2013 TAG Heuer Geneva Show Wrap

It was a busy week in Geneva, with many people crowding in town for the SIHH show. Perhaps sensible, then, for TAG Heuer to decamp a little further from the centre and have their exhibition to celebrate 50 years of the Carrera in the less well-trodden Sécheron.

In fact, on arriving, we were wondering if we were in the right place at all. The area can’t seem to make up its mind whether it’s light industrial or residential and the approach to the event venue was very unimposing. Still, we hoped we were on the right track by following the distinctive posters.

On entering, we were greeted by a 3D projection over a McLaren MP-12C that was interesting. Had we stayed a little longer, we would have seen Jack Heuer climbing in and “driving” off but that was something we saw later, being keen to get inside.

At reception, it was clear that we were in the right place:  GreeterA[1]


Great choice of watches there, and they seemed to really appreciate what they had.

Carrying on, we were greeted by another McLaren, this time an F1, but then on to the event proper. TAG Heuer had a number of artworks, inspired by other artists, but the first that caught my eye was a play on Robert Indiana’s “LOVE” statues, having seen examples in Shinjuku, Tokyo and on Avenue of the Americas (or Sixth Ave., as many New Yorkers prefer).






Or this piece made from compressed movements, cases and dials, inspired by César Baldaccini.


  • Philmo

    Thankyou guys!
    What a great event – TH just forge from strength to strength!
    Some powerful and thoughtfully developed features delivered here, but do you know what – I have to regretfully admit there isn’t one whole watch which shouts and tells me I’ve gotta have it! (maybe the carbon BH!)
    Great idea to celebrate the 50 years and demonstrate the design bridges across the lapse in continuity in the lives of the two great named model ranges, whilst revealing new materials, techniques and ideas. Is this just the beginning of a renaisance of the “names”? That’s a lovely old Carrera, Mark, in the black, with discrete internal tachy (both the 1000 and 3000 Black Corals are amongst my favourites). Got the look of a Cortina in it. Note also the 3 row bracelet bridging to the 1887 Ceramic new bracelet.
    Sorry I’m Not keen on the JA – the sandwich dial proportions aren’t right and subs overlapping sandwich top layer spell “afterthought” or “unfinished” to me. Bit like the 6000 sandwich which never did it for me either.
    For me the big pluses : Carbon bullhead shabby chic or distressed look I can wear with old cords and suedes! Monaco PVD rises again! Ceramic bezel. The Blue. Anthracite sunburst. 3 row bracelet.
    Apologies to those who are now yawning, though it’s a reflection of the amount of ground covered by this event.
    Thankyou again M&DC

  • robert Johnson

    the Jack heuer 50th anniversary watch is awesome. do you know how much it will cost in the UK? also what do you mean by a 3-6-9 bullhead movement?I'm not to sure about the carbon edition, in some of the photos it looks dirty but I'm sure it would look awesome in the flesh !!
    when will they both be out for sale ?

  • Mark

    UK prices are yet to be confirmed Robert, but it will be just north of CHF 7000, so probably somewhere around £5000 for us in the UK. On sale dates are a bit vague too, but the steel/titanium version is only being made in 2013, so I imagine they'd want to get them out as soon as possible to maximise sales.

    3-6-9 because the chronograph registers are at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock, a classical layout compared to the 6-9-12 of most of their current watches. And bullhead because the pushers for the chrono are at the top, rather than at the side. Unusual layout, but it's quite comfortable to wear.

    We'll have an extended piece on the carbon watch here soon, with more photos so you can make more of a call on it then. I'd urge anyone to see it and try it on for themselves though, you're never going to get the full effect from photos and that bullhead layout might need trying out in person to see if you get on with it.

  • A. L.

    The carbon Cal. 1887 is amazing! In my opinion, the carbon sheet pattern is much nicer than the common weave that we usually see. I hope the final retail price won't really be double of the JH 1887.

    P.S. Great pics!

  • Tom

    Any mentioned of the 1888 movement?

  • Mark

    Hi Tom. The 1888 wasn't mentioned in general, but I did bring it up in my interview with Jean-Cristophe Babin. Lots of that to be transcribed before it appears on here, but rest assured, the 1888 was discussed.

  • Tom

    Thanks Mark! Look forward in reading that piece.