Up Close: TAG Heuer Monza Calibre 36

TAG Heuer has brought back the Monza for 2011, with this limited edition Calibre 36 Chronograph shown today at Baselworld 2011. While the case design is almost identical to the original 2000 re-edition, the dial design introduces a new heritage concept.

Most TAG re-edition watches to date have drawn their inspiration from the 1960s and 1970s, but the new Monza goes a lot further back: to the manual-wind Chronographs and stop-watches of the 1910-1930 period. It’s a welcome change, although one that I suspect could be more polarising than the 1960/70s design-theme, simply because very few people know much about the Chronographs produced in that earlier era.

In fact, so little is known about these watches that for the last 10 years, most writers- including me- have described the 2000 Heuer Monza re-edition as a Camaro re-edition with the name lifted from the Carrera-based Monza of the 1970s. As you’ll see below, there is much more to the design that this.

1933 Heuer Chronograph

The true inspiration for the new Monza is this manual-wind, single button Chronograph from 1933. The case design of the 1933 was replicated almost perfectly for the 2000 Re-edition Monza- the same cushion-case design with its polished outer ring and brushed metal-finish on the top bezel. The lug design is identical and even the crown is inspired by this early Chronograph.

As well as the version that you see above, Heuer also made a black-dial version with a different hand-set. These are lovely little watches- only 33mm in diameter. The Chronograph is operated by the single-push button at the end of the crown.

2000 Monza Re-edition

The re-edition of 2000 (below right) is one of my favourite watches, and I wore mine daily for more than 5 years. As I mentioned earlier in the article, when the Monza was released, some collectors grumbled that the watch didn’t look like the 1970s Monza (“so why is it called Monza?”and in fact wasn’t really a re-edition (“it’s sort of like a Heuer Camaro“)- but while the former may be true, we simply got the later wrong. In fact, the Monza was a re-edition, but a re-edition of a much earlier watch than the Camaro.

To see more photos of the 2000 Re-edition Monza with the 1933 Chronograph, click here.

2011 Monza Chronograph Calibre 36 Re-edition Ref. CR5112

The original TAG Heuer Monza was a solid-seller for the company in the early 2000s. CEO Jean Christophe Babin explained that the only reason that the range was discontinued in 2004 was because the company decided to focus on fewer models, and chose between keeping the Monza or the Monaco. As much as I love my Monza, you’d have to say the right decision was made.

While the Silverstone re-edition was collector-driven, the Monza was made because the original watch was popular with consumers, and apparently would often ask dealers when the model was coming back.

As you can see, with the exception of the dial and hand design, the watches share the same 38mm case

When looking at the design inspiration for the 2011 Monza, the design template of the 1933 Chronograph is not the only example of Heuer having used this style. Below are two time-pieces that I saw this week at the TAG Heuer Museum-manual-wind Chronographs from 1916 and 1930 respectively:


The watch uses the fabulous Calibre 36 (El Primero), which is nicely displayed through a see-through case-back. Like the 40th anniversary Monaco and Silverstone re-edition, the watch features the Red Heuer logo on a decorated rotor.

Pricing and Availability

The watch is a limited edition of 1,911 watches, with deliveries expected in June 2011. Expect price to be around CHF 8,000



  • Enrico

    David, priceless you having found out the origin of the Monza re-issue. I really like that case and I'm happy to know it's exact design is almost 100 years old ! Congrats again for your great articles.

  • Howard

    Love the 2011 Monza Cal 36. Back in 2000, I was waiting for a Cal 36 Monza, would have been the Black/Black, I assume…I was told by a salesman that it wasn't in Tag Heuer's plans any longer, so I went ahead and bought the "Camaro"…I sold it to my nephew for half it's value and he kept it for probably 7-8 years, before he sold it, pristine and as immaculate as new. The 2011 Monza Calibre 36 is perking my interest.

  • DC – two TagHeuers i like in one day!

    I have a white one of the late 90s chrono re-editions that my wife bought me for an engagement present, gets wrist time when my Monacos are sleeping…and started my Heuer obsession.

    I particularily like the size of the numbering, the hands and the creamy yellow lume.

    Love the fact that we were all wrong about the re-edition, we were only a few years out 😉

    Enjoy Basel

    Rich http://www.heuermonaco.co.uk

  • Howard


    DC…here's a sad story…I found this, I guess this gent has the box with the carbon fibre, the spindle, but no watch….he does put a picture of the watch, so he's done my work for the day….he's trying to sell the remains, if I were him, I would be patient and hung, or just put a Ti5 in there and call it a day. The original watch went onto the wrist of someone who doesn't appreciate the value of collectibles…..

