First Look: Carrera Carbon 1887 Concept

First Look: Carrera Carbon 1887 Concept

Last Updated on June 22, 2019 by Calibre 11

TAG Heuer have taken the look of the recently announced Carrera Jack Heuer 1887 Chronograph and added a touch of Formula 1 technology with the Geneva 2013 concept watch- the Carrera Carbon 1887. In addition to a newly designed dial, the main party trick of the concept watch is its case- which tips the scales at an amazing 19 grams.



DSC_9383The Carbon Carrera uses the same Bullhead Chronograph design as the Mikrogirder and Jack Heuer Carrera 1887, but with an all-black carbon dial with applied silver Arabic numerals.

The stealth design is complemented by an all-black treated alligator leather strap, and the only elements breaking up the all-black look being a few flashes of red


TAG_Heuer_CALIBRE_1887Powering the Carrera Carbon is TAG Heuer’s Calibre 1887, which is finally being rolled out across more of the TAG Heuer range as production capacity builds up almost 3 years after the first movements rolled off the production line.

Carbon Case

TH-CONCEPT-SEDUC-JPEG-V2The real party trick of the Carbon Carrera is the case, which is made from what TAG Heuer call a carbon matrix composite. Why Carbon? Two reasons that are the same reasons that the material is used in Formula 1 monocoques- strength and lightness. Take a look at the weight of the key components:

  • Case: 10.5g
  • Caseback: 4.35g
  • 2 blade horns (lugs): 2.77g
  • Bezel: 1.23g

That adds up to 19 grams, which is next to nothing. Of course, you need to add the weight of the movement and the strap, but consider that the “lightweight” Aquaracer 500m weights about 98 grams, while the similar steel Aquaracer 500m watch weighs about 130 grams.

And yes, the Carbon Carrera will wear significantly better- and scratch less- than a steel, or even titanium case, given its inherent hardness.

Price and Availability

TH-CONCEPT-CHAMPIGNON-JPEG-BLACKTechnically a concept watch, there seems little reason why the new watch wouldn’t go into production if the demand is there. Yes, the manufacturing process to create the case is highly complex, but there would seem to be fewer barriers to production than other recent concepts.

No official word on price yet, but we hear that its likely to be approximately double the price of the Jack Heuer 1887 Bullhead- so around CHF12-14,000.