Up close- TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 Day-Date

Among the new releases at Baselworld, TAG Heuer has quietly updated one of its best-selling global models- the Carrera Calibre 16 Tachymeter Chronograph. The most obvious change to the revised model is the addition of a Day window on the Calendar, which is framed by an angled silver window.

Given that the 2012 Carrera Calibre 16 Day-Date has been updated for 2013 with the Calibre 1887 (losing the day functionality), this new watch is now the sole Day-Date model in the Carrera range.

While the majority of the 2013 Carrera range now features a Ceramic bezel, the Calibre 16 twins retain their aluminium bezels.

The Calibre 16 (likely to be a combination of the ETA 7750 and the Sellita SW-500) powers the revised Chronograph, which sits behind the Fangio-themed case-back design that you see below.

CV2010 Fangio back


There are two models in the revised range- the Black & Red themed dial (Carrera Racing) above and a Black & White model. It’s not just the colours that set these two apart: the former with a radial pattern around the outside of the dial, which looks great set against the Silver day-date window and the new applied TAG Heuer logo.

Comparison with old Model

Above you see the older CV2014 (left) and the new CV201AH (right). The new models offers revised hour markers, an applied TAG Heuer logo and an applied “Carrera Automatic” text rather than the printed dial of the old model.

Alert eyes will also notice the revised design of the 9 o’clock sub-dial. The changes are minor, but do help to simplify the overall look as well as making room for t he Day-Date window.

Carrera Calibre 16 Day Date CV201AH

The Carrera Racing Calibre 16 above comes on either the Rubber strap (as above), or a new 5-row stainless steel bracelet- the same one offered on the Carrera 1887 41mm. As regular readers will expect, we’ll take this one on the rubber strap, which suits the sporting character well.

Carrera Calibre 16 Day Date CV201AG

The second model uses a flat-Black dial and Silver hands- a monochrome contrast to the Red and Black alternative.

Pricing and Availability

Expect the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 Tachymetre Day-Date to make its way into the stores over the next few months gradually over the next couple of months- no official word on pricing, but given the moderate number of changes over the existing model, we’d expect prices to remain the same, save for the usual annual increase that applies across the whole range.

50 Years of Carrera

The TAG Heuer Carrera 16 day Date is part of the 50th anniversary range of TAG Heuer’s most famous model- the Carrera. Click on the image below to learn all about the history of the Carrera and see the entire 2013 Carrera range.

50 Years Carrera


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  • Steve

    I think Tag missed a real opportunity with the 50th anniversary to finally offer a model worthy of the beauty, simplicity and overall iconic design of the original 60's era Carrera.

    This is a subtle update to the old Carrera Tachy, but IMO it still suffers from an ill proportioned case (unnecessarily thick case and lugs that are too short) I felt the crystal on the old model distorted the dial (compare to the much improved one for the 1887 Carrera) and aluminum bezel is too flimsy/cheap (for a $4500 watch).

    Just like the old model, looks fantastic in the press photos, but not so much on the wrist.

    Again, excuse my disappointment

  • Hi Steve,

    Do you mean a re-edition, or more a modern "vintage" look? I would have been a fan of the second, but I do feel that the Carrera re-edition has been done- plus, there was the vintage-look Carrera from last year.

    Also agree on the case- Hopefully the Calibre 1888 will allow for slimmer cases.


  • DM

    I'm normally one for the simpler things but I really like the double baton look of those new markers.

    Not sure how I feel about the size of the Carrera range now with the Heritage, 1887 and tachy model as well as the different 41 and 43mm model differences as well.

    Maybe it will make more sense when all of the existing "previous" models are phased out and only the new models are there.

    In fact, an over-view of the Carrera model range sounds like a good article.

  • Steve

    Definitely a modern look that takes the 60s Carrera as inspiration. I believe the current 1887 Carrera models are the closest, but feel more like dress watches. I still don't understand the reason for the case thickness, my vintage Tudor 'big block' chrono is only 14.3mm thick and that includes an acrylic crystal and the deeper 7750 movement.

  • Agree Steve- no doubt that some of the thickness is for style rather than necessity

  • Oliver

    I'd love to know your thoughts on when this watch might be updated with the 1887 movement. Could we see this happening next year already?

    I'm new to the premium watch game, looking to buy my first Tag Heuer which I have more or less decided would be the 41mm Carrera Tachymetre. In researching the different watches, however, I've seen a lot of posts about how Tag is moving towards using its own in-house 1887 movement. Having just switched the 43mm version this year, can we expect them to do the same with the 41mm next year?

    I'm in no real hurry to buy, and I see this as a long term investment — my current watch, a Seiko divers SKX007, continues to serve me well after 16 years of service — so I would rather hold off the purchase if there was an expectation that the 41mm would be transitioned sooner rather than later. I also think the saphhire back on the 1887 models is much, much nicer than the Fangio-themed case-back design which is another reason to wait.


  • Hi Oliver,

    Yes, in time you'd think that the watch will get the Calibre 1887…but whether that's 12, 24, 36 or more months away is impossible to know. Given that TAG Heuer have only just shown this new version, you'd think that it was a while away. Also note that the Calibre 1887 doesn't yet offer a day-date complication.

    So, while I don't have any specific information, the fact that there is a new model in 2013 means that it will be a while before the next movement change.



  • KJ on Carrera1887

    David, do you think this rubber strap would fit Carrera 1887 41mm CAR2110?

    • Yes, it should…both 41mm case. Best check before you buy, as they\’re not cheap!