  • Mark

    Very interesting David, especially to see where the case originated…so why is it called a Monza again?! 🙂

  • tman

    Only 1,911 pcs will be made available, how hard would it be to get yr hands on one of these?

    Would Tag Heuer sell these Monzas really quickly? or do i have to start saving up now?? lol

  • DC

    – Thanks Enrico

    – Howard, I remembered the post you made the other day about wanting a Calibre 36 Monza- they've made this just for you!

    – Careful Rich, who knows where this could lead? And yes, we did all get it wrong about the Camaro

    – Mark, you're right. To annoy the purists further, they should have called it the "Modena"

    – Tman, yes, I think they'll sell fast. Divide that number by all the markets, and its only a few pre country.


  • tom

    Tman – do you live in the U.K?

    I called Goldsmiths, and they are getting 150 of them. I reserved mine with a 20% deposit.

    Lovely watch!

  • DC

    OK, ad time: If you live in the US, why not try Topper Jewelers, or if you are in the UK, try Time2..it's thanks to their support that Calibre 11 keeps running, so drop them and e-mail…make sure you tell them that you are a Calibre 11 reader;)

    Ad over.


  • tman

    thanks TOM , i am in Australia, any idea of the final pricing of it?

  • Cowboy Bebop

    This monza will definitely be on my list for next season.

  • Stephen

    I've spoken with two ADs in Los Angeles. Neither had any idea that this watch was coming. One was sharp enough to remember the watch as "discontinued," and when I told him it was being re-issued, immediately asked "was it at the [Baselworld] show?" When I told him yes, and I was hoping it would arrive in the U.S. in time for my birthday in late May, he said that he'd guess it would take several weeks longer than that.

  • DC

    Stephen, a disappointing response- TAG Heuer only showed two new watches at Basel (putting aside the Mikrotimer)- how hard can it be to at least know what is coming?

    Anyway, sadly I think he's right- maybe July at the earliest?


  • El Tee

    This Monza arrived at the Authorized Dealer (Central Europe) this week; he received just the one: apparently El Primero mechanism. Priced just under €5.000.

    The watch itself looks like a modern antique.

  • DC

    Thanks for the update El Tee

  • Robin

    I bought number 10. It's gorgeous!

  • Cowboy Bebop

    David, I put a deposit one, just a few days ago and put it on lay away. I'm going to finish paying it off tomorrow or wednesday. Did some hunting in the US. I can't wait to see how it looks in person also, what number I get =)

  • DC

    Nice- looking forward to seeing some real-world photos guys

  • Scott

    Thanks for the Monza history DC. I have the same model in your photos that you wore for 5 years but with the white face and black crocodile strap (2000 Heuer Monza re-edition CR2111 Z…) I've kept the original plastic covering the back still on it and kept it safely stored in a safe for the past several years to keep it out of harms way.

    A jeweler tried to tell me this afternoon that since my watch didn't say Tag above the Heuer that it wasn't worth as much and offered me only $1000. Having been purchased for $8000 in Dubai in 2001 and only worn it for less than 24 hrs in total since new I certainly declined and wasn't going to part with it for that. From what I read online there was only 5000 made. Any idea what it's worth? Suggestions as to what I should do with it? It's a gorgeous timepiece and it's got some pretty big sentimental value to me but it's too nice to be sitting unworn for this long.

  • Scott

    I am in Canada by the way so the $8000 paid new is the CDN $ conversion. The exact model shown on this UK based website link but mine is much much better condition and without any dings, dents, dirt or scratches.


  • DC

    Hi Scott,

    Hah, well that jeweler is clearly misinformed. As you'd know, the Heuer logo are used now for limited edition watches, and so are generally more valuable rather than less (although I guess that "Heuer" isn't well known as a brand in all markets).

    Are you sure on the original price? That is big, big money. I bought mine for maybe USD2500 brand new from an AD back in 2001. $8000 just doesn't sound right. Even the Calibre 36 model was around $5-6000 mark at the time

    I don't follow the second-hand price of these closely, but a genuine New Old Stock Monza might sell for $2000-2500…so makes sense that dealer will want to buy for less than this. You'll never get a great price from a dealer relative to selling it yourself, because they need to make a profit.


  • Scott

    Thanks DC. I know many items are priced a bit higher in the Emirates when converting dirhams to dollars but then again I have seen the same 2000 Monzas on websites today posted retail at $7500 and marked down to about $5500 and others for around $2000-2500 like you said yet have never seen them available or in stock at this price so I’m not sure what to make of it.

