First Look: Carrera 1887 Ceramic 43mm

While the Bullhead Jack Heuer Carrera 1887 may have taken centre-stage at yesterday’s model launch, the most important new Carrera to be launched this year from a sales perspective is without question the TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 Ceramic bezel 43mm.

This is effectively an update to the popular Carrera Calibre 16 Day-Date 43mm, but unfortunately the loss of  the Date function has meant that the new model needs a new name (and one that could be confused with the Carrera 1887 43mm). While at first the design appears little changed from the Carrera Day-Date, the new watch has a host of small improvements that add up to a nice upgrade.

Remember our review of the Calibre 16 version back in 2011? We suggested a few changes that TAG Heuer should think about for the next model (i.e. this one)- take a look and see how we did (spoiler alert: less than a 50% strike rate..but not 0%).

Black Dial (CAR2A10)

TAG Heuer CARRERA CALIBRE 1887_CERAMIC BEZEL_43MM_CAR2A10.FC6235Starting off the new range is the Black dial model which sports the new Ceramic bezel. Expect that the differences between ceramic and the previous steel bezel to be clearer in the flesh, with ceramic bezels typically having a cool, “glassy” look that catches the eye more than the traditional steel/ aluminium.

Like the Carrera Day-Date (which this new model replaces), the dial is dominated by three sub-dials and the double-digit Arabic numerals that mark out the minutes.

TAG Heuer CARRERA CALIBRE 1887_CERAMIC BEZEL_43MM_CAR2A10.BA0799TAG Heuer have also upgraded the bracelet on the new model, replacing the traditional “5 link” bracelet with the “H” pattern bracelet from the Grand Carrera series. It helps give the Carrera ceramic 43mm a fresh look as another point of difference.

Powering the watch is TAG Heuer’s Calibre 1887 movement, replacing the ETA-sourced 7750. The movement is visible through a clear sapphire caseback- smoked sapphire on the Racing model (see below).

Anthracite Dial (CAR2A11)

TAG Heuer CARRERA CALIBRE 1887_CERAMIC BEZEL_43MM_CAR2A11.BA079912 months ago we declared Anthracite to be “the colour of 2012”. Looks like we were wrong, because the second 2013 Carrera Ceramic 1887 model sports an Anthracite dial, which looks fantastic.

Anthracite-colour straps can look a little like a washed-out Grey (missing the sunburst pattern that gives the dial such a vibrant colour), so in this case it’s the bracelet version that gets our vote.


Carrera 1887 Racing- Black Dial Titanium (CAR2A80)

TAG Heuer CARRERA CALIBRE 1887_RACING CHRONOGRAPH_43MM_CAR2A80.FC6237_2The hero model in the range is the Racing model, which features a sand-blasted titanium case.

The contrast between the “Full Black” look and  the bright red looks great- and while you can’t see it clearly in these photos, the Arabic numerals are Black Gold rather than polished steel, as is the date window.


Comparison with Calibre 16 Day-Date

Calibre 16 vs. Calibre 1887The photo above shows the 2013 Carrera 1887 Ceramic 43mm on the left, while on the right we have the 2012 Carrera Calibre 16 Day-Date 43mm.

It’s obvious that we’re not talking about wholesale changes, for example, the new model has:

  • Ceramic bezel vs. Steel
  • Date only vs. Day-Date
  • Moved the TAG Heuer logo where the Date used to be
  • Dropped the “100 Meters” script
  • New “H-Link” bracelet
  • TAG Heuer’s Calibre 1887 in place of ETA 7750 (“Calibre 16”)

Our main concern with the Day-Date  was the thickness of  the case, something that may not have changed much, as the Calibre 1887 is no light-weight. We look forward to getting the two watches together to see TAG Heuer has managed to shave off a few millimeters.

Price and Availability

TAG Heuer CARRERA CALIBRE 1887_CERAMIC BEZEL_43MM_CAR2A10.BA0799_3We understand that the two stainless steel models will start at close to CHF5,000 (Swiss Francs) and will be available mid-year. Expect a premium of ~5% for the Racing version, which is likely to follow a few months later.

Note that there is no White-dial version at the moment- just Black and Anthracite, in keeping with TAG Heuer’s current strategy of fewer dial colours and model variations.

Fans of larger, sporty Carrera will love the new model, with those wanting a more refined and dressy watch having the option of the other 43mm Carrera 1887.


  • Philmo

    Agree with you Victor re the bracelet – looks like an evolution from both current F1 and Aquaracer to me and brings the whole range to a “family” look. Less fussy than the outgoing Carrera 5 row but equally classy, especially in the proportions.
    The dial however is not for me – the leader of the class IMHO is still the 1887 V2 – both the black and the ivory. The new dial is too fussy with detail in and around the subdials and why do adults need the minute numerals?
    Also the external “tacky” meter – can’t this be relegated to a range of sports watches for those who really need it?
    When did you last check your average speed over a measured distance, in your yatch, plane, race car, daily runner? I’ll give odds it’s “never”!
    Having got that off my chest I have to say the ceramic of the bezel, introduction of matt finished case, continuation of anthracite colouring, including the strap and the new bracelet are all aesthetically pleasing and practical steps forward. The subtle sunburst is also good.
    I rest my (watch) case!

  • Victor Lopez

    Oh my God, very, very awesome and the new bracelet is like the HEUER AUTAVIA bracelets of the latest 70´s, very beautiful. I want it !!

  • Great improvement on the older model, I never really liked the day function on that watch. Thanks for the article.

  • Mark

    Philmo, I have no issue with a tachy scale but agree that it should not be external on a Carrera – no vintage Carrera ever had an external bezel after all.

    I like the 1887 v2 too, and am quite taken with the new blue-dialled 1887 too – keep an eye out for those when they make it into the wild. Your subtle sunburst needs will be well served with that one 🙂

  • Philmo

    Cheers Mark

    Good to meet another V2 fan, not too many of us about!

    I guess the internal tachy of the V3 was barely tolerable, but was never keen on the two emphasised subdial scales – too bling!

    I like too the new matt dial.

    Has the blue 1887 been the subject of a pre-release review?



  • Nick

    I am in love with the Racing model. I hope it's not too pricy because I want one.

  • Sir Beezer

    Is there a street date announced for this product? A few local jewelers know nothing about this specific model.

  • Very soon Beezer- I was lucky enough to borrow a couple of these for a week and have a review coming up this weekend


  • Nick K

    Any word if the thickness has changed for the new model?

  • Hi Nick- slimmer…but only by a fraction

  • Sir Beezer

    Thanks DC, looking forward to your thoughts/review.

  • Nick K

    thanks Dave – look forward to your upcoming review.

    Is this new model likely to effect the price of the day date at all?

  • Hi Nick, no, I doubt it. I believe that the Day-Date will continue to be sold alongside the new model, at least for a while.