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2013 TAG Heuer Geneva Show Wrap

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The dial too is carbon and a sheet of the material (backed with brass as usual for a dial) rather than the fibre weave that is usually seen on carbon dials. The nature of the process means each case will be different and the example that Jean-Christophe Babin was wearing is closer to the final article than that pictured above and shows more distinctly the crystalline structure of the carbon:



Final pricing and details are yet to be decided, but the premium for carbon looks to be less than many people were expecting.


I’d like to end by thanking all of the TAG Heuer representatives for their time and with a few more photo impressions of the show.




Guy Semon, your correspondent and collector of vintage Heuers and operator of www.onthedash.com Jeff Stein. You can read Jeff’s “Geneva Scrapbook” report here.



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