2015 TAG Heuer Baselworld Big Hit

Looking for all the 2015 TAG Heuer Baselworld watches in one spot? You’ve come to the right place. See the first press-shots below, as well as a link to the individual articles that will have live hands-on photos of the new watches.

TAG Heuer Big Hit- Baselworld 2015

TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01

TAGHeuer_HEUER01_CAR2A1Z.FT6044_Champi - Version 2

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TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Phantom

TAG_Heuer_MonacoV4_phantom_WAW2091.FC6369_champiSee our in-depth coverage of the Monaco V4 Phantom here.

Heuer Carrera Calibre 7 Glassbox

Heuer Carrera Calibre 7 Gold

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TAG Heuer Formula 1 McLaren 30th Anniversary Edition


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TAG Heuer Formula 1 David Guetta Edition

TAGHeuer_FORMULA1_DAVID _GUETTA_WAZ201A.FC8195See our in-depth coverage of the Formula 1 David Guetta Edition here.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo Edition


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TAG Heuer Carrera Cara Delevingne Edition


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  • Remy

    Terrifying news.

    This is not my beloved Tag Heuer.

    Biver destroyed the Baselworld 15 for me.

    Hopefully there will be a change soon.

    • Valentino

      Could not agree more. Biver’s glory days at Omega or whatsoever is over. I think he is too old to lead a company right now

  • John

    I understand change is inevitable, new design ideas, shifting target markets, demographics etc etc. However, I have to say I wouldn’t call these avant garde by any measure, not trying to be too negative but to me they appear gaudy and cheap. If this is an indication of the ‘new direction’ for Tag Heuer then sorry but I’ll be taking my money elsewhere… underwhelmed and disappointed.

  • Philmo

    A tad flamboyant for my taste. Even muted the V4 Monaco appears too complex IMHO.

  • petermoller

    Awful. I feel sorry that dear Jack Heuer, who spend a big part of his life making Heuer famous for quality sports watches with good legibility, has to see this.

    And as a collector it certainly takes away some of the fun and prestige of owning all those vintage Heuers.

    Peter. Denmark

  • Azmi Afyouni

    There’s a strong disturbance in the Force.
    Where did the sobriety and elegance go?

  • JFL

    Horrible. Simply horrible…

  • RickNTC

    Shameful, the Heuer-01 looks like a Hublot wannabe and lacks originality. The rest look cartoonish and unrefined, if this is the direction they are taking I can’t see a bright future for this brand…

  • Alex

    Please stop it right now !!!
    So much had been done to improve the respectability of the brand over the last years! The 1887 caliber was a respectable move despite the controbversy, the 1969 was generating great hope. The last calibre 18 telemeter and caliber 6 were not bad.
    But gosh ! Droping the caliber 1969 and then this !? Come on, just making me willing to sell the Heuer and Tags I own…
    A green “CR7” Watch, a David Guetta edition ? Is this for real ????

  • Jim

    These watches are distasteful! I might have to look at other brands now…sadly.

  • Jason

    What has happened to Tag Heuer? Clearly this Jean-Claude Biver Guy doesn’t know what he wants to do with the brand. If you’re going to release a monaco, do a re-release of the McQueen 40th anniversary Cal 11 from 2009 with an exhibition caseback as a non-limited edition model and call it a day. This new V4 is a homely abomination. And please stop with the Formula 1s… They’re cheap and ugly. Make things right and release the CH80.

  • Mike

    Wow what a disappointment!

  • RickNTC

    Tag Heuer is almost encroaching on Invicta territory here with those gaudy F1s

  • Derek

    I’m entirely nonplussed at these watches.

    Feels a bit that with JCB as the overlord, TAG Heuer is being lead by a tyrant to have it create and do things exactly has Hublot and to a level AP have been doing over recent years.

    Special edition Big Bang/Royal Oak! New splash of colour! Slight speckling change of design! It’s NAMED differently! Special ambassador edition! OMG so amazing! Press release!!!

    If anyone is able to get a message to JCB, please let him know that through JCBabin and Jack Heuer’s guidance, TAG Heuer drew on its heritage designs and brought them back to the forefront of knowledge and created the desire so people bought them. Gone were the 1000/2000/3000/6000/S/el style but back were the Carrera, Monaco, Link and the like. Special editions played very closely to have special features on heritage designs.

    This is TAG Heuer’s strength. To play on core designs and not go gaudy.

  • Jorge

    What I like about the Heuer-01 is that you are getting a quality piece that looks like a 30K watch by another name. Now whether that is truly good for TAG and its future, hard to say.
    The McLaren F1 I like (worth it just for that NATO strap) but the rest, yeah, tough to love those examples.
    Overall TAG needed a shake up and this certainly qualifies.
    Personally, an updated 6000 series for the McLaren LE watch, then later as a permanent new line would have been a dream come true.
    The presentation as a whole does come off slightly cheap.

  • calibre11

    I have mixed feelings about the new collection. I really like the Carrera Heuer-01 and the direction this takes the range, while at the other end of the scale the CR7 and Guetta F1s are not for me.

    Whether you like the new range or not, it won’t be until this time next year that we get to exactly what JC Biver and his team have planned- the majority of this collection was set before he took the reins in December (although he was the Chairman).

    If you look at the Pre-Basel releases those are heritage-themed Heuer models, and I suspect that if they were held back until Basel it would have helped to balance out the collection more.

    Let’s see how the collection unfolds over the next 12 months. I will see if we get get Mr. Biver to drop by and address some of the questions/ comments raised


  • bamagrad03

    Really disappointing to see the design direction on the heels of what had been a great stretch run – the Jack Heuer 50th anniversary and other Carrera chronographs. The nice and clean Aquaracers. Etc. Now they’ve gone full Hublot on everything without the uniqueness that would demand a high dollar. TH has always rivaled Omega as my favorite brand. I can’t say that anymore. Really sad to see what has happened.

  • I’m just saying

    I’m so glad that this thread has been brought up.
    I’m hugely dissappointed at the offering this year. I loved the watches and direction under JCB….it’s just we have the wrong JCB running the company now. When Jean-Christophe Babin was at the head, he took a clear and defined path for TH. New movements, Haute Horolorgie, moving up market. We’ll never know what Stephane Linder would have done and what direction he would have taken the company, because he didn’t last long and left for some unknown reason. Now with Jean-Claude Biver, we now know that he is going to pump the F1’s, ditch CH80, not focus and improve on 1887, and last but certainly not least, make the best Tag Heuer Big Bang Carrera he can make.
    The partnership with a well known DJ, soccer star and new model with incredible eye-brows is less than dissappointing. Who cares.
    Let’s double Babin’s salary and beg for him to come back to TH and continue doing exactly what he was doing.
    If all their fans on this website and Caliber 11 website all feel the exact same about the Basel product, you know that’s how the rest of the general population is going to feel.

    Formula 1’s and NATO straps for everybody !!!!!!

  • MS

    What is the largest age demographic of the Calibre 11 readers/participants?