First Look: Formula 1 Quartz Gulf Grand Date (Ref. WAH1013)

A couple of weeks ago Calibre 11 showed you a preview from Geneva of several 2011 Formula 1 series models. In addition to those watches, at least one model was kept back- a Gulf-striped Grand Date Formula 1.

This is the first time that the Gulf stripes have been used by TH on a watch other than the Monaco, which makes sense given that the Gulf Monaco has been well and truly covered.

Like the rest of the Grand Date range, the Formula 1 Gulf uses the oversized 44mm case and the quartz Ronda 6004B movement. What sets the watch apart is the dial- the Gulf stripe plus a diamond-shape grid pattern to give the watch a distinctive, almost-but-not-quite Carbon Fibre look.

Formula 1 Gulf- Stripes are back (Ref. WAH1013)

Like the Monaco Gulf series, the new Formula 1 Gulf has a vertical blue and orange stripe on the dial- but while the coloured stripes on the Monaco are the same width, the Formula 1 Gulf has a much thinner orange stripe.

I like the thinner orange stripe- its a more subtle look than that on the Monaco.

Like other watches in the Formula 1 line, the Gulf version is available with both a rubber strap and a bracelet

Price and Availability

The watch is due in late Q3 2011 with a price around the CHF1,000 mark

Formula 1- Orange

As well as the Gulf Edition, there are also some official shots of the orange Formula 1 models that were first spotted at Geneva in January.

The model below is the 41mm Formula 1 watch with the ETA F06.111 movement.

Available with both a rubber strap and the stainless steel bracelet, the watch will go on sale in June.

Formula 1- Grand Date Orange

Finally, there is the orange Grand Date, with the same movement and case as the Gulf edition

These simple three-hand models are my favourite of the current F1 line- they’re everything the Formula 1 should be- simple, colourful and rugged. The Chronograph versions of the current series are too complex and over-styled for my taste.  Given that the current F1 has been in place since 2005, a revised series can’t be too far away, even if it’s not in 2011.

Until then, I’d expect the Gulf Edition in particular to be popular of the 2011 models- especially for those who collect the Monaco Gulf series.