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2013 TAG Heuer Geneva Show Wrap

Last Updated on June 22, 2019 by Calibre 11

But we weren’t there merely for the set dressing, we were there for the watches and those didn’t disappoint either.


Now. I hope you’ll forgive me a little tease now. As well as the new watches, they had a great selection of vintage Carreras too, taken from the museum collection. As a collector of vintage Carreras myself, it’s only natural that they would take some of my attention away from the new arrivals. Though those appealed too, and I was very taken with one in particular but more on that later.

For now, enjoy one of my favourites, an early example of Heuer producing a black-coated watch:


There was another PVD watch in the new arrivals too, this Monaco:


The ACM logo has migrated to the back of the watch for this version, freeing up space on the front and making for a cleaner dial.


The Carrera 1887 has been with us a while now but the blue-dialled version is new. And very attractive too!


It’s a deep, lustrous blue that catches the light at different angles on the registers than on the main part of the dial, giving a starburst effect.

And on to the star of the show, the Carrera Calibre 1887 Jack Heuer Edition, to give it its full name.


With a case based on that of the Mikrogirder but with the Calibre 1887 in place of the haute horologerie movement, it’s a more affordable way into that style. At 45mm, it sounds large but the eye is drawn to the black titanium carbide sections, rather than the steel that extends beyond the titanium and it wears comfortably.


The 1887 movement is rotated to give a classical 3-6-9 register confirmation, creating the “bullhead” configuration with the pushers at the top. Perhaps unusual at first glance, it is nonetheless familiar from many generations of stopwatches and is remarkably natural to operate with the free hand.DSC_9393[15]

The Jack Heuer edition is not limited in number, but by time. Production will cease on the 31st December 2013.

I said the Jack Heuer was the star of the show, and so it was. But then there was that watch I mention being particularly taken with earlier too. And it (or rather they, as there were two of them at the show) arrived after proceedings had begun.

And it was this:


Effectively the Jack Heuer edition too, but in carbon. Sometimes the weight of an object can help give the impression of luxury, but I am a fan of different materials being used in watches and the very lightness of this watch makes its own impression. Your hand expects greater weight when you’re handed the watch but the material feels different too, not simply like a plastic. At 19g, the case is actually outweighed by the movement!