2015 Baselworld Preview- Tag Heuer

2015 Baselworld Preview- TAG Heuer

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We’re only a couple of days away from the launch of Baselworld 2015 and what will be our sixth year of covering TAG Heuer’s new releases at the Basel Show. This is the first set of watches that we’ve seen from the new TAG Heuer team, and there are going to be a couple of real surprises. Stay with us for what will be an exciting week- we say it every year, but no-one will get you closer to the TAG Heuer action- that’s a promise.

But Thursday is still two whole days away, so let’s take a quick look at what’s coming up this week.

Press Conference

We’re also taking you closer to the action that ever before, as we’ll be live-streaming the TAG Heuer press conference at this page. We can’t tell you what this press conference is about, other than its a separate press conference to the usual “product launch” event and the official word is that “Jean-Claude Biver will announce a unique collaboration with global partners that will marry the latest creative technological innovation with TAG Heuer’s watchmaking credibility and Swiss watchmaking tradition.” Any guesses? Yes, I think you’ve got it…

The press conference will be live below on Thursday 19th of March at 14h00 (2pm) Swiss Time.

Baselworld Previews

TAG Heuer Baselworld 2015TAG Heuer has shown two teaser photos ahead of Basel- the shot above being of the watch that we think is THE story from Basel for TAG Heuer. It’s not just a new watch, but a clear sign of the direction of the brand under the new team. And yes, we like it a lot.

The second shot (below) shows a new model from the Lady’s collection. Our guess is that it has diamonds.

TAG Heuer Basel 2015

TAG Heuer Baselworld Big Hit

This year we’re handling our Baselworld coverage a little differently. The first post that you’ll see will be the “Baselworld Big Hit”- a single post showing every new model, of course nicely formatted for those of you checking out the news on your mobile. No more surfing around trying to see the new models- they’re all here.

We’ll be following that up with our detailed impressions and analysis of the new range- in many cases, we’ve been lucky enough to see and touch the new range, so we’ll be able to bring you a¬†considered take on the new watches and what they say about the new direction of TAG Heuer. All I can say is that it’s not as simple as many would have you believe, as those of you who read the notes from our chat with CEO Jean-Claude Biver will already know.

We’ll also have some amazing hands-on shots of the new range, so while you can get your Basel espresso quick fix at our “Big Hit” page, sit back with a glass of red to enjoy the detailed reviews as the show unfolds.

New Logo

TAG Heuer New LogoFor the first time since Yves Piaget designed combined the logos of Heuer and Techniques d’Avant Garde in 1985/6, we have a new TAG Heuer logo. The revised shield is wider than the traditional shield, and replaces the overlapping “TAG” font with solid, block letters. it will take a while to get used to the new look, but it’s certainly a cleaner look.

Reactions and Your Thoughts

In addition to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, make sure you check out our dedicated TAG Heuer forum here for the reactions of the new range- drop by and tell us what you think- the good and the bad. In fact, the discussion is already happening, so join in here.