too far away, even if it’s not in 2011.

Until then, I’d expect the Gulf Edition in particular to be popular of the 2011 models- especially for those who collect the Monaco Gulf series.



  • lehri


    east to west TAG is the best .

  • timothee

    what are the prices for the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Gulf

  • tman

    <q cite="These simple three-hand models are my favourite of the current Formula 1 line- they’re everything the Formula 1 should be- simple, colourful and rugged">

    I agree with the author about this. I also like the fact that the grand date is a 44ml watch, which gives it a much better visual appearance.

  • tman

    timothee ->

    the author indicates that the watch will cost around 1000CHF

    "TAG Heuer Formula 1 Grand Date Gulf Edition- Price and Availability

    The Gulf edition is due in late Q3 2011 with a price around the CHF1,000 mark"

  • rajkaran singh

    Awesum watches.

  • candy287

    i love the grande date style. I will definitely save up for the gulf and orange version when it comes to north america. hopefully not over price than the swiss $$

  • Jan Dankbaar

    Still wear my 14 year old F1 chrono with white plate with proud. But the new Gulf looks smashing!

  • Justin Chang

    Lovely read as always DC. The 44mm case for the F1 grand date will make it more striking to wear.

    TAG have gone a bit overkill with the orange theme… First the McLaren MP, Cal 11 Monaco, now the F1's…

    Sadly, I'm personally not sold on the Gulf theme being used on the F1 (Gulf has never had any affiliation with F1 to my knowledge)…

  • tony8911

    I know what's going to replace my '04 F1 now

    @ Justin Chang

    Gulf had an association with McLaren and Brabham in F1 late 60's early 70's

  • Salvador

    Hola Estan muy bonitos los relojes de qur tamaño son?

    Saludos desde Celaya Mexico

  • George

    I would love to see TAG Heuer's take on a high end limited edition F1 watch for fans of both the brand and the sport.

  • DC

    Salvador- Grande Date: 44mm; Basic watch: 41mm

    I'm pleased that TAG Heuer didn't do another Gulf Monaco (although maybe I'm speaking too early). Justin, agree that there is a lot of orange this year..not sure what brought that on.

    George, I'm not sure how TAG Heuer get away with calling this the "Formula 1" given that the official watch of "Formula 1" is now Hublot…am sure that's a question for the lawyers!


  • Justin Chang

    DC – I whole heartedly agree that it's good to see that TAG haven't made another Gulf Monaco (at this stage). I feel that the novelty factor of it has worn off on many possibly only with the exclusion of the Monaco 24.

    Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation (copied from some artsy forum). Maybe this explains the 'out of box' ideas that they have been springing up with lately…?

  • Mark

    I presume the orange for the McLaren comes from the original team colours when it was actually Bruce McLaren's team, before Ron Dennis and Project Four came along and decided grey was a really interesting colour… though they looked ok as rolling Marlboro packets! McLaren often still paint the cars orange during pre-season testing and they look so much better, then the races come along when everyone sees the cars and they revert to dull old grey.

    And I guess TAG-Heuer really liked the impact of the orange on that watch and have gone on a bit of a colour additive binge with it ever since – I'm sure they'll calm down eventually.

  • DC

    Yes, I haven’t see an Orange McLaren F1 car since this one from 2006

    By the way, McLaren haven’t forgotten Bruce-

  • humanomaly


    The orange color associated with Bruce McLaren is known as "Papaya Orange"….the current F1 McLaren/Mercedes team does not paint the cars in the papaya orange every year. However they did do it one year at the release of that year's cars, probably about 10 years ago. I have the little 1:43rd scale metal models of those release cars made by…"I can't remember". I believe the color was actually most strongly associated with Bruce McLaren when he used that color for his Can-Am cars which totally dominated the series for the majority of it's existence, until Porsche came along with their 1300-1500 HP Turbo Can-Am cars. Actually that color is popular again in the street legal exotic "supercars". I'm not certain if it is coincidence or if it is intentional. One thing that shows how dedicated Bruce McLaren was to designing, building and racing was the events involving his death. He died on June 2, 1970…the Monaco F1 race was on May 10, 1970, Bruce raced in it, his car retired. He was killed in Goodwood, England testing a Can-Am car, the M8D…for years I used to wonder what was a Can-Am car doing in Goodwood, England…I guess that McLaren had established Woking, Surrey, UK as home base from as far back as the early 60's. Perhaps he had a North American base for his Can-Am team, but I have not run across it. I suppose I could go check in his biography which I have, but never got around to reading. By the way, in the novel "The War of the Worlds" by H.G. Wells, Woking was the town that the Martians first landed in. I deduce that he was scheduling to start the Can-Am series that year, the first race was June 14th, 4 days after racing in the Monaco Formula One race. Imagine the difference to today's drivers, that test, race, stay in shape….versus the lifestyle of this great racing legend. May his name live on forever in association with the upper echelon of road cars and racing cars.

  • tman

    Any comment or opinion on the Ronda 6004b movement? Anyone familiar with it? do they have any realibility issue etc?

    and also

    Does anyone know what the movement for CAH1110 F1 chrono is called?


  • tman

    Oh i think i have answered my own question about the CAH1110 series. The internal is ETA G10, which apparently is a cheap movement, and unservicable.

  • DC

    The G10 is a widley used quartz movement, and yes, you can't repair the movement.

    Actually, most of the concern I read about this movement is over the fact that its designed to be replaced not repaired- and some taking the next step to say that this implies lower quality. That's an opinion I guess.

    I haven't seen any comments that owners find that the movement is not as accurate or robust as others.

  • Gordon T

    Hi David,

    Great website! I'm curious if you or anyone might know, even if it wasn't a limited numbered edition, about how many Formula 1 Gulf Edition watches were produced?



  • Hi Gordon,

    Not sure on numbers…certainly not many, but I couldn't guess what that translates into.


  • Richard

    Hi All,
    I have purchased an F1 Grande Date Gulf Edition, it is awesome. I have the original, small first F1 model so looked at the new F1 models to replace my old F1 as an everyday wearing cheap watch. Even before I received it, it was removed from the Goldsmiths website and I could not fit it on the Tag website. The only helpful information I could find was here, so this site is cool.
    My questions are; how many years was this model manufactured for, and the numbers manufactured question has been asked a few questions previously.
    Cheers all, glad I found this site,

  • Hi Richard- think it was only made for one year- there was a new TAG Heuer F1 series launched in 2012 that didn't include the Gulf model. No idea on numbers unfortunately


    • Richard

      Thanks DC,
      All interesting information, this watch model could be more collectable than I thought.
      Is this your website?

      • Richard

        Would that be manufactured during 2011 or 2012??