    This is the CR2111 and seems to be the most copied model of the Monzas I see online that they sell replicas of.

    Do you happen to know where the FC6161 is or what that means for all the CR2111.FC6161 models shown online? On the back of my Monza it says Heuer engraved in the logo then below it is the debossed plate in the center with CR2111 and directly below it is also 2 letters and 4 numbers but it’s not FC6161 like most of all the models appearing to be the same and are for sale online…under that plate it says By TAGHeuer.

    I imagine CR may stand for Crocodile as that is what this model’s band is made of but I haven’t seen FC6161 anywhere on it and was wondering if those numbers can be officially traced back to Tag Heuer as the model number it was listed as in full or is this the serial number that all the replicas have?

  • Scott

    Sorry David..reread my own post and realized CR is most likely for chronograph but the FC6161 is listed by so many people posting under both the authentics and replicas and figured they had to get that from somewhere and the Tag Heuer site doesn't seem to have any info on the older discontinued Monza. … Do you still have yours or know where FC6161 comes from? Thanks again David.

  • Scott

    Thanks so much again David. You have a great website here and have been more than kind and a lot of help. I have a new found added appreciation for my Monza, and for much of the Tag Heuer lineup.

    My first Tag Heuer was given to me by a watchmaker and jewelry store owner friend of my fathers for my 16th birthday. It was a second hand 1984 Diver model I believe. (Looked kind of like a Rolex Submariner) I’m telling you this because this is where I first learned how well built watches they were. His son (14 or 15) and I (16) were working in the shop by ourselves one day, receiving and filling out watch repair and new battery orders, selling watches and jewelry etc, and cleaning dirty watch parts for his Dad in the ultrasonic machine…well we decided to drop my Tag in there since it was good for so deep in the water and I wanted it as shiny as possible. To make a long story short we had my Tag Diver in there getting blasted for about 5 minutes. When his father came back we showed him how clean it was and his eyes popped out. “You put it in the ultrasonic????” he said in shock, surprise and a bit of curiosity. The watch was cleaner than ever and still worked perfectly. He said “If it was any other watch but a Tag Heuer, it wouldn’t be working anymore.”

    All the best and thanks again.


  • DC

    No problems Scott.

    Sounds like your other watch is a TAG Heuer 1000- a great watch and still plenty around, which is testament to how tough they are.



  • Adam

    Hi David,
    Incredible review on the history of the Monza and its forebears, once again you have done a remarkable write up, an absolute joy to read. With the Zenith El-Primero movement this is to me a truly special watch, and if I hadn’t just purchased a blue Silverstone re-edition to add to my 40th Anniversary Monaco I’d surely be placing an order for one of these today. There’s something about the colours and the 30’s font type that makes me swoon… In any event I will be hoping that my local AD in Adelaide has one allocated to them and that it sits on the shelves for a while, for if that’s the case I will undoubtedly be adding this instead of a Siffert Autavia re-edition to the (growing) collection in the new year! Do you know if these have dropped in Australian stores yet, and if so what they are retailing for? I would expect in the vicinity of 5 figures like most of the LE re-editions, am I close?
    Great work, I am so glad I stumbled across your site, please keep the amazing content coming.

  • Adam

    I feel obliged to update my last post, I had a look in my AD today, sure enough hiding at the back of the display without any fanfare was the Monza re-edition, easily missed so I don’t feel bad for not seeing it before. Very pretty, but quite a bit smaller than I was expecting, and certainly not a big presence even on my fairly small wrist. Very light to hold too, lacking the weight and feel I was hoping for. Not to say I am disappointed, but I am certainly glad I got the Silverstone, which feels just right on the wrist and looks a treat. Calibre 36 movement was a delight to see through the clear backing though. Retail price is AU$7950, no 30% off like there was on my Silverstone, however the Monza has only arrived recently and my AD are developing a reputation (at least with me) of not being able to shift stock at full retail and then putting them on sale around the time I decide to wander past and see what’s in stock – a conspiracy I’m sure, but nobody’s complaining yet (except maybe my wife). Would I have bought the Monza over the Silverstone if they were both reduced (making Monza AU$650 cheaper than Silverstone)? Probably not. Would I buy Monza next year if AD still has it and is offering it for around AU$5000? Tempting. Not sure. This will take quite a lot of mulling over. What about a Siffert Autavia re-edition or an earlier release Cal 36 Monza, either for a lot less than this Monza new? Again, very tempting options, both of them. Too many decisions, too many fine watches, not enough wrists…

  • DC

    Thanks for the info Adam. I didn't know that these had arrived in Australia yet.

