First Look: 2011 TAG Heuer Monaco McQueen Editions

As the year starts to wind down, there are still a few new models to come from TAG Heuer, including this pair of McQueen Monaco’s. Just as earlier this year, TAG announced Silver and Orange Monaco twins (one in the classic Monaco case and the other a Monaco 24), this time we have two Blue editions named after the man who has become the face of the TAG Heuer Monaco- Steve McQueen.

These watches are interesting not just because of their designs, but also because they are the first of a new range of watches that you will only be able to buy from TAG Heuer Boutiques.

Steve McQueen and the Heuer Monaco

Unless you’re new  to the Monaco series, you’ll be very familiar with the link to Steve McQueen, who wore the Blue with white sub-dials Heuer 1133B Monaco in the movie Le Mans. Since the watch was brought back in 1997, McQueen has been the face of the series.

Monaco Twenty Four McQueen

The first of the new watches is the Monaco Twenty Four McQueen. The design uses the standard 40.5mm Monaco 24 case, but replaces the Orange “shock absorbers” with Blue. The dial is a combination of the traditional McQueen template of a blue dial, with the stripes used on the Gulf Monaco series that take their inspiration from McQueen’s race suit you see above. The McQueen 24 uses a blue Crocodile strap, with white stitching and a red inner-lining (not visible in this photo). Overall the design looks great, although I would have made the dial even closer to the McQueen colors by using an entirely blue dial and white sub-dials..and dropping the stripes, which admittedly are quite subtle on this watch. I can tell you that the design has changed from an earlier prototype that  I saw this year: the four small Triangular areas near the screws on the dial were silver on that version, but look better here in Blue. A small change, but all these small details make a difference. The Twenty Four McQueen is the third watch in the Monaco 24 series, and the second that we’ve seen this year after the Twenty-Four Racing we showed you a few months back.