    Yes, lots of options. Of the eralier Monza's, I prefer the first Calibre 17 "Heuer" model to the Calibre 36, even though you don't get the Calibre 36 movement….but I'm biased because that's the one that I have.

    Not sure if you've seen the article here on the Autavia re-edition: https://www.calibre11.com/tag-heuer-autavia-what-w

    While they weren't great sellers at the time, they do look good, and there seems to be more interest these days…

    Like you say, too many choices!


  • Adam

    DC you've mentioned recently that an AD in Melbourne still has a Siffert colours Autavia re-edition in stock, do you happen to recall the price? Nicholas Hacko has a nice quality pre-owned, would be interesting to compare prices between brand new stock and very fine condition second hand, particularly for a potential customer such as myself.

    And yes, read your "what went wrong" article, I mentioned in an earlier post that that was how I found out about your website, by googling Autavias!



  • DC

    Hi Adam- I don't, but I think it was a "full price"- i.e. they hadn't discounted it because it was 7 years old!

    I did see the watch that Nick is selling- thought it looked pretty good.


  • Adam

    Quick update, spoke with my AD today, Monza is gone already! Brown Silverstone still available though at discount.

  • DC

    Interesting- wonder how many came to Australia?

  • Alex Hill

    Hi all,

    this is my first message as i’ve just discovered this site after being lucky enough to find and purchase an Heuer Monza 2011 limited edition caibre 36. It’s absolutely beautiful and very proud to be an owner.

    The reason for getting in touh is i have one slight concern. The crown doesn’t seem to screw down fully against the watch casing like most water proof watches do. It’s final position is basically where it allows you to wind the watch, but cannot be screwed down any further. I’ve never owned a Tag before so when questioning the jeweller (who with all due respect didn’t seem a watch expert) he claimed it was standard for this model and it was because it’s only got a 100m depth water proofing, as opposed to more standard 200m watches which do therefore have a full screw down crown. He claimed that the rubber seels were enough to carry out the water proofing to this depth sufficiently, therefore it was nothing to worry about.

    Not that i’m intending to take it into water, but i wondered if anyone could help put my mind at rest as i can’t find any literature on this anywhere else.

    Many thanks and i’d also just like to say how interesting i have foud this site – keep up the great work!

    Thanks in advance,
    Alex Hill (Sheffield – UK)

  • DC

    Hi Alex,

    Welcome- always great to have a new reader.

    I have the black model used in the photos above, and agree that the crown doesn't crew down as far as it might on say an Aquaracer.

    Without looking at the watch its hard to know for sure, but I would get it checked out by someone who does know the watches well- would be a terrible result to damage the watch unintentionally, and have to say that the advice you've been given sounds a bit sketchy.


  • Alex Hill

    Many thanks David,

    i think you're right, wouldn't hurt to consult an expert. Muxh apreciate your swift reswponse an look forward to further reading of the site.

    Thanks again,


  • Alex Hill

    Hi there,

    I mailed a couple of months ago regarding my recent purchase of an Heuer Monza 2011 limited edition caibre 36. I've kept it boxed and un-worn up until now as i'm wondering if it'd be worth keeping in top condition to sell on at some point, given it's a limited edition and they seem to be selling fast. I also managed to get it for a good price so i'd welcome people's opinion on whether they aniticpate it being worth more than it's original RRP in time to come and once all the 1911 models have been sold worldwide.

    Many thanks in advance.


    • DC

      Hi Alex,

      I haven't seen any in dealers, so I guess they are selling well.

      I doubt that it would be worth more than RRP today (no watches are)…you'd need to keep it for at least the medium-term before making a call on whether it would have appreciated.

      The fact that they kept the run down to 1911 watches will help…but like everything it will come down to demand and supply.

      For what it's worth, I'd wear the watch, enjoy it and if you find its worth good money in 5 years time, you can move it on.


  • Alex Hill

    Thanks David, your response is much appreciated. I think you're right, it's such a good looking watch that i'd find it hard to part with so soon anyway!

    Unless anyone out there fancies making me an offer…!?!

    thanks again David,


  • nitish

    i want to sell my tag monza calibr36…condition like new.

    [details removed]

  • DC

    Hi Nitish,

    We're not really set-up for "For Sale" messages at Calibre 11- please try posting your message at either Chronocentric or WatchuSeek who both have dedicated Sales